Batman Eternity the Second Batman Book In the Batman Installment. Batman has been kidnapped, and so has Red. Red and Prince finally got to talk and they found they loved each other and now Prince has lost his cool and wants to kill Icarus, the boy with wings. Ash and Sasha have also got their feelings settled and now it is Trevor's turn. The X-Men are here to help find The Bat, and Ash's power of telepathy have stopped working so they are now stuck with one clue.

*Spoiler Alert* Other Hero's will help find their college.....Superman......Captain America and more.....


4. Three; A False Attack

Ashley's POV

Superman...and now Arcana. I'm Arcana. That sounds so wrong. An alarm sounds and lights flash. Trevor runs in. "Sasha! We have a problem! Someone is trying to get in! They aren't trying the gate either!"

"Shit!" Sasha yells and runs from the room, behind Trevor. I jump up and go after them.

"Where are the entry points?"

"Here, southern edge."

"I'll check it out." I say and run for my bike. Sasha accepts it. "Be careful, and if your not back in 20 min, I'm sending someone out after you. Got it?" I nod and pull on my helmet.

He pats the helmet and opens the door. I ride out.

Pressing the buttons, I make it off road and bring up the coordinates of the break.

I skid to a stop by the fence. I turn on the intercom. "Sasha? You there?"

"Yes, go ahead, Ash." His voice sounds weird over the intercom.

"I don't see anything. Have Trev check all the alarms, make sure- Wait. I see someone. It looks like...hold on, I'll get back to you..."

"Wait-" I snap it off and pull my helmet over my head.

I walk toward the slumped body sitting against the fence. It has dark hair, and blood is seeping from a gash in the person's scalp. I see something on their back. Almost like wings?

I step forward. "Hello? Are you ok? Do you need help?" I squat in front of the body. I reach out slowly and move it's head back. I gasp. It's James...Icarus. I run back to the bike and call Sasha. "Sasha! It's Icarus! He's injured badly, and unconscious. I'm bringing him back in. Deal with it." I shut the intercom off before he can deny me.

I run back over to James. I shake him. "James, wake up, come on, get up. Your safe here. Now, I need you to get on the bike with me." He moans and opens his eyes. I help him up. He can hardly walk. I look at his wings.

"Oh my god." I breath. Someone had tried his wings off. That is the only way to describe what I see. Someone ripped his wings off, or tried to anyway.

I get him on the bike, barely, before he passes out. I bring him back fast as I can. "Sasha, get everyone out of their except for Trevor and Alfred. Now. Someone tried to rip James wings off and almost succeed."

I pull right into the room. Alfred and Sasha take James off my back. I hear Trevor swear. Alfred shushes him. They lay him on a cot, on his stomach. They look at his wings. Alfred cringes and Trevor leaves the room, hopefully to get medical tools.

Alfred starts moving James' wings around, looking close. "Someone did try to rip off his wings, they are both broken." Trevor comes back and they start to pull and prod the wings, setting them.

James groans and try's to strike at Alfred. I come forward and hold his hands. I hear a breaking sound. "What was that?"

"He has a healing accelerant power, I need to re-break the bones to set them correctly. It hurts, but it will make him heal faster too." I hear another crack and cringe. "Ok, done, Ash, can you bandage his cuts and breaks in his skin? I need to wash my hands." I nod and stand. I grab the bandages and start to wrap them gently around James' wings.

His white wing is covered in blood. Soaked in it. "Is this all his?" I ask Alfred as he walks back in. He shakes his head. "No, whoever did this got a beating in return, that's for sure."

James moans again and tries to move. I run to him. "Shh, James, don't move. S'Okay. We bandaged you up. Your safe, right Sasha?"  Sasha had watched this the entire time, silent.

He takes a deep breath, and bends down, looking James in the eye. "You try to hurt anyone, I kill you. You lead bad guys here, I kill you. You understand? Otherwise we're good."

James silently nods. Sasha stands and says. "Good. I'm going to talk to the group." He walks out. I sigh. "James, stay out of sight for a while, ok? I'll come back later with something for you to eat."

I walk out too. I watch and listen to Sasha tell the other what's going on. He is a great leader.

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