Little Things - A Niall Horan Imagine -Complete-

"I was just a normal girl with normal friends, normal teenage problems and a normal family. Or I don’t know if I would call my family normal. My parents we’re divorced. My little brother and I lived by my mom. Our parents fought a lot... I had no idea my live was about to change."


13. A day on the beach


*Your POV*

We spent that day on the beach. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun. It was just Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and me. All the boys ran in the water, laughed and told me to join. I didn't want to go, but Niall forced me... And it turned out to be quite fun. We all laughed and splashed water on each other. Niall and I had a few moments alone in which we just cuddled on the towels that we'd placed on the hot sand. It was so nice to finally be with him again. It had been a year!
We talked a lot about our lifes... well mostly about Niall's because he's famous. There was many thing I needed to know now that I was dating Niall Horan from One Direction. He'd decided to tell everyone about us, so he took a picture of us and tweeted it.

'On the beach with my beautiful princess !' was what he wrote in the tweet. He kissed me and whispered in my ear "I love you Y/N. And I don't care if management or the fans doesn't like that we're together. I'll stay by your side no matter what!" I was so in love with him. I knew some of the fans would hate this, but I loved him and that was all that mattered. "I love you Niall and I'll never let you go! I don't care what people will say as long as I'm with you" We cuddled up closer and intertwined our fingers. I fell asleep in his arms...
I woke up again when Niall tried to go without waking me up. He smiled "Sorry... I didn't want to wake you up. You look so beautiful when you sleep" I blushed and kissed his cheek. "I love you so much!" He ran down to the water.

"I'm so sorry about all that with Niall's ex! We should have closed the door when we left..." Harry sat down next to me. I could see on his face that he still felt sorry about it and it made me sad. "It's ok Harry! Just forget it, I'm fine now, right? So let's just move on and have some fun!" He smiled, but behind the smile there were hidden tears. I didn't understand why he felt so bad about it... I mean the other boys were fine and laughed and had fun, but Harry couldn't move on. He was more like a brother to me than the other lads. Maybe that was why...? I pulled him in for a big hug. He sighed as I padded his back. His curls tickled on my neck. I giggled and pulled back."What?" Harry smiled. "Nothing... It was just your curls tickled my neck" He blushed a bit. "So are we cool?" I asked him and looked into his eyes, serious. "Yeah Y/N, we're cool!" He got up, smiled and told me to come down to the water. I refused. The water was even colder now that it was late than it was when we came. Niall walked towards us with water dripping from his wet body. He shook his head and waterdrops fell from his hair and landed in the sand. I didn't realize I was staring until Harry waved in front of me. "Hello? Y/N? Are you still with us?" I blinked a few times and felt my face getting hotter. Harry just laughed. "Do we have some water?!" I needed to cool down...I got up and found the little bag Niall packed before we left home. "Look around, of course we have water!" Harry giggled. I sent him a 'Wow you're so funny' look and rummaged the bag. "Hey babe, there's some in the little room in front" Niall said as he wrapped his arms around me. His wet body was pressed against mine. He started kissing upwards my neck as I moaned. I ran my hand down his upper body and felt his abs. "Guys, get a room!" Liam shouted when he walked towards us. We both smiled and Niall let go of me. Though I didn't want it to stop...
After some time all the lads came and we decided to go home. It was getting late and I promised my mom to be back home today. We packed our things and drove away.

*Niall's POV*

It had been an amazing day! And I got to spend a lot of time with Y/N which I loved. She was wonderful and we finally talked things thrugh. I just wanted her to stay with me forever, but she had to go home. She got a family too of course...
Most important was that I'd had a great day, and nothing could ruin it.
I parked the car in front of our house and the lads stepped out. They took their bags and said goodbye. "Drive safe!" Liam said as they walked to the door. Liam was like the dad in One Direction. He always had control and knew what to do. It was nice! "Of course! I'd never do anything that could hurt my princess" I said and kissed her forehead. She sighed and smiled "You're the sweetest man on the planet!"

Well... we arrived at her house. I didn't want to say goodbye, but I had to. It was just like we hadn't seen each other for a year and now that we were finally together I didn't want to leave her ever again. We kissed one last time before she stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. I smiled at her. She smiled back and sent me a kiss before entering the house. I just sat there in the car for some time...

Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn were all asleep on the couch when I got home. They looked so cute sleeping on each other. I had to take a picture and tweet it! Our fans were going to love it. After I did that I took a blanket and smiled "Goodnight boys" I walked upstairs and fell asleep in my bed.

I woke up the next morning when my phone started ringing. "Hello?" I yawned. "Niall?!" It was Y/N. She didn't sound good. "Yes. What's wrong babe?!" I listened as she started crying. I hated it when she cried! "Princess, please stop crying! Just tell me what's wrong and we'll fix it..." She was quiet for a moment before finally saying it. "I'm pregnant Niall...I'm pregnant" She whispered. I had no words...


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