One Less Lonely Girl

Its every girl's dream to be Justin's one less lonely girl right? How does it feel? Well Kaylee is about to find out. Kaylee is just a normal girl, brown hair, brown eyes, belieber, straight-a student, normal. Until.. She meets Justin and he thinks she's special. That changes everything. Justin is heartbroken over the breakup of Jelena. Is Kaylee just what he needs to get over the dark days?


41. Who Are You?

So far I've gotten 4 calls from this person telling me to do crazy things. Everything I do gets Justin pissed off. That's the reason she wants me to do them obviously. First I had to get high, then drunk, then act like a slut. The last part was the worst. 

Kaylee: Hey B-b-baby

I gave a crooked smile. I was drunk.

Justin:Oh god Kaylee. Your drunk AGAIN. When are you going to grow up.

Shit. He's getting sick of this act. I need to tell him but I cant.. Then the world went black. I woke up in bed. Justin sitting next to me. My head was pounding. Minnie, my yorkie, barked. It felt like a thousand sirens went off.

Kaylee: God Minnie, SHUT UP.

Justin: You passed out. I had to carry you up here. You know you better be glad you don't have Kahleesi and Kayden here to see you like this.

I couldn't answer. I just sat there remembering. I know he's right. but im saving him.

Justin: But you don't care do you Kaylee? God. I swear.

he then stood up and grabbed his phone and keys.

Kaylee: Where are you going?

Justin: What does it matter? You don't give a fuck about anybody other than yourself.

kaylee: Justi-

Justin: Bye. I'll be back later.

He then walked out. Shit this thing is ruining my life. My thoughts were then interrupted by my phone.

Kaylee: Hello?

Voice: Good Afternoon Kaylee.

Kaylee: Okay. Look. If you don't tell me who you are I'm going to call the police.

Voice: Fine. Its.... Megan...

Wait. That name sounds really familiar...

Kaylee: I feel like I know that name from somewhere.

Megan: The necklace? God. I swear you are an idiot.

Kaylee: So megan. What do you want?

Megan: I want.. Justin back..

Kaylee: To bad. If you haven't noticed we're married.

I then looked at my ring.

Megan: Not for much longer cupcake. After I'm done with you, he'll be finished with you, and tired of your crap. Haha.

Kaylee: You bitch!

I hung up.


** Few Hours Later **

I finally got home after taking a walk to clear my head. I walked into a very quiet house.

Justin: Kaylee?

No response.

Justin: Kaylee?


I then started walking around looking for her. All of a sudden I heard a crash. I rang up stairs to find Kaylee on the floor and...

Megan behind the gun. Kaylee wasn't dead just on the floor. Megan had shot the ceiling to scare her. So far she was doing a good job. I ran over to megan and tried to take the gun from her. We fell to the ground, still fighting for the gun. All of a sudden she let go.

Justin: Kaylee! GO!

She did as she was told. She left the room.

Megan: Hey baby.

Justin: Who the hell you calling baby?

She pointed her finger at me then we both stood up. I just looked at her.

Justin: Give me one reason I shouldn't call the police?

Megan: Just one? I have two.

she then pushed me onto the bed.then I heard my pants zipper come underdone. Then felt my pants fall around my knees. She started with her hand. I know im married but it felt so good.

Megan: This is one.

She continued. I couldn't help but moan. I started to cum. But tried so hard not to but failed.  

Megan: And this is the second reason.

She lowered her head. It felt amazing. I know.. I know... but its not my fault. I could have stood up but she was amazing. Her mouth can do things I could only dream about! Well we kinda ended up both naked.. Her under me and me in her. I thrusted in and out. Hard as I could. I banged that bitch so hard. And I think of this as banging because I don't love her. I love kaylee. My reality came back though. I pulled out and covered myself.

Justin: Megan this was a mistake. A big one. Get the hell out of my house! Now bitch!

Megan: Don't pretend you didn't enjoy it Justin.

She gathered her stuff and got dressed.

Megan: Oh and ill meet you tomorrow at my house for some more.

Justin: Why the hell would I do that?

Megan: Because. Until I'm pregnant with your baby Kaylee is not safe. Toodles.

Shit. I have to do this. I cant have Kaylee getting hurt...

* Hey Lovelies(: DRAMA! Dang haha. Ummm 4 chapters then im done..  :( Sad.. Thank you to @JulyPetraglia for the nice comment. Thank you Lovelie! Your the reason I write! I'll think about a sequel. Okay? Bye Boos! Oh and update: Idk when.. :* 


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