Different kind of love (1D) +13

Jasmin is a 16 year old girl with anorexia. Her bestfriend let her alone, so he could be in the band "one direction". Jasmin has always been in love with him, but he haven't found out of it. Since they were just little kids she knew he was special.

One day Jasmins mom is taking her to London from Mullingar to see him. Jasmins mom don't know that they cutted the contact when he took to London. In London Jasmin meets her bestfriend, and she found out about something very interesting.

THIS IS MY FIRST MOVELLA, PLEASE BE NICE! :) I'm new on this website!!


3. Everything's going to be alright

Jasmins POV
I couldn’t sleep this night. I was too excited, but beside that I was also worried about Niall. Right now, I just hope that Niall don’t forget our plan at starbucks today. It would be so frustrating.


I checked my phone, and since Niall haven’t texted to me, I decided to write to him as the first, for the first time in a very long time.


From: Me.
Uhm, Niall? I was thinking if we still should see each other at starbucks in at least one hour? Just had to be sure. Love, Jasmin. x


I sent it to him, and stared at my phone for something that feels like forever, but in real life it was one 30 second. Jesus, this was annoying. I checked that I had sent the text, and not just skipped the “send”-button. But it was send. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it?


I walked over to my clothes, to find something to wear, but everything just made me looked fat. My hands were shaking because I haven’t eaten since before I came to London. But if Niall should fell in love with me, I should look perfect.


Nialls POV
I woke up because of my annoying cellphone. I didn’t remember I’ve cried so much, in a long time. And it was all because of her. I won’t give her the fault, I just missed her. And the way she was starving hurt me so much. When we were together she sometimes could eat more than I could, and that was what I like with her. She didn’t care to eat till she couldn’t take one more bite.


I checked my phone, and saw that I should be meeting Jasmin in 30 minutes, and I was still in my bed. I just wanted a lazy day, and cry totally out, but I also wanted to see Jasmin.


From: My beauty princess <3
Uhm, Niall? I was thinking if we still should see each other at starbucks in at least one hour? Just had to be sure. Love, Jasmin. X


Ugh, she though it was a joke that Harry asked her to be with me. How could she think that? I mean, I love her, in a hard way she doesn’t know anything about. Ugh, there it was. She don’t know anything about it. My eyes started to be wet.


From: Me.
Yeah, of course. Maybe I’m a little late, but I forgot to set an alarm, sorry. X


I didn’t know what else to answer her. Every time I started to think about her my eyes became full of tears. She was my little angel. The day I left her was a horrible day, but also the day my dream came true. I never told her, that she meant so much to me.


My phone vibrated once again, and I took a look on the screen, and automatic my lips started to smile when I saw her name.


From: My beauty princess <3
Ugh Niall I hate to ask about this, but can you come home to me instead? I don’t feel very well, so I think it’s best if you still want to see me. And that’s okay; I forgot that too, haha. X


Me? Over to her? Sure! I founded some clothes, and if you could jump in it, I would say I did that. I was really late now, because I had starred at her message.


In a long time I thinked about telling her how I feel. Telling how much she means to me, and maybe give her that letter I never sent to her. I started looking for the letter, and couldn’t stop getting tear in my eyes.


Dear Jasmin,
I know you’re kinda upset because I just moved to London, and let you alone, but think about it. It is my dream. I love you so much, I don’t know how to describe it.

When you’re saying my name my heart is beating harder. I still remember our kiss in the kindergarten. Your lips, on mine. I know it’s long time ago, but I just can’t get it out of my head – and I don’t want to.
I just want to hold you near, so you can hear my heart is beating for you, and only you, my princess.

When I’m talking about you with the boys I’m getting butterflies in my stomach and my eyes is lighting so much. I know these words is big, but when I’m saying it to you, they describe everything.

I love you,
your Niall, or; Niel like you called me in the kindergarten.


I walked out to my car, and locked it up. Right now, nothing could go wrong between me and Jasmin. I would do everything for that.


From: Me.
Yeah, I’m driving now. x


Jasmins POV
I asked Niall to come over to me instead; I was feeling sick after I had been taking a shower. I heard a door open, which indicated that Niall was here.


“Jasmin? Are you home?” he asked quietly. “Yeah, I’m right here!” I answered him, and walked out so he could see me better. “Oh, god you’re okay!” he said with a relief in his voice, and lifted me up in air like was a little baby. I laughed. “Why shouldn’t I be that?” and smiled to him, just so he could see everything was okay. “You said you didn’t feel very well, so I though some bad was wrong?” he said with a weird voice.


Niall stayed with me till I was sleeping, and a lot longer. I woke up to his snoring. He didn’t wear any t-shirt just some shorts. I saw some scars at his hip. Small, fine scars, and then my mood just changed immediately. I know scars like that. But it would mean that Niall is doing it? I couldn’t believe it, and I got a bad taste in my mouth.


Nialls POV
I wasn’t sleeping anymore, I just pretended I did. I was thinking about to make her some food. Yesterday was great. We laughed so much, that it actually started hurt. I almost kissed her.


When I came she didn’t want to eat, and I almost started a fight with her, and yelled at her because of my frustration. It’s just so hard to see her like that. She looks like she’s in pain. Out fight ended out with she cried, and I had to hold her tight into me. That was what she told me could help, and some minutes after it she was sleeping.


I opened my eyes, and till my surprise she wasn’t there. I could hear some weird noises in the kitchen, and her mom snoring in the bedroom beside Jasmins.


“You never love yourself how first much, as I love you. And you never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you know I’m here, for you. Maybe you love yourself, like I, love you.”


I heard the radio play Little things, and it suddenly stopped playing. She must have turned it off, and I was right. I heard some sniff from the kitchen, and some second after stood Jasmin in the door with some breakfast to me.


“Here you go Niall, your favorite” she tried to smile. I could see it on her, and I wanted to know why she almost started to cry. “What’s wrong? And don’t tell me everything’s fine, because I know you, and everything is not fine.” I said with little stern, but softly voice. “Niall, I don’t think I can tell it to you. Can we talk about something else?” she hopefully said. I nodded.


Jasmins POV
“So Niall, what about the girls, have you find the right one?” I asked, just to know if I had a chance. “No, but there’s this girl, she’s lovely. But I can’t tell you who it is.” He smiled to me, and looked me in the eyes. So there was this girl, probably a famous one, with some kind of talent. Ugh. That bitch should not take Niall from me. And then someone called Nialls phone, and we both got the biggest shock.


“Heyaaaa, it’s Niall” he said into the phone with speaker on. “Niall, its Louis. I think you want to know this. Can you come to my house, right now?” he sound desperate.

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