Can we start it all over again


4. Confused

Beth's POV: 
I then realised what I was doing "argh" I said. "What's wrong?" Justin asked. "My head, it's confusing me" I said. "I'm gonna go to mine, I'll see you later" he said and slowly walked away. I had some rest for about 1 hour and then I was bored so I walked to Justin's. He didn't live too far away. When I got to his, someone's car was in the drive, strange. The thing was it wasn't Justin's. I know it's wrong but I quietly walked into the house and Selena was there. "I love you Justin" she said. "You make me sick Selena, I think I'm already in love" he said. "Aw with that fat girl called, what's her name, Beth" she said. "She's beautiful!" Justin defended himself. All this time they didn't know I was here. "Haven't you noticed Justin, she doesn't love you," selena said, I hate her so much. "She hates you Justin, she's doing it for the fame" 
"She'd never do that."
"HAHAHAH, oh Justin, your so gullible," she said. "I'm going now, call me later babe" 
"NEVER!" Justin shouted and then I saw Selena leave. I heard Justin crying. I pretended I'd just come and I shut the door and ran to hug Justin. Tears we're down his face. "What's wrong?" I asked even though I knew. "Oh just erm, school grades, I'm er failing" he lied. "Come on Justin, it's Selena isn't it" I said. He nodded. I hugged him really tight and he hugged me, aw. Wait. Beth. Stop. Argh. Omg. I love him one part of me said, he broke your heart my other part said. Asdfghjkl. I tried to let go but he wouldn't let me. We just sat on the sofa. I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep. I think he did too. 
*next day*
I woke up and noticed the door had shut, but neither of us had moved so it couldn't have been us. "Erm, Justin" I said. "Yeah?" He said sleepily. "Why won't the door open" I asked worried. He came and tried to open it. "It's locked, someone's in the house but the family have gone away like yours" "you never locked the door justin, we fell asleep" 
I started crying, I was scared. "No no no baby, no crying" he comforted me. He brushed my hair out of my eyes, jeez there's been a lot of crying today! "IS THIS A PLAN?" I shrieked. "What? No" he said. I heard laughter coming from outside. "Selena" he spat. I gasped. "Correct," Selena said. "What do you want Selena?" Justin asked. "You, I love you Justin" she said. I sighed. "I'm not letting you leave until Justin's mine hahaha" selena laughed. There wasn't windows there but light was coming from somewhere. I walked around the room while Justin banged on the door. "It's no use, there's no way out" Justin said. "Never say never" I winked, Justin chuckled. I layed on the floor looking up. Wait. "Justin!" I whispered. He nodded. "There's a window up there" I said excitedly. He stood up and smiled. "How will we get out" I said. He stared at me and laughed, "what?" I said, "I have a plan, get on my shoulders" he said. "Omg hahahahahaha" I laughed. I got on Justin's shoulders and opened the window. He put me down. "You go first" I said, he did it in no time. I was half way up and I heard the door open...

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