~and others i made up.
part 1 of her life from age ~*-2-9~*-

hope you guys like it once i post 5 part 2. :3


1. *written episode 1 part 1*

faster and faster my past had been getting. i started panting. losing my breath now. but couldn't stop running. they where on my tail. literally. the strange flying animals had been following me for had what seemed like about half hour now. the faster i began to run, i started jumping a little, and getting higher off the ground. my wings where taking action now. but i never used them before, What if they aren't strong enough. i don't want to take the risk of it. my mind was on thousands of things. running away like this brought so much memories oh when my mom left me. just when i was a kitten. thoughts came rushing back n i started crying. it had made me slow down now. out of breath, tired, and lonely, now i really had nothing left of my life. i looked back to see if they where still behind me, they where but a bit farther now. i had jumped behind a bush hoping they didn't see me.

i watched their Hurd pass by me over my head, once they had all past over, i came out. walking on my 4 paws with my ears down. i had no idea what happened to my mother. but all i knew was that, i was taking a journey that was risky. this was the journey my father had token, then.... he... got .. roadkill. i only saw him once in my life. i have been walking for a week now n haven't eaten for 2 days. i needed food but, i just cant kill. most animals are scared of me, cuz of my kind. we are. not normal cats, we are mixes. i haven't meet one of my kind before, but i knew that we would all be dead and none of our kind anymore.

i got out of the bushes and started walking my way to my destination once again. it had to have been at less 10:20pm now. i looked around for a place to lay my head. i wondered off to my right side and saw a small hole, with small rocks and a big one beside the opening, and grass covered all over it. I walked inside and rested for a little.
i Hurd something walking... i wasn't alone. "great..i cant even rest now" i muttered to my self. "i finally found you. your a foolish cat just like your father aren't you Bananza..?"i knew that voice. that voice was the reason i was running away. Shadow. she was after me and i dont know why. something to pay up from the fathers due. i got up and ran for the exit but her bird flew passed and stopped me. peaking my whiskers making me take a few steps back. i turned around and with the little of light i saw and felt shadow jump onto me an pin me onto the floor. "you may be ably to escape but i will always find you just like i did to diarow". she said moving my hair and slicing my fur open a bite "dont bring my father into this.. I AM NOTHING LIKE HIM!" i shouted and struggled to get freedom. "shhhh.. you dont want a big scene now. dont you." her bird flew up to her from the entrance and whisped into her ear.
"why..y was she invited.!?" the only person i could think of was tulio....

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