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Cheryl is a werewolf. She was part of the Moonlight pack. Cheryl was bullied and abused all the time. The only people that were nice to her were her parents who were killed in a hunters attack trying to protect Cheryl when Cheryl was 4. Now everyone in the Moonlight pack blames her for their death, even her only family left, her sister Alyssa. After 13 years, when Cheryl turns 17, Cheryl finds her mate and finds out he's the soon-to-be- alpha of the Moonlight pack, Gavin. He rejects her the second he finds out she's his mate. Cheryl decides that enough is enough and leaves. She shifts into her wolf and runs. She runs until she comes upon the Blue Moon pack, the strongest pack in North America. They take her in and train her to be the strongest warrior in Wolf History. 5 years later, the Moonlight pack has asked for the Blue Moon's help. There has been hunters attack near their area. The Blue Moon pack accepts to help them. What will happen when Cheryl and the Moonlight pack meet again?


11. Talking and Surprises

Cheryl's P.O.V.

Ok. So I didn't expect to see Alyssa. Of course I didn't forget her, but I just thought that she had found her mate and moved with him to his pack. But there was a part of me which hoped that Alyssa was still in the Moonlight pack. Now that I know she's still here, I know we have a lot of talking to do.

"Cheryl? Is that really you?" Alyssa asked. Wow. She looks good. I'm glad she's not a total wreck after all these years. Even though she made my life hell, I still missed her.

"Alyssa, I-" I was cut off by Alyssa hugging me tightly.

"Oh my god, Cheryl. I thought you were dead. I am so sorry for all the things I have done to you, for making your life a living hell and for blaming you for Mom and Dad's death. I know it wasn't your fault. Please forgive me," Alyssa rambled. If it wasn't for my werewolf hearing, I wouldn't have been able to understand her.

"Alyssa, maybe we should talk about this somewhere else," I said motioning to Victoria and Cynthia.

"You okay?" Cynthia mind linked me.

"Yeah. This is my sister. I'll explain later. Please don't do anything harmful to the Moonlight pack and make them feel welcomed," I mind linked her and Victoria.

"OK," they both replied and left the kitchen to go assist the other pack members.

Alyssa was about to speak again, but I held a hand up, meaning to not.

"Not here," I said and walked out. She followed me and I walked to the garden behind the house. I sat down on the hammock and she did as well. We sat in silence for a while.

Breaking the silence, Alyssa spoke up.


"Why what?"

"Why'd you leave?"

"Are you seriously asking my that?"


"You know why," I said.

"But there were other ways to solve that matter that didn't involve leaving," Alyssa said angrily.

"Like what? Getting you to listen to me and stop being my biggest bully. Yeah like you would've listen."

Alyssa stayed quiet for a while. Thinking of what I have said.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you. I want you to know that I have changed and that I am so sorry for making you leave. I just wished I could have realized what I was doing so you could have stayed," Alyssa said.

"No, Alyssa. Thank you. Thank you for not realizing then, because then I wouldn't have met such wonderful people and found a second chance in life. I've met people who make so happy. They helped me forget my horrible past and forget about the mate that rejected me and the sister who bullied and abused me. They picked up the broken pieces of my heart and helped become the strong person I am today. They became my real family, besides Zonie." I just let my feelings and I was proud. I wanted Alyssa to know how wonderful these people are. The whole pack has been there for me and for that I'm grateful.

"Well, I'm glad you found happiness Cheryl. I really am, but can you ever forgive?" Alyssa asked with pleading eyes. I knew for sure already that she was already forgiven. She was my sister and only family member I have left. I can't hold a grudge for something that happened in the past. That's just not me. Besides, Alyssa says she's changed and I would really like to see if we could rebuild that sister bond we had when we were little.

"Alyssa, I forgive you. You're my sister and no matter what happens, I can't stay mad at family," I said and gave her a hug. She grinned happily and hugged me back.

"Thank Cheryl, it means a lot to me."

"Oh, I go by Cherry now," I said. It feels weird being called Cheryl after all that has happened in these past 5 years.

"Cherry? That's cool," Alyssa said," well I better get back to Carter."


"My mate," Alyssa said with a smile.

"Mate? Oh you are so going to be telling me more about him and I must meet him," I said in a serious tone.

"Of course, but not now. I've already been far too long from him. Bye Chery- I mean Cherry," Alyssa quickly fixed herself. She gave me a hug and rushed to go find her mate.

I stood up from the hammock and was about to walk back into the pack house, when I started to feel really dizzy. I held myself on a tree and stopped. After a couple seconds I shook it off and started walking again. Next thing I know, I'm on the floor, the darkness consuming me.

Tyler's P.O.V.

I was helping a the Moonlight pack settle in.

"Alpha!" A pack member came up to me. She looked worried.

"What is it? Is everything okay?" I asked worried. Being an Alpha causes you to care a lot for your pack. They are like family. I hope nothing is wrong.

"It's the Luna. I found lying on the ground in the garden. She's with the pack doctor right now. Please hurry," she said very sad. The pack members care very much for their Luna.

I shifted into my wolf, not caring if I ripped my clothes. I ran as fast as I could to go see how Cherry is. When I got there, I grabbed some basketball shorts from a tree, we have spare clothes in some of the trees, and ran up to the pack doctor.

"How is she? Is she okay? What happened? Is she awake? Will she live?" l rambled on. 

"Calm down, Alpha. She's fine. They both are," the doctor said with a smile.

"Both?" I asked confused. Did someone else get hurt?

"Congratulations, Alpha. You're going to be a father."


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