I don't know

This story is about Monica who is confuse about which guy should she chose and then Shen found out their secret which makes it even more confusing


3. date

oh my gosh gotta get ready i just got ask out by austin i rushed in the shower and then to my bed room i wore leggings, converse, and a shirt that said true love i was blushing my heart was beating fast but i am scared i never went on a date what would i expect i died every day for austin to ask me out but something didn't feel right my heart was saying i should'nt be with austin "ding dong" i opened the door it was austin "are you ready" he said "yeah just let me get my purse" i went up stairs to get it and when i found it i went down stairs and told my mom i was leaveing as soon i as i went down stairs i saw justin his eyes were big "wow" he said amazed "you like it" i said "yeah gorgeous" that was so sweet austin didn't complement anything then we were off justin was making hilarious jokes he was making me laugh i was starting to get feelings for him

Justin avo

i wonder if she likes me she looking so sexy i just cant keep myu eyes off her it like is as if she is the only girl in the world i know she the love of my life i cant live without her i hope she knows that but how can i tell her?

monica avo

justin he's so sexy and cute i just cant get him outta my head right now we got out the car and austin drop us out in front of the store he said he was gonna meet us here he had to park the car "monica" justin said "yeah" i replied "you look really ammazing tonight" he said i looked at him and he looked at me and i grabbed him and kissed him


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