The kid next door.

A story based on anti-bullying.


1. Moving in


It was the Summer Holidays. I was in my room on the computer. Just checking FaceBook to upload pictures from my trip to the Grand Canyon. I had pictures of us on the helicopter, outside the helicopter and with the cowboys. 

I then noticed the truck outside. They were moving furniture and household objects into the house that was sold a few weeks ago. Another car came and out came three people. A man, a woman and a kid. He looked rather depressed. 

The kid had a black t-shirt, blue jeans with rips and worn out trainers. I was a little suspicious about the kid. His mom was telling him off for something. Don't know what as my window was closed.

School started the next day, he might be going to the school I go to.

I didn't want to be a stalker, so I closed my curtains so I didn't have to look outside. Didn't need to notice.

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