One Less Lonely Girl

Its every girl's dream to be Justin's one less lonely girl right? How does it feel? Well Kaylee is about to find out. Kaylee is just a normal girl, brown hair, brown eyes, belieber, straight-a student, normal. Until.. She meets Justin and he thinks she's special. That changes everything. Justin is heartbroken over the breakup of Jelena. Is Kaylee just what he needs to get over the dark days?


2. The Concert

Kaylee: finally!! I've waited soooo long! 

Amanda: Remember what I told you!!

Idc what Amanda says. I'm really crazy excited! The second we walked in the line was huge! It felt like 5 hours had passed before we were seated at our spots. 5th row seat #583. This is really happening.... The room goes dark as Justin 'flys' on stage with his wings. He starts off the show with "Take You" He sounds PERFECT. I love his voice. Next is Yellow Raincoat. His voice is sooo soothing. All of a sudden he starts singing "One Less Lonely Girl" I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see Pattie behind me. 

Pattie: Wanna be Justin's one less lonely girl?

i pause for a second. I'm in shock. I'm speechless. I'm so HAPPY! 

Kaylee: yes!!!!!!! 

Pattie ushers me backstage where the crew pushed me on stage and sits me down on a chair in the center of stage. Justin do a little dance around me, hands me red roses and when the song is over, kisses me. I felt like flying. Now I could soar through the sky. He gave me power, be gave me life. He gave me a reason to listen to music. When he finished kissing me, we both walked off stage. When we got backstage, he turned towards me.

Justin: Meet me outside after the show

He gave a giant smile.

Kaylee: K...

Man.... That girl was beautiful... And a great kisser! My mom chose well! I can't stop thinking about Selena.... There is way to much gossip going on bout us.... It's got me depressed. Bad enough she broke up with me but now she's on every talk show talking about me and saying we are down for good. Never again she said... So much for 2 years with that girl. I gave it all to her.... Everything was out on the table with her! Nothing was hidden, but you take a girl to a show as friends and all of a sudden your cheating? Your girlfriend is calling you up yelling and saying your not faithful? We were just friends! For Pete's sake! 

Pattie: Get back on stage! 

Pugh. Have to finish this show. I hope that girl shows up after though... She could be fun...




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