Batman Eternity the Second Batman Book In the Batman Installment. Batman has been kidnapped, and so has Red. Red and Prince finally got to talk and they found they loved each other and now Prince has lost his cool and wants to kill Icarus, the boy with wings. Ash and Sasha have also got their feelings settled and now it is Trevor's turn. The X-Men are here to help find The Bat, and Ash's power of telepathy have stopped working so they are now stuck with one clue.

*Spoiler Alert* Other Hero's will help find their college.....Superman......Captain America and more.....


1. Prologue (And A Note Form Me)

Batman and Little Red Riding Hood are kidnapped by The Black Mask Gang. We don't know who the leader is, but Batman dose. Prince and Red got together before Red was taken. Prince then had a total breakdown. Ash and Sasha got together and love each other, and Red almost killed Kate Bishop. In the end they found the Americas and Sasha was making a call. Trevor had found Icarus gone.


Dear People's

I want to say thank you for reading my first Batman story. I worked hard on it, and I realize it is offaly short. Thanks again for keeping with me and reading. I might make another book. Batman Never Ends. Or something.

-Jinxer, AKA Shannon.

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