I don't know

This story is about Monica who is confuse about which guy should she chose and then Shen found out their secret which makes it even more confusing


4. Oh my gosh

oh my gosh did i just kiss justin or was i dreaming i pinched myself i wasn't dreaming he just stared at me it was akward austin came "you guys ready" he said "yeah"

justin pov

did monica autually kissed me i had this feeling that we were gonna be together she didn't look or talk to me all night did i do something wrong or was the kiss a mistake i dont know austin was trying to get back at me by flirting with monica infront of me but i was just laughing like dude did you know the girl you asked out kissed me.

austin pov

i really like monica but their was something wrong i could see it in her face the face of guilt what was wrong i had no clue "are you ok" i ask "um no im sorry austin but i dont like you" she said " what but why" i ask i was so confuse who was she into and why wasn't she into me "um its not you its me i kissed justin and i just well i liked it" she replied i could'nt belive it she is in love with my enemy a vampire my anger started to bulid up i was changeing into a werewolf "i need to go" i ran out side to get some air.

Monica pov

i feel like a terrible but i din't want him to get the wrong impression i liked him but once i kissed justin i was like austin who i the image was repeating in my head i need to let him know how i feel i need to talk to him i just might find my self a boyfriend.....

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