Different kind of love (1D) +13

Jasmin is a 16 year old girl with anorexia. Her bestfriend let her alone, so he could be in the band "one direction". Jasmin has always been in love with him, but he haven't found out of it. Since they were just little kids she knew he was special.

One day Jasmins mom is taking her to London from Mullingar to see him. Jasmins mom don't know that they cutted the contact when he took to London. In London Jasmin meets her bestfriend, and she found out about something very interesting.

THIS IS MY FIRST MOVELLA, PLEASE BE NICE! :) I'm new on this website!!


5. Movies and a lot talking

Louis' POV

Since Jasmin came here, Niall was getting happier and happier every day. All the boys could see how much she meant to him, and which kind of effects she had on him. Jasmin was harder to read. I couldn’t see if she just wanted to be friends, or like Niall wanted to take the next step.


I looked at Jasmin, just so I maybe could look her into the eyes, and found out what type she is. Suddenly, totally surprising Jasmin is talking. “Can I talk with you alone Louis?” she ask me. The other boys, and specially Niall looked on me when she said it. “Uhm, okay let’s go into the kitchen,” I said, and saw that se already was on her way out to the kitchen.


“So what do you want to talk about?” I asked. “listen, Louis. I can feel, that you’re very interested to know who I am, so her now. I’m Jasmin, 16 years old and from Mullingar. As you can see is Niall my best friend, and I’m in deeply love with him, but don’t tell him. I always look at myself in a bad way, and don’t have lots of friends,” that surprised me. It was something I didn’t expected from her. “Wow,” I took her hands, to show her that I’m here for her. “Now you should listen. You can trust at me, call me whenever you want, but I think you should tell Niall about your feelings, because soon he’s on tour again, love. I’m just telling you!” We talked in a long time, and ended up hugging each other, and then we walked into the others.


“Jasmin, don’t even think about doing it,” Harry said right after she sat on Niall. “Think about what?” she asked a little dumb, but I’m not judging her. “TO STEAL MY BOOBEAR!” and then everyone started laugh except from Harry. “I won’t, I promise Harry,” she said when she was done with laughing.



Jasmins POV

Niall was all the time whispering something in my ear, but one thing was different. When he said “you are my fire, my only reason to love,” stopped my heart. I looked at Niall, into his eyes. I saw him biting in his lips. If I guessed right, Niall would do something right now. Something I’ve been waiting for in a long time.


I looked at his lips, and then in his eyes again. And then. He took the first step. I could feel the other boys were looking at us. Our lips were one. They fit perfect. Niall took my hand, and after a little he threw slowly out of the kiss. He looked me in the eyes, and suddenly I could hear the boys spice because of us. I laughed a little, and bited me in my lips. My stomach was full of butterflies right now. I’ve been waiting so long for this.


“I love you,” he said to me and started get tears in his eyes. “Don’t cry,” I said, and almost got tears in my eyes too, but Niall was fast, and threw them away.


“Get a room,” Harry said. “Its fine, we’re done. Which movie should we watch now?” I didn’t know how to react right now. Most of all because Niall almost started to cry in front of me again.


“Uhm, yeah okay. What about scary movie?” Liam asked. “Only if it’s number 2,” Zayn said.



Harrys POV

Niall looked happy, like a little kid. He looked like the Niall we knew before modest! Came and ruined us. “Hey, Lou, do you think they would have some fun later?” I whispered to him, “Of course Harreh!” he yelled so everyone could hear it, and I know it was his meaning.


I would lie, if I said I didn’t like Jasmin. She was hot – just my type, but at the other site; I didn’t want to ruin it between Niall and her, he didn’t deserve that.


I founded my phone, and saw that Taylor has texted to me.


From: Taylor.
Take me back, please


From: Me.
No, just like you told me: We are never-ever-ever getting baaaaack, together!


From: Taylor:
But Harry!


From: Me.
No ‘but’ here. It’s over. Done. K.


“Who is writing?” came it from Liam. “Uhm, just Taylor. Harry here broke her heart, remember that?” I said proud, and laughed a little. “Oh, her,” Liam sounded mad. He never liked the fact that I had dated Taylor.


I saw that Jasmine started to feel a little bad, but it looked like she tried to hold it back, and not take too much attention. It annoyed me.


“Jasmin can we talk?” I asked. The other stared at me. “Harry, are you …” Liam started, “Stop, Liam! It’s important!” I almost yelled. “It would be a good idea if I’m with you while you’re talking,” Niall said, and again I almost yelled at the boys; “No, it’s fine. I’m not going to hurt her. Jasmin, come with me, please.”


I took her to the kitchen. “Can I talk with Louis instead?” she asked with pain in her voice. “Nope, now you can tell me why you don’t tell anyone about your pain, everyone can see …” and I didn’t finish what I wanted to say before I had to be fast, and catch her.


I just looked at her. Her little body was in my hands, and I didn’t know what to do – I’ve never been through things like that. Should I call at the boys? I just starred at her in a long time.


“I’m sorry to disturb you, but I just needed some water,” Louis said. And then it happened. He turned around and saw it. “HARRY!” he yelled, and I just looked at him before he took her.


“Jasmin wake up, it’s over now,” Louis laughed. She just woke up, and started laughing. “We wanted to see if you really just can be her friends without trying on something, and care about girls without flirting. And it worked,” Louis said. “So it was all a joke?” I said with much anger in my voice. With heavy footsteps I walked out of the kitchen, and in to the other boys.


“DID YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT?” I yelled at them. They nodded. The Jasmin came over to me, and gave me a big hug, like a sorry. “I’m sorry, I could feel how out of it you were, Harry,” she said, and I just took my arms around her, and told her it was okay. I could feel that, Jasmin was going to be a big part of me and the other boys’ life.



Nialls POV

I could still feel a little anger from Harry, but not much. It was so fun to see how much he actually cared about her. They really all cared about her.


I looked at Jasmin, and saw her big smile while her eyes starred at the TV. It didn’t regret the fact that I invited to be with me and the boys. It was one of my best ideas.


“You should have seen your face, Harry,” Zayn laughed. “It was totally white,” continued Liam. “It’s not that funny. But don’t ever, ever, ever do it to me again, or I’m really getting mad! More than I was this time,” he said. “Alright, it’s a deal. We wont to it anymore,” Louis said and patted his stomach.




Jasmins POV

I woke up with the best feeling in my stomach, and wait, 14 text?! Some of them was from Niall, and some from the other boys, and also from the unknown person. I called the unknown person.


“Hey,” the person said. “Who are you?” I asked. “Can’t you hear it? I’m Zayn,” he laughed. And suddenly I could hear it. “So how did you know Niall liked me?” I asked interesting. “We all know it, and we also know something else.”

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