Someone Like You

Marlie. That's her name! She's pretty, gorgeous, nice, thoughtful, always thinking of others, kind-hearted, sweet, adorable and she's just full of spirit! She loves to dance! And of course- she's a fan of One Direction! She's madly in love with Louis! Like any ordinary kid, she goes to school. Which she doesn't like very much, but she tries! She's in Heritage High School. She has lots of friends who are always there to support her! And a great family too! It all goes down when her dad (Joe) finally buys her an IPhone 4S. She starts texting her friends 24/7, always on Instagram, Twitter. But of course, she gets a random text. She knows she's not supposed to talk to strangers, but how bad can this be? She talks with this mysterious person almost all day. all she knows is that this person is a guy. she thinks she might be falling for him! Oh, how wring she was to trust him! Read this book to find out what happens!!


2. He's Not Really A Stranger...


*The bell rings for 3rd hour* "Jeez, Mrs.Larsen can be really...irritating sometimes!" Delilah says, irritated. *Anahi grunts* "Ha! She hates on me cuz I'm Mexican!" She says jokingly. "Well I don't know why she hates me, but she hates me!" I say. "Nope! I think she hates everyone! She's just that kind of teacher that just hates High School kids!" Ella says, matter-of- factly.  I feel a vibration on my butt, and I remember, my phone is in my butt pocket. "The mysterious guy must've texted me! I hope so!" I say to myself. "I uh..I gotta go to the bathroom!" I say, while the others go down to Gym, I go to the bathroom, and take out my phone. "Hey ;)" he texted. "Hey! :) What's up?" I text back. It's not that I don't want to tell the others about the mysterious guy, it's just, I know my friends would freak if they found out about me texting a stranger! Either that, or they would get his number and start talking to him. Oh...don't get me wrong! It's not like I don't want them to talk to's just..I don't know. I don't feel like I should tell them. Just as I put it away in my locker, it vibrates. As eager as I am to text him back, Im not risking the chances of getting caught. I run down to Gym, just in time to hear Mr.H call out my name. "Marlie?" "Yeah! I'm here!" "Your tardy" he says to me. "Oh. Well I had to go to the bathroom!" "Next time, tell me before you go, so I don't have to mark you tardy" "Psh, if you don't want to mark me tardy, then you don't have to!" I mutter to myself, I sit down with the rest of the group, just as Mr.H is explaining the rules of a game were gonna play. 
*School is over* "So, what are we going to do at the mall?" Ruth asks, smiling. "Oh! We could do the typical- shopping!" Delilah exclaims. "Or we could go on the rides!" Ella says, hoping we could go on one of the rollar-coasters. "Oh, about that." I say. "I have to go home" "What?! But we always go out to the mall on Fridays!" Ruth says, worried. "I'm just a little busy this Friday" "Oh, okay! But if you miss out on the hot guys there, or the fun, you can point fingers at yourself!" Anahi says. "But are you sure you don't wanna come?" "Yeah, I'll go next time for sure!" I say, reassuringly. Ruth drops me off at my house, and I go in and I say hey to my mom, go up to my room, take out my phone, and start texting. Guess who I'm texting? Yup, the mysterious guy. 
Mysterious Guy: Hey! ;) 
Me: Hey! What's Up? 
Mysterious Guy: Oh nothing, just texting you. You? 
Me: Oh, well doing homework, and texting you. 
Mysterious Guy: I know this may sound strange but, you wanna meet up sometime? I know the whole "stranger danger" thing, but I'm not all that creepy ;)
Okay. Okay. I know. I shouldn't say yes. But he said himself he isn't a creepy dude! And how bad can he be? "Sure! Where?" I text him. "At the park, near the bench, between the two trees" he replies. "When?" I ask. "Oh I was thinking, tomorrow, after school, of course" "Oh okay! :)" I say. I go downstairs to get a snack, and I hear my ringtone "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah! I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care! I want you to rock me yeah!" I run upstairs, and I see its a call from Ruth. "Hellloooooo?" I say. "Hey ! Just wanted to fill you up on what's happening right now! Delilah just took a picture with this one hot guy! And she got his number and everything! His name is Rick! We're gonna text him tomorrow morning! And we went on some if the rides and of course! Went shopping! Remember that one outfit you wanted? The one that was "fashionable" "classy" "adorable".
Yeah! We got it for you! No need to thank us! :)" "No. Way! Omg! Thanks a bunch guys! " I say surprised.  Well I can't talk much, Im kinda sleepy" "Alright! See you tomorrow!" Ruth says, and hangs up. "My fiends are the best!" I say to myself as I drift off to sleep. 

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