Changing Last Names

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  • Published: 31 May 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2013
  • Status: Complete
"Life as one person can be hard enough. What about two lives as two people, one person being real, the other not even existing?"

Meet 16 years old Ellie Payne, or as she is better known; Jamie Karabell

Say one simple sentence to a teenager; "Who's Jamie Karabell?" and they'll tell you she's a massive celebrity who's a very famous YouTuber and very young. But who exactly is Jamie Karabell. Does Jamie Karabell even exist? Why is Ellie forced to use a different identity in the real world? Is it because of his world-famous brother Liam Payne?

Read on to follow in Ellie/Jamie's footsteps as she struggles through life.


1. Seeing His Smile Again

"Liaaaaaam," I whined, as I tried to call my brother Liam.

"The person you're trying to reach is not available, please try again," a robotic voice replied, and I burst out laughing, knowing it was Liam with his rubbish robotic impersonation.

"Liam!" I laughed, and my mum gave me an awkward look.

"Well, hello El," he chuckled, and my mum walked out of my bedroom.

"Liam... I miss you," I sigh, my laughter ceasing.

"I miss you too sis, I'll be back home soon," he soothed, and I could tell he was smiling at the tone of his voice, which just made me miss him even more.

"How soon?" I asked, hope in my voice.

"I don't know how many minutes, but if you'd just look out of the window," he replied, and my eyes widened as I jumped off my bed, then flung open my bedroom window's curtains. Liam was there. Smiling up at my bedroom window, and his hand pointed to the door, gesturing to me for me to open the front door. Nodding, I grinned then rushed downstairs, tripping over my shoes that was scattered at the bottom of the stairs.

"Liam!" I panted, opening the door slowly, using all of my strength to pull the massive, tall white door backwards. Liam bought Mum and I a house to share, and it was a really posh one. Liam grinned before holding his arms out wide for a hug, and I ran into his arms, my arms wrapping around his torso, and his arms cheekily slipped through my arms, and around my waist to pick me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist as I hugged him tightly. My mum leaned against the door frame, smiling weakly. I should tell you all why my mum doesn't like Liam. Liam's father Geoff Payne ended up splitting up with Karen, Liam's mother obviously, and Geoff started dating my mum and they had me, and so on. But then when I was 12, three years ago, they both split up and Geoff went back with Karen. My mum's still bitter about it, so she doesn't really like seeing me being a sister to Liam because it reminds her of all of the bitter memories of herself and Geoff.

"Ellie..." my mum breathed, sighing.

"Yeah?" I replied, as Liam put me down.

"Leave Liam alone and come back inside," she frowned, trying to keep Liam and I apart.

"He's my brother," I spat, crossing my arms.

"Half-brother," she corrected me, knowing it'll irk me. Liam's hand held my shoulder, pulling me backwards so he could hug me.

"Now, listen to your mum," Liam whispered into my ear, keeping an eye on my mum. Mum scowled, then marched inside.

"Liam, why can't we go out somewhere? Brothers-sisters time?" I said cheerfully, but my voice was clearly fake, and Liam shook his head sadly.

"Paul only allowed me to come here and see you for ten minutes before we go to a photo-shoot," he mumbled, ashamed.

"Oh..." I said sadly, turning around to face him, looking into his brown eyes that was completely different to my aqua blue eyes. He hugged me again, his chin resting on my shoulder.

"Sorry El," he murmured, apologising.

"It isn't your fault," I mumbled back, as he gently ran one hand through my brown wavy hair like his, sighing softly.

"I really missed you," he said quietly, hugging my tighter with one hand.

"I missed you too," I giggled, then he pulled away from the hug.

"What you laughing at?" he asked, squinting his eyes suspiciously.

"Everybody would think we're a couple!" I laughed, and he chuckled. Yes, we're siblings, but nobody knows. Nobody knows the real me. Nobody knows who Ellie Payne is..... they all only know who Jamie Karabell is. Me. They all think I am Jamie Karabell. A famous YouTuber. So, my life's complicated.

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