Can we start it all over again


1. Science

Beth's POV:
Ugh. I hate mornings! Anyway, school in 1 hour. I got out of bed and went in the shower, they always woke me up. I got out of the shower and put the first thing I saw in my wardrobe on. I added light make-up and headed downstairs to get my snack for school. "Bye dad" I shouted. "Bye Beth, get your own tea I'm coming home late" my dad shouted back. "Okay" I said and headed out the door to the bus stop. I met up with my best friend Erin. We got on the bus and sat in our usual space at the back. Erin was smiling really big. "Why are you so happy" I said joyfully. "LUKE TEXTED ME" she whispered but screamed. "Uh, not him again! Why do you like him?" "Shut up, he's perfect! Anyway, I wonder what justin will be like today" she said. "He's really annoying me now, he wants me back but not after he broke my heart!" I said. The bus stopped and we made our way into school. I had science first. "Bye" I waved to erin as she set off to her other class. I lined up outside my classroom to be joined by Justin, great. "Hey beautiful" he smiled, he was beautiful! Omg stop Beth, he broke your heart. "What do you want now?" I asked. "You" he said. Luckily the other students came so I didn't have to respond. We walked into class "everybody stand at the back we have a new seating plan because it didn't work too well," Mrs Sullivan said. "Joe next to harriet, mark next to Rachel, Paige next to Daniel, Sophie next to James, Ryan next to grace, olivia next to Matthew, Louis next to Eleanor, Liam P next to Kes and Justin next to Beth" she said. NOOOOOOOO! We have science every day nooo! Not justin. Justin smirked and patted the seat next to him. I can't believe we have to share a desk. "As you all know, we are doing about the human body?" Mrs Sullivan stated. "Yess" the class groaned. "Well in patners you are going to do a whole project about it" she smiled. "do we get to choose our partners?" I asked. "Er, no. You will be working with the person next to you" miss said. I think this is the worst science lesson ever. "Hello, partner" Justin winked. "You have 1 and a half weeks. "We better hurry up then Justin, meet me after school in the library" I said. "Or we could go to yours" he stated. I frowned. "Well my brother is sleeping at his friends and my dad is out until late, I guess you could come" 
"Great, we'll call it a date I mean, a hangout" his cheeks going red. Me and Justin talked about everything the rest of the time, it was just like the old times. I miss them. My face saddened. "What's wrong" Justin asked. "Our memories, it was just like the old times" I said. "Can't we just start it all over again" he said. "You don't love me though Justin" I said. "I do though, I love you so much, I'm sorry" he tried to smile. The bell rang. Thankfully! The next lessons flied by. Now it was lunch...

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