Different kind of love (1D) +13

Jasmin is a 16 year old girl with anorexia. Her bestfriend let her alone, so he could be in the band "one direction". Jasmin has always been in love with him, but he haven't found out of it. Since they were just little kids she knew he was special.

One day Jasmins mom is taking her to London from Mullingar to see him. Jasmins mom don't know that they cutted the contact when he took to London. In London Jasmin meets her bestfriend, and she found out about something very interesting.

THIS IS MY FIRST MOVELLA, PLEASE BE NICE! :) I'm new on this website!!


4. You got to tell me what's happening.

Nialls POV

Louis called me, and he sound like he want to tell me something that couldn’t wait. He was really desperate. It was creeping me out. Finally I thought I could be alone with Jasmin in a long time, but then something like this is happening.


The radio played in my car, and right now it played, ‘Justin Bieber – As long as you love me’, and because of my big love to Justin I started sing. People looked at me, but I didn’t care. I wanted to come in a better mood, and be positive.


I stopped the car outside Louis and Harry’s house, and walked in. I didn’t normally used the doorbell, and this time shouldn’t change that. I just walked in, like it was my own house.


“Niall! Oh god, good you’re here!” Louis said. He sounded like having fun, he couldn’t hold his laugh back, but he tried, I could see it. “Why are you laughing?” I asked. “We just wanted to know how Jasmin is. We made her two dolls, the first one is you, and the second one is her. Maybe you should keep it so you could pretend you’re kissing her, because you obviously can’t do it in real life.” I started getting mad at him. I could easily hear the other boys laugh in the living room. “Oh, and Niall. Watch Harry, he likes her.”


Jasmins POV

I was really mad at them right now, and before I was about to walk out at the door I just came in at, Louis took my hand. “Niall, we can see how happy she makes you, so as long as she threats you right, we will always be there for her. Would you tell her that? Oh, and sorry for making fun with you, we just wanted to see you smile,” he said softly.


Then I started to smile. How could I be mad at them? They’re my best friends, for god sake! “You guys are the best,” and then Louis made his pedo face to me. I couldn’t hold my laugh back, and started to laugh like a goat, and then like myself. Then the other boys came out to say hi to me, and I found out, that my life isn’t that bad.


“So tell me again, they would always be there for me, even I just have met them one time?!” Jasmin was very surprised. I knew that she wasn’t a girl with a lot of friends, and then I was happy to be that guy that told her she just got lots of friends now.


Nialls POV

“Yeah, kinda that,” I laughed. “Should we get something to eat, or?” I wasn’t sure asking her about that kind of stuff. The silent took over, but then she answered, “If you’re making my favorite dinner, so yes!” and I could feel the relief in my body. I looked at her hand. It looked kinda lonely, so I took it in my hand, and plaited them together. “Jasmin? Best friends forever, okay?” I said. “Okay,” she smiled.


It was a relief to see Jasmin eat something, specially that food I made. “Thanks for dinner,” she said. I looked at her plate. “You’re welcome,” I only said that because I could see it was an empty plate. “So it tasted good?” I asked her, with a smile on my lips. “Sure, she said. Why wouldn’t it do that?” and then she smiled back to me.


Jasmins POV
It was nice to eat something for once in a long time. Niall looked happy, and that made me happy. But something told me, that if I’m not going out at the toilet now, I’m going to regret it.


“Excuse me Niall, I’m going at the toilet,” I said, and was on my way to the door before he even could answer me. My feets took me to the bathroom quickly, and then I looked at myself in the mirror. Fat, fatty, mc fatty, Jasmin the fatty. All the names were inside my head. I sat down, in front of the toilet, and took a finger down through my mouth, and into my neck.


“Are you okay out there?” Niall asked and knocked on the door. “Yeah, I’m fine Niall. Sometimes you’re creepy, haha,” I tried to laugh, so he wouldn’t come in at the topic, and it worked. “Okay and thank you I think?” I could hear a little laugh, and then his footsteps which probably were on the way to the kitchen – Niall and food, you know. I walked out of the toilet, and saw something I probably should have seen.


“Niall, are you crying?” I walked over to him, to look him in the eyes. He tried to look away, but I took his jaw, and made him look at me. “Niall, answer me,” I forced him to look at me. “You shouldn’t have seen it,” he said with some cold feeling in his voice. “Okay, but tell me what’s wrong,” I said softly to him. He stayed quiet, so I looked him deep in the eyes, so he maybe would say it.


After trying to get Niall to say why he cried, I gave up. He just looked at me. I decided to hug him, because it was the only thing I could do. If Niall didn’t want to tell it to me, I had to respect it. I took his hands, walked past my mom’s room, and told her that Niall and I would go out for a walk.


Nialls POV
It was actually nice to take a walk with Jasmin in the cold nature. I haven’t met any fans yet, but I wouldn’t complain. It wasn’t intended that Jasmin should see me cry, but when she did, she respected that I didn’t want to talk about it. But the truth was, I wanted to talk about it. I wanted to give her the letter, so she could know how much she did for me.


Every time I tried to say it to her, my brain stopped me. It was like I couldn’t talk, that I lost my voice. Jasmin took me to a park. I didn’t know where we were, but I didn’t care. Jasmin was beside me.

“So, Niall. Tell me about this special girl,” she said just so we could talk about something. “She’s just my type of girl. I can’t describe it,” because I couldn’t really describe it. “Can I see a picture of her?” she asked interesting. I sighed, and was getting nervous. “Later, okay? Let’s enjoy the lovely weather right now,” I smiled to her, so I could make her smile back – and it worked.


On the way home we talked a lot. About how big my band is now, how Jasmin was in school, and at home. But something annoyed me. She did never, not even one time say anything about her dad. I love she love him so much, so it was mysterious.


“So, I live here,” I said and stopped. Jasmin looked at the small house. “Okay, looks nice. I think I’m going home to myself and get some sleep, okay?” she asked me. Sleep, just what I needed. “That’s totally okay,” I laughed. “I’m calling you later Jasmin.” In a second I was thinking about kissing her cheek, so I actually did it. I kissed her on the cheek.


Then she smiled like a little shy girl to me, gave me a hug and started to walk home to the hotel. For a little while I just stood and looked at her body. It had changed so much.


After some sleep, I called Louis and asked him If he could come over, and he was quickly to tell me, that him and the other boys was on their way.


Jasmins POV
Me and my mom walked around in London and let me say it; my mom was shopping. She’s a shopaholic. I was thinking about texting Niall, but I just didn’t know what to text. And right when I was thinking about the angel he just texted me.


From: Niall. <3
Hi, I was thinking about, would you come over tomorrow to see some movies with me and the boys? X


From: Me.
Yeah, sure what time should I be there? X


From: Niall. <3
6pm, babe.


If I didn’t looked wrong Niall just called me babe. He used to call me sweetie, but not babe. And specially after he kissed me. Niall was getting more and more weird.


From: Unknown.
Niall likes you.


From: Me.
You are?


From: Unknown.

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