Not Anymore (slowly editing)

Cheryl is a werewolf. She was part of the Moonlight pack. Cheryl was bullied and abused all the time. The only people that were nice to her were her parents who were killed in a hunters attack trying to protect Cheryl when Cheryl was 4. Now everyone in the Moonlight pack blames her for their death, even her only family left, her sister Alyssa. After 13 years, when Cheryl turns 17, Cheryl finds her mate and finds out he's the soon-to-be- alpha of the Moonlight pack, Gavin. He rejects her the second he finds out she's his mate. Cheryl decides that enough is enough and leaves. She shifts into her wolf and runs. She runs until she comes upon the Blue Moon pack, the strongest pack in North America. They take her in and train her to be the strongest warrior in Wolf History. 5 years later, the Moonlight pack has asked for the Blue Moon's help. There has been hunters attack near their area. The Blue Moon pack accepts to help them. What will happen when Cheryl and the Moonlight pack meet again?


6. Love

"But, really, I love you more than anything in the world and would do anything for you," he said smiling. He then started walking to his desk and unlocked his drawer that only has a key to. I have no idea what he has in there. He grabbed something from the drawer and approached me again. He looked so nervous. I wonder why? Then, the next thing he did shocked me so much.

Tyler kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a small box.


Tyler's P.O.V.

I have been wanting to do this for a while. I really do love Cherry and wish I could spent the rest of my life with her. When her old pack broke her heart in pieces, I found her and picked those pieces up. Of course I wasn't the only on who helped her, she had easily made friends with everyone here. When I got down on one knee, I was so nervous of what would happen, but I was more scared of the possibility of her rejecting my proposal. She was staring at me with shocked eyes. I had finally decided to speak up.

"Cheryl Lucia Price, will you make me the happiest man alive, and be the honor of being of being my wife?" My nerves started to rise. I was terrified of what she would say.

Cherry was silent. I could tell she was deep in thought. I let her take her time. I just really hope she says yes.

"Do you really want to spend the rest of our lives together?" she asked slowly.

"Of course I do Cherry. I love you so much. I want a future with you in it. Having kids, growing old together, watching over our kids' kids," I said with a bright smile. I really did want all theses things.

Cherry thought about it. After a couple minutes of thinking, she finally spoke.

"I want all those things, too. I wouldn't want to do with anybody else, but you." I grinned so hard. 

"So is that a yes?" I asked. I really wish it is.

"It is a definite yes!" she said. I grinned even harder, if that was possible. I picked her up off the ground and spun around. She giggled as I kept yelling 'Yes!!!' over and over again. I couldn't be any happier right now.

Cherry's P.O.V.

I'm engaged. I'm engaged. That's all that was going through my mind. I can't believe Tyler proposed! I knew he loved me a lot, but I never actually thought that he wanted to get married. Though, I am so happy he did. Now I know I can live a happy life by the side of my amazing soon-to-be husband. Oh my gosh! We have to start planing! A wedding takes so much time to organize and I want to get married all ready. Wow. I am so crazy. It hasn't even been an hour since he proposed and I'm already thinking of planning and getting married straight away. I guess that's what love does to you. I was brought back to reality when Tyler spoke up.

"Stop thinking so much. I know you want to start planning soon," he knows me so well,"but, we have plenty of time. I agree we should get married SOON, but I know you want this wedding to be perfect, so we'll wait, okay?" 

I nodded. He wrapped his arms around me and I did the same.

~~2 hours later~~

We were all in the dining room eating dinner that I had prepared. By we, I mean Tyler, Dylan, Victoria, Chris, Mary, Nathan, Jill, Colin, Cynthia, and me. I had invited all of our close friends to dinner tonight so we can give them the news.

"So, anything new?" Victoria asked.I glanced at Tyler.

"How should we tell them?" I asked him threw mind link.

"Do you want to tell them or should I?" he replied.

"You should do it, I might not be able to talk because I might squeal," I told him. He nodded and looked at everyone, who were looking at us confused. 

"Well, Victoria, to answer your question, not really. I mean I did ask Cherry to marry me, but nothing big," he said smoothly. Chris and Jill, who were both currently drinking from their glass, spit it out making a mess. Dylan, Mary, Victoria, and Colin nearly chocked on their food, and Cynthia and Nathan looked at him shocked. Then, Cynthia turned her gaze at me.

"Is he serious?" she questioned. I nodded and raised my hand to her the ring.

They all gasped. They were all wearing the same shocked expression. Then all of their faces turned into big smiles.

"Congrats, man!" Chris said, standing up to give Tyler a big man hug.

"'Bout time you popped the question" Dylan said, giving him a man hug as well.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you're getting married before me!" Mary said giving me a huge hug. I hugged back.

"Congratulations Cherry, you deserve to be happy," Cynthia said smiling and giving me hug.

"Lucky bitch!" Victoria said before running over to me and crushing me into a big hug.

"Hey! Don't kill my fiancé! I love her to much for her to get hurt," Tyler said winking at me.

"Same goes for you," I smiled.

I really do love him.


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