Batman Eternity the Second Batman Book In the Batman Installment. Batman has been kidnapped, and so has Red. Red and Prince finally got to talk and they found they loved each other and now Prince has lost his cool and wants to kill Icarus, the boy with wings. Ash and Sasha have also got their feelings settled and now it is Trevor's turn. The X-Men are here to help find The Bat, and Ash's power of telepathy have stopped working so they are now stuck with one clue.

*Spoiler Alert* Other Hero's will help find their college.....Superman......Captain America and more.....


2. One; Superman

Sasha's POV

"Yeah, is Clark their?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"Sasha, Batman's apprentice. Robin." I am annoyed at having to call Superman, ugh.

"Hold on." The phone goes all quiet like and then I hear murmuring and Clark picks up.

"Hello? Sasha, why are you calling?" He doesn't seem to know.

"Clark, Batman and Red were 'napped. We need more help. We have The Professor and some kids, A tarot and the rest of my generation. Can you gather Spidy and a few others and come help?" I take a deep breath.

"Yeah, A Tarot? We need to talk. See you, let me grab a few heroes."

"Thanks." He hangs up. Oh, thank god. I walk inside the house and look around. Everyone must be down stairs already. I head down. "Hay-" I get cut off when I see that everyone is silent and Trevor is standing their. "Trevor....?" I ask

"Icarus is......gone.....just gone...." He says and points. Shit. he is gone. "Shit!" I say.


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