One Less Lonely Girl

Its every girl's dream to be Justin's one less lonely girl right? How does it feel? Well Kaylee is about to find out. Kaylee is just a normal girl, brown hair, brown eyes, belieber, straight-a student, normal. Until.. She meets Justin and he thinks she's special. That changes everything. Justin is heartbroken over the breakup of Jelena. Is Kaylee just what he needs to get over the dark days?


16. Vacation Time...

Justin is amazing. I cant believe he did this for me. I get off a plane to a beautiful hotel on the beach(: He is awesome. Best boyfriend ever. It was late though, I walked to the bathroom and changed. I walked back in the bedroom to a sleeping Justin. I lied next to him. I think he sensed me, because he groaned and grabbed me. I giggled quietly. I finally fell asleep in my love's arms.


I woke up and kaylee was gone.

Justin: Baby?

Kaylee: In the shower.

I started undressing. I opened the bathroom door.

Kaylee: What the he-

Justin: Shhh love, just enjoy it...

Well you can kinda guess what happened after that...


I woke Kaylee up.

Justin: There is an ocean waiting for us boo.

Kaylee: Well lets not keep it waiting any longer hun. Let me get my bathing suit and my sundress.

She came out in her bikini. It was black with jewels over it.

Justin: Oooooo

Kaylee: Huh?

She looked confused...

Justin: Who look good boo

Kaylee: Thank you baby.

We walked to the beach. Kaylee layed down on a towel and tanned while I jumped in the water.

Justin: I need my babyyyyyyyyyy

Kaylee: Coming my love

Justin: Yay.

He splashed me. I splashed him back. He went under water and I didn't know where he went... When all of a sudden, he was popping out of the water with me on his shoulders. He flipped me down, picked  me up by the waist so I was facing him. He pecked me at first. Then he kissed me for real. I pushed on his lips. He pushed back harder. He slipped his tongue in my mouth. I fought his tongue with my tongue, I didn't bother to try to win. I just enjoyed this feeling. I saw some flashes and clicks and aw's. I just ignored them though, nothing could ruin this moment. I wish I could stop time. When we finally let go, everyone was cheering for us. We walked out of the water. He picked me up the same way he did in the water. He was staring at me. I could feel him... getting hard. His bulge was growing larger and larger. Uh-oh. I think we need to go back to the hotel.

Justin: Lets head back..

Kaylee: Yes, please.

He carried me back the whole way. When we got in the room he dropped me on the bed, pulled down his pants and my pants. He pulled off his shirt. He grabbed mine and ripped it off.

Justin: Sorry baby, cant control myself tonight...

Kaylee: Do whatever feels right lovie.

He kept growing bigger... wow. How much more can he grow. I couldn't hold back my giggles. He pulled off my bra. Pulled down his boxers and my panties. We were both naked now. he pushed apart my legs, still kissing me. He pushed into me. Harder faster each time. Harder. Harder. Faster. Faster. I moaned his name. This made him even more excited. He went harder than ever before. We both hit our climax. He dropped down beside me. I layed on top of him and we fell asleep...

* Hiya Lovelies(: I haven't updated in awhile.. sorry boos. I will try to update tomorrow or tonight. I will not be home on Sunday Monday or Tuesday. Im going to the lake to go camping with my boyfriend (Justin, no joke. that's his real name) and my best friend (Amanda) I wont have internet up there. sorry boos. Have any ideas for this story? Kik me ~ misschyleebieber Im always open for new ideas(: Bye lovelies :* *


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