~and others i made up.
part 1 of her life from age ~*-2-9~*-

hope you guys like it once i post 5 part 2. :3


2. *written episode 1 part 2*

i didnt know exactly who tulio was i just knew that Tulio is the largest kit in the litter, Her sleek white pelt was almost like snow, but her black leopard like spots was some what all over her body. Her fluffy ears were grey, with a wavy black line that went in between the white and gray. Her large powerful paws had an oval shape black mark with a black diamond mark in the middle. But her back legs were black spotted. with gray Paws. She had a rabbit or deer like tail that was grey and black. Her grey wings were large and powerful. Her dark red eyes glow like crimson red. Over her eyes are black almost like mine... And a black scar mark that connects to a black oval shape that going up her muzzle to her forehead and goes behind her back of her head and connects to two black arrows that lead down to her muscular broad shoulders, and stops at the middle of her front legs, as circles that go big to small to big that blocks it. she was beautiful.

i noticed i had blacked out again, it was only when i had thought of tulio. shadow noticed i blacked out, i had thought, seeing how  her back was facing me and she was with the unknown unwelcome visitor. "BANANZA!" I hurd someone yell. i saw shadow turn around and look at me, to see if i woke up. i went back down onto thew cold ground, hoping she wouldnt notice i woke up again. happily she didnt. i looked around to see where her bird went , he was no where to be seen. i saw who was in front of her. it was my mom. she had came back to save me. or she was just in the area and didnt know i was here. we made eye contact. winked and closed my eyes again hoping he would catch on. "BANANZA PLZ! WAKE UP! GO FIND TULI..." by the time i caught on and jumped up shadow sliced her face with her claws. i ran out right when i was that. i ran behind a rock not that far away, knowing she would go looking for me. "BANANZA?! BANANZA?!  YOU BITCH! YOU MADE ME LOSE HER AGAIN!" Shadow had said hissing at my mother.i came out behind the rock and looked back in. looking at my mother. not one tear came, it had flt like i didnt care if she had died. i had already lost my father, what else was to be lost. 

i turned around away from the scene, and ran away. i ran as far and as long as i could go with out stopping. and that was for about 1 hour. but i was told i was fat as a cheetah, and that was because my grandfather was one. it was in my blood. my grandather told me stories about another kitten in my litter. well 2 more. but my mother said he was just on some thing called juice but i drink juice and i didnt act like him.was he drinking apple juice ?!?!? i didnt know what that tasted like but other litters i had meed in my life span told me it was nasty. me. i only had orange juice. it was pretty darn good! 

anyways, i got my mind off that and then bumped into something. it was exactly what i had imagined tulios butter fly to be like. Its like a monarch but its red black n white. it was pretty awesome! well.. i guess i was close to tulio now.

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