Batman Eternity the Second Batman Book In the Batman Installment. Batman has been kidnapped, and so has Red. Red and Prince finally got to talk and they found they loved each other and now Prince has lost his cool and wants to kill Icarus, the boy with wings. Ash and Sasha have also got their feelings settled and now it is Trevor's turn. The X-Men are here to help find The Bat, and Ash's power of telepathy have stopped working so they are now stuck with one clue.

*Spoiler Alert* Other Hero's will help find their college.....Superman......Captain America and more.....


3. Two; Powers, People

Sasha's POV

Where could Icarus have gone, or left? "Trevor, how did he get out?" I asked as everyone left.

"Well, I was coming down with his food and I saw that the cell was just....empty. The door was still shut and nothing was their. Oh, god, I lost him...." He put his head in his hands. "No, Trev you didn't lose anyone. He escaped, now come on and help me look for clues."

We look all over the cadge and their is nothing, except a few feathers. I'm socked. How could a kid get out of this thing without a trace? I shake my head and call everyone back down. Just as they all get down their Superman, and Spider-man walk in. Superman asks right off the bat "Have you called The League?"

I scratch the back of my neck. "Well, um...." Ash answers for me. "No, what is The League?"

Superman sits down and says. "The League is like a council for Super hero's such as us. All your elders know about them. You were set to find out in a few years. The League consists od one vampire, one mutant, three humans, one scientist, one were-wolf, and your elders are on it part time. The League is used when we can't handle a situation. So, Sasha, call them. The number is. 1-888-999-0001. Call them." He tosses me a phone. I look at him. I have to ask. "Why aren't we told about The League earlier?" He shrugs. I open the phone and dial the number.

"Hello? League Of Hero's. This is Shana speaking. What is your hero emergency?"

"Hi, um, this is Sasha, I am Robin. Um, recently Batman and I found a new.....gang. They are trying to get all of the villains together and they have done so, from what I've seen. They had The America's, but me and my friends and some x-men and x-kids saved them. But, in the proses we lost Little Red Riding Hood. Before that though, they got Batman. yeah."

"Ok, thank you, Robin. How many hero's are with you presently?"

"Oh, well. About 22. Maybe 20."

"Sasha, you said Batman was napped, and Red?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"So, I am going to send out the League because Superman said he was their, and he got Spidy, so if they are their we have a problem. Do you know where The Bat is?"

"Sorry, no, our....locator is not working at the moment. Um, we have the Professor and some kids, and then some of my classmates and one girl who recently got her powers. She is called The Empress."

"WHAT!? You have a Major Arcana? Not good. The League will be their soon. Stay in your house and keep everyone safe. Arcana......bye." She hangs up.

"Well, everyone, we wait. Trevor, can you make us some dinner, Alfred, help him?" Trevor and Alfred go up stairs. "Everyone, get changed and just stay calm and hang out. I want to talk to Clark and Pete. If you want to train or work out, do so. Just stay out of here, Ash, hang back?" They all leave in groups. The X-Men head to the training area and a few kids go up stairs to help cook, or play games and some of them go with the X-Men, to train a bit.

Xavier and Ash stay back with me, Spidy and Clark. I take a moment to think. The Americas are in the infirmary off to the side, Alfred has done all he can. Red is gone, hopefully alive. And now we have almost all the hero's in existence here. "Ok, the secretary of The League had a interesting thing to say. I told her that Ash had recently developed her powers, and she called herself The Empress. She said Major Arcana. Any idea?"

Slowly Clark nods. "Yes.........we thought they had all but whipped one another out.......Do you know what the Tarot cards are?" We all nod, we have heard of them at some point.


"Well, they are split into 2 groups. Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Their are 22 major. The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, The Wheel Of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment and The World. Every so many centuries they have this huge war that kills the Earth. The next one is when scientist predict the sun to 'explode'. I know all of this because my planet documented the last one. Well, Looks like The Empress has made her appearance. Your daughter will be the next Empress."

Wow, that is a lot to take in. "So, your saying that a Major Arcana?" He nods. Whoa.

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