I don't know

This story is about Monica who is confuse about which guy should she chose and then Shen found out their secret which makes it even more confusing


1. metting him

I was walking past him it was weird we both looked at each other like why would he look at me he was popular i was lame. "what's up" "omg" my best friend darlyn said "he talked to you" "not a big deal" i said to darlyn i started to blush i wasnt really sure how to feel about it i never had a boyfriend. "class" Mr.McCoy said "I want to introduce you to justin he moved here from canada" the new boy was cute he was stareing at me but i was to dum to notice he sat next to me please be kool monica i said to myself "hi" he said "hey" i replied "um so how long you been in this school" he said "since kindergarten" why was he asking these questions he was just smileing at me like if i was famous or something "class we are doing a project and its going to be on something you would never do in your life" uh thier are tons of things but the one that tops it all was losing my virginty before i get married. Yup i am those girls but i dont care " oh and class this is going to be with a partner" i nodded at darlyn to let her know that we were going to be partners " oh another thing class i will chose your partners" shoot now he going to put me with a kid that is so stupid and i will have to end up doing all the work " ok lets see darlyn and jennifer, kate and kat, justin and monica" oh no the new kid every girl was looking at me wrong like if i liked him like they must be crazy i would never like him even if we were the last two people on earth "i guess were partners" he said flirting "lets get on thing straight i am not here to make out with you im not those girls and if you think i was guess again" i said rudely "ok just work got it" he replied back good" as i was walking down the hall way there was another new kid austin mohane he looked so hot i started getting goose bumps he nodded his head at me i almost fainted his kissable lips uhh to die for but as i said a guy like that would never be interested in me no one has i cut myself i almost committed suicide because i thought i was to ugly i always get bullied in school just for being who i am but i am still here but hopefully


 not for long

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