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Cheryl is a werewolf. She was part of the Moonlight pack. Cheryl was bullied and abused all the time. The only people that were nice to her were her parents who were killed in a hunters attack trying to protect Cheryl when Cheryl was 4. Now everyone in the Moonlight pack blames her for their death, even her only family left, her sister Alyssa. After 13 years, when Cheryl turns 17, Cheryl finds her mate and finds out he's the soon-to-be- alpha of the Moonlight pack, Gavin. He rejects her the second he finds out she's his mate. Cheryl decides that enough is enough and leaves. She shifts into her wolf and runs. She runs until she comes upon the Blue Moon pack, the strongest pack in North America. They take her in and train her to be the strongest warrior in Wolf History. 5 years later, the Moonlight pack has asked for the Blue Moon's help. There has been hunters attack near their area. The Blue Moon pack accepts to help them. What will happen when Cheryl and the Moonlight pack meet again?


10. Family Reunion

Cherry's P.O.V.

After my talk with Gavin, I went to look for Tyler. I walked towards the kitchen to see if he was there. When I entered, I saw Victoria and Cynthia at the table, talking to someone who I guessed was from the Moonlight pack. She looked a bit familiar. I went to the fridge to get a bottle of water.

"Hey, girls," I said, taking a sip of the refreshing water.

"Hey," they replied.

"Whose this," I asked looking towards the girl. She looked about 2 years older than me. I took another sip.

"Oh, this is Alyssa, she's from the Moonlight pack," Cynthia said. I spit my water out, making a big  mess on the kitchen counter.

"Alyssa?" I asked looking closely at her.

Alyssa's P.O.V.

We have just arrived at the Blue Moon pack's territory. They were going to help us train. There has been many attacks in the neighboring packs. Damn hunters won't leave us alone. They think we're monsters, when in reality, they're the real monsters. 

I got out of the car and went to the trunk to get my bags, but a hand stopped me.

"Um, that's my job," a voice said. I scoffed. He always does this.

"I can carry my own bags, Carter," I told my handsome mate. Yup, my mate. I found him about a year after Cheryl had left. Cheryl, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my sister. I'm always wondering if she's still alive, is she ok, is she in any danger? I sighed. If I have been a better sister, than she would have still be here with us. Carter must have noticed the stress look on my face, because he dropped my bags and gave me a tight hug. I hugged him back.

"Babe, it's ok, I'm sure she wouldn't want you to be stressed out so much," Carter said looking at me.

"Of course she does. For years, I have been nothing, but a bitch to her. I was suppose to help her when the other kids bullied her, but I was her biggest bully," I said, tears threatening to spill.

"That was in the past, you changed for the better," he said. Before I met Carter, I changed a lot. I started to clean the house myself, I visited Zonie when ever I could and that was about three times a week. She was sad that Cheryl had left. Right now, Zonie is at the safe house with all the little kids and the women who weren't going to fight. Everyone is here with us. Ready to train.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Carter spoke up.

"Why don't you go find somebody who can lead us to our rooms so we can rest a bit and be ready for tomorrow?" he said. I nodded and walked up to the front steps. Before I had a chance to knock, the door swung open. Two men stepped out in a hurry.

"Um, excuse me, can you please show us to our rooms?" I asked before the can get a chance to run off. They both stopped and looked back.

"Shit," one of them muttered.

"They're here already," the other said. They both looked at each other with scared expressions.

"If we don't get it cleaned, Cherry will have our asses," the guy with light brown hair said.

"Hello?" I said, trying to get their attentions. They snapped there heads towards me.

"Oh yeah, um my mate, Victoria, can help you. She's in the kitchen," the guy with sandy blonde hair said. With that, they ran off somewhere else.

"Weirdos," I muttered. I walked inside the house and looked for the kitchen. I heard feminine voices coming from a room and I walked towards that direction. Once I was spotted, they stopped talking and looked at me.

"Um, I'm from the Moonlight pack, some guys told me Victoria can help me. They looked in a hurry," I said looking at them. It was two girls. Both gorgeous. The girl who was taller had violet red hair in pony tail. The other had dark blonde and it was braided.

The one with violet red hair sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She then looked at up at the girl next to her and they shared a knowing look.

"That was dumb and dumber. The guy who sent you here was Dylan, my mate, and Colin, her mate. I'm Victoria as you can guess and this is Cynthia, what can we help you with?" Victoria said.

"Um, can you show us to our rooms? I'm Alyssa by the way," I said to them.

"I thought Nathan and Jillian were suppose to be their guides," Cynthia said to Victoria.

"Yeah, but you know them, probably making out behind the bushes," Victoria chuckled.

Right then, a girl walked in, I can barley see her face since she walked towards the fridge to get a refreshment.

"Hey girls," she said to Victoria and Cynthia. They replied with a simple 'hey'.

"Whose this," she said looking at me. She looked pretty familiar.

"Oh, this is Alyssa, she's from the Moonlight pack," Cynthia said. She all of the sudden spit her water out, covering it on the kitchen counter. I looked at her, shocked. She looked at me intensely.

Realization came over me and my eyes widened.



OMG!!! I have finally updated!! This chapter was suppose to be updated a long time ago, but my stupid laptop deleted it before I could publish it and I thought I had it saved on my flash drive, but didn't. So I had to re-write this whole chapter! What a pain!!. Anyways, thank you to every one who commented!! I love you all! Remember than if you fan me, I fan you!!!

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