One Less Lonely Girl

Its every girl's dream to be Justin's one less lonely girl right? How does it feel? Well Kaylee is about to find out. Kaylee is just a normal girl, brown hair, brown eyes, belieber, straight-a student, normal. Until.. She meets Justin and he thinks she's special. That changes everything. Justin is heartbroken over the breakup of Jelena. Is Kaylee just what he needs to get over the dark days?


45. Bieber Say What? * FINAL CHAPTER*

Justin: Now that your happy.. I need to tell you the big secret. I'm.....

She seemed scared.

Justin: I'm going on tour in a month.

Kaylee; For how long?

Justin: a year and a half.

Kaylee: Oh god. Can't I come with you?

Justin: Scooter said it would better if I go alone. Aka he said no girls.

Kaylee: But im not a girl, I'm your wife!

Justin: that's what I said. He wouldn't hear it.

Kaylee: Oh..

I was losing him. I know that it wouldn't be the same. I'd be alone for a year and a half. I wanted to cry. I felt my eyes stinging. I ran to the bathroom. I closed the stall door and just silently cried. When I knew I was done I walked out and looked in the mirror. My makeup was stained and my black eye was exposed. I cleaned up and reapplied my foundation to my eye. My eyes were still kinda puffy but I looked back to normal. I walked out to Justin. He grabbed me in a big bear hug. He didn't say anything, he just held me. He kissed me on the top of my head.

Justin: Its going to be okay baby. I promise.

I grabbed her hand and we walked out. We got in my car and drove home. I picked the sleeping kaylee up bridal style and carried her up to our bedroom. When I set her down she woke up. She grabbed my arm.

Kaylee: Don't leave me..

I know she was sleep talking but that still made me sad. A tear slid down my cheek.

Justin: Ill never leave you baby. I love you.

I got in bed and we cuddled. When I knew she was in a deep sleep I got up and made a phone call.

Justin: Mom..

Pattie: Yes Justin?  

Justin: I cant leave her. I love her too much.

I started crying.

Pattie: Honey don't cry...

Justin: I cant leave her.

Pattie: Its out of my control honey.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I hung up. She didn't understand. Nobody understood. Kaylee is all I have. She is the love of my life. My wife. My best friend. my life. And I had to leave her. ALone. In the big bad world.


* 2 Weeks After The Whole Megan Thing *

I was leaving today.

To be more specific I was leaving in 10 mins. Kaylee is crying. Im almost in tears. just seeing how upset my baby is makes me want to cancel this whole thing. I just pulled her close and hugged her. I then pulled back but I held her shoulders with my hands. She wouldn't look at me.

Justin: Kaylee. Look at me.

She looked up. I looked her in the eyes.

Justin: I love you..

Scooter: Justin Lets go!

Kaylee: Don't forget about me..

Justin: How could I? the only thing I'll be thinking about is that beautiful face of yours and how much I just want to get home to you. I'm going to miss you.

Kaylee: I love you Justin. Hurry Home.

I gave her one last hug and kiss.

Kaylee: Go get em tiger(:

Justin: bye baby. Ill hurry home

I jumped in the car and put in my headphones. I just sat and cried. All I could think was I just lost my baby.

All I could think was don't forget me Baby. I love you..

*Hey Lovelies. No smiley this time.. Poor Kaylee and Justin.. Well that was the last chapter! Hope you enjoyed my story. I love writing for you guys. thank you for all the comments and likes and favorites. It really means a lot! Bye Boos :*

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