One Less Lonely Girl

Its every girl's dream to be Justin's one less lonely girl right? How does it feel? Well Kaylee is about to find out. Kaylee is just a normal girl, brown hair, brown eyes, belieber, straight-a student, normal. Until.. She meets Justin and he thinks she's special. That changes everything. Justin is heartbroken over the breakup of Jelena. Is Kaylee just what he needs to get over the dark days?


6. Sleep on the couch Bieber

At about 5 pm me and Justin decided to go out to the pier. As we walked along, we saw so many people. Painters, singers, dancers, etc. It was crazy! We came up upon a diner and Justin insisted on going in. When we go in, we were seated almost immediately. It was a pretty small place.. But I didn't mind! It just meant I was closer to Justin. After dinner we walked along the beach. It was so romantic.

Kaylee: This is a beautiful view of the ocean.

Justin: The only beautiful view I see is you.

Kaylee: Awh. Justin, your so sweet(:

We walked home. When we got back to his house, we changed into pjs. Justin tried to get into bed with me.

Kaylee: Oh no no no. You can sleep on the couch Bieber.

Justin: Awh.. But baby, I wuv youuuuuu

Kaylee: Couch

I said pointing to the living room. He didn't listen. He layed next to me, he wrapped his arms around me. Pulled me close and gave me a small kiss on the cheek, and was out like a light. Well what am I gonna do? I feel asleep laying in his arms. I loved when we cuddled...

* Sorry it was short and really no point! I felt bad and had to put something up soon, but didn't know what to write about... but I had to put something up before ya'll got mad! So sorry, I will update ethier tomorrow, or Sunday. Have a good day(: *

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