I don't know

This story is about Monica who is confuse about which guy should she chose and then Shen found out their secret which makes it even more confusing


2. just leave me alone

 he kept on talking to me like if i was listening all i was thinking about was austin uhhhh so hot be im stuck with justin "so what are we going to do for the project"he said "um idk well i was thinking we can do one on loseing your virginty until your married" i replied "boring we should do never having 2 girldfriends/boyfriend at the same time" that was actualy good but werid why would he say that? did he have 2 girlfriends idk i wasn't intrested nethier so why bother i was ripping paper and he was talking to me at the same time it was annoying like he got me stressed out that i actual got a paper cut "ahh it hurts where the band-aid when i look up his eyes were dark red he turned away i thought i was just going crazy he turned back and his eyes were back to normal then i heard a knock on the door it was austin "hey monica" he said "hi" i said blushing "um i was wondering if you wanted to see a movie tonight" justin was right behind me "sure" i said exitedly i closed the door i felt i was cinderella but where was justin his bookbag wasn't here there wasn't any sighn of him it was like as he disappeared"

austin and justin avo

i ran to him and pushed him "yo whats up with you thats my girl" justin said "didn't seem like it" austin replied rrrrrrrrrrrrrr my eyes turn red my vangs popped out austin turned to he was big with fur and my enemy a werewolf i grabbed him threw him across the other side of the street i scratched him with my nails he was biteing me like he was gonna eat me but thank god i was faster than him. I calmed down because i saw monica coming out of her house she cant know im a vampire because than she'll be scared of me and worse of all we'll never fall in love with me.

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