One Less Lonely Girl

Its every girl's dream to be Justin's one less lonely girl right? How does it feel? Well Kaylee is about to find out. Kaylee is just a normal girl, brown hair, brown eyes, belieber, straight-a student, normal. Until.. She meets Justin and he thinks she's special. That changes everything. Justin is heartbroken over the breakup of Jelena. Is Kaylee just what he needs to get over the dark days?


20. I Don't Want To Do This Anymore

I woke up in a hospital bed with IVs stuck in my arm. Everybody was sitting around me looking at me. My mom looked like she had cried.

Pattie: Justin...

Justin: Hi mom...

Pattie: How are you honey?

Justin: Not very good.

The stomach ache came back. Along with the sore throat and headache. It hurt to talk.

Pattie: Just-

Justin: Mom, it hurts to talk.

Pattie: Oh Scooter. He cant sing tomorrow like you wanted him to do.

Scooter: Yes he can. If he rests his voice and doesn't talk today, then he can. We aren't letting his beliebers down Pattie.

Justin: I'm 19. Scooter, I make my own choice.

Scooter: Well, I'm your manger. You do what I say.

Justin: No I don't. And I don't want to do this anymore Scooter!

Scooter: Don't say that Justin! You know you love what you do!

Justin: I know I do love what I do! But if it means I have to give up who I love, then I don't want to do it anymore.

Scooter: Justin I really don't think yo-

Justin: End of story Scooter.

Pattie: Justin are you sure sweetie?

Justin: Mom, I don't want to do this anymore. I'm tired of giving up everything I love for these fans that aren't grateful for anything!

Pattie: Justin! Don't say that!

Justin: Mom! It's true! I date Selena they hate her, I get sick and cancel they start an angry mob! They aren't grateful for anything!

I was raising my voice now. My mom stood. She looked at my for a couple of mins, then walked out of the room.

I don't want to stop music. Just take a break for now.

* Hey Lovelies(: I know us beliebers aren't ungrateful! I'm a belieber myself and I feel for Justin! I have to go! Otherwise I'd make this chapter longer! Bye Boos! :*

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