Different kind of love (1D) +13

Jasmin is a 16 year old girl with anorexia. Her bestfriend let her alone, so he could be in the band "one direction". Jasmin has always been in love with him, but he haven't found out of it. Since they were just little kids she knew he was special.

One day Jasmins mom is taking her to London from Mullingar to see him. Jasmins mom don't know that they cutted the contact when he took to London. In London Jasmin meets her bestfriend, and she found out about something very interesting.

THIS IS MY FIRST MOVELLA, PLEASE BE NICE! :) I'm new on this website!!


2. Old feelings

Jasmins POV
“Jasmin, can’t you come down? I want to talk with you” my mom yelled at me. ”I’ll be there in a minute,” I screamed back to her. It’s not like I didn’t already know what wanted me, she had tried to take me to London, and say hello to him. The last few weeks he called me at least once in the day, and it annoyed me so much. What I actually mean is why he is trying to get best friends again with me, after he just threw me out like a cat.


With heavy footsteps I walked down the stairs. “Hurry up,” I heard she said to me from the kitchen. “What’s so important since I have to ‘hurry up’?” I glared at her. It was easy to hear the excitement in her voice.

“Jasmin pack your clothes, we’re going to London,” she said with Christmas lights in her eyes. “Mom! How many times did I tell you NOT to take me to London?”


I walked out the kitchen, and into the living room, just so my mom maybe would leave me alone. But when she wants me to London, she’s like pain in the ass, a little stubborn puppy. She won’t give up until I’m saying yes to it.


“Alright,” I sighed. “I’m going to pack some clothes, and then we hit to the airport.” And immediately she jumped like a little kid. ***

“This is the last call to the passengers. The London-airplane will be in the air in at least than 10 minutes.” I listened to the lady in the speaker. I found my earphones, and started listening to some music. My mother tried to talk with me, but what did she expected? She thought everything was alright just because I said yes.


“Jasmin? Jasmin are you awake? We’re almost here!” I heard my mom, and immediately I looked out of the window. The speaker drowned my music, so I gave up, and answered my mom.


“As you can see, I’m awake.” I coughed. “But, mom?” I asked her totally interesting. “Mhmmmm?” she said while eating some nuts. “Why can’t you take to London by yourself?” and before I could think more about my question. I saw him. He stood right there, with four boys around him. I couldn’t be true.


“Mom tell me I just didn’t saw who I just saw.” I said with some anger in my voice. “Who did you just saw?” she said whit the most annoying voice. Why is she so interested in me and Niall’s friendship? It ended years ago. Maybe I still liked him, but I haven’t said it to anyone, so how could she now it?

Out, out, out, out, past him, past him, past him. Just go. Go now feets. Ignore him and his wonderful smile, and angel eyes. I was thinking too much what to do, and not to do. So this is how to be in love.


“Jasmin! Hi!” Oh fuck. I stopped. ”Hiiii Niall” I said with a fake smile. I wouldn’t say it was his fault I got anorexia, but it was my thoughts about him, and how perfect he is. Confusing huh? Yeah. “Long time ago,” he said and hugged me, with his popular ‘horanhug’, and just to be nice I hugged him back. He still used the same perfume, exactly, my favorite.


“It’s too long time since we saw each other!” I said. I missed him. It would never lie about that. But a part of me still didn’t want to see him after he just threw me out. “Yeah! Why don’t you answer my calls?” Oh fuck. What should I answer ‘I didn’t want to hurt you by telling I got anorexia’, never.


“Oh, and by the way. Say hello to the rest of the boys!” Same hyperactive, lovely Niall. They waved all, and gave me a little hug. I looked at them, and then at Niall. He loved this. How couldn’t I see that? It was his dream.


“Soooo, now you’re in London you maybe want to hang out some day?” he asked with a lot of hope in his voice. “Uhm, sure.” I said biting my lips. “You still have the same number, right?” he asked, and I nodded.


I smiled to him, and his ‘boys’, and they all smiled back. My mom wasn’t here. Typically her to go shopping in all the new places she’s coming to.


Niall walked, and whispered in my ear, “looking good today.” I smiled, and could feel my cheeks getting warm, and maybe red too.


Nialls POV
It wasn’t a secret. I could see how much weight she had lost. Her mom told me everything from day one, but it was a surprise she was here. I felt happy, like really happy. Jasmin will always be my best friend, and I love her with all my heart, but I’m not sure if she loved me in the same way as I loved her.


Many nights, I’ve cried myself to sleep because she didn’t take her phone. The boys didn’t know what to do, and was out of it because they saw me crying so much. But now she was here, and I couldn’t feel better.


I walked down to the car, and took to the studio with the boys. This would probably be the best days in my life. The boys were here, and Jasmin was here. In all my thoughts of Jasmin, I didn’t realize Harry took my phone, and texted to someone he found really funny. Wait, Harry had my phone?!


Harrys POV
Niall was asleep, and I had fun with his phone, texting with Jasmin, also called “My beauty princess <3” in phone. Niall didn’t, obviously, think about texting her. Niall, little poor Nialler.


From: Nialler (Harry):
So when should we meet?


From: My beauty princess <3
I don’t know. At starbucks tomorrow?


From: Nialler (Harry):
Ok. See you 9am at starbucks.


From: My beauty princess <3
Yeah. :)


“LOOK LIAM! She smiled! Harry can still some magic stuff with the girls.” I said totally proud, and smiled like a jerk. Liam just laughed, and reminded me, that it’s Niall’s phone I was texting from. I gave Niall his phone back, and started singing. Liam started to sing with me too, and at least in two minutes everybody in the car was singing. But Niall didn’t. He seemed sad.


“Hey Liam,” I said, and gave him a shoulder in his stomach. “What? And stop that! It actually hurts.” I laughed a little at him. “What do you think is wrong with Niall? He just saw his crush, and now he’s out it.” I asked wondering. Liam told Zayn and Louis to stop singing, and looked at Niall. Nobody liked to see our little boy like that.


“Hey, Niall?” Liam asked. He didn’t answer. He tried again, and this time he looked at us. But not with happiness in his ice blue eyes. They were red. He cried.


Jasmins POV
I finally found the hotel with my mom, and automatically I picked the biggest room, and the biggest bed. Not sure if the other bed was smaller, but I don’t care. I was happy; I didn’t know how to react. I jumped around, smiling and laughing. He was still thinking about me. Right now I just regret that I ignored his calls.


My phone vibrated, which meant someone was texting me. I looked at the phone quickly, and saw a baby picture of Niall, his name, and the text he just send.


From: Niall. <3
Are you still there?

From: Me.
Sure, why?

From: Niall. <3
I don’t know what’s wrong with Niall, he’s out of it. I don’t want to talk with us, and just ignore us. He’s crying. Niall never cry so much as now. Wooops, and its Harry here!


Wait, what? Niall cried? My face lost the color, and started getting white. I lay my phone at the bed.


I walked into my mom’s room, and started talk with her. Not about Niall. Right now I just would forget what Harry just texted to me.

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