That one guy

Emily is Niall Horan's sister, younger sister. She's a performing and she plays guitar. This time she's playing with One direction.


1. Chapter 1

Emily’s pov:

“Niall get out of the bathroom! You have been doing your hair for 45 minutes! Girls need more beauty time then you so get out.” I yelled. I went into the bathroom and pushed Niall into his room.


“My hair looks funny now.” he complained


“well you can go back in after I’m finished.” I said. I took a shower and put some makeup on.




“what Niall”


“Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry are here. Hurry up”


“coming” I ran down the stairs and we got into the limo. Zayn and Niall started talking about ways to impress a girl. Louis and Harry were scheming, as usual, and Liam well….. he was just listening to the conversation.


“We’re here, so get out” shouted Luke, our limo driver. We get out and see a lot of screaming fans as security leads us to the door. Louis and I wave to the fans while the others run to the door. As we walk inside I look for my guitar and see that it’s missing, oh great.


“Louis, give me my guitar” I said glaring at him


“I don’t have it” Louis said


“Well how are you going to perform without a guitar?” asked Zayn


“Superman to the rescue” Louis screamed as he ran to get his spare guitar


“Thanks Louis” I said as I gave him a hug then run out to get my makeup on. I tune the guitar then Louis grabs me and pulls me on stage.

We’re soon on stage and introduced. All I hear is the fans screaming. I looked over at Louis and he winked at me. I smiled and we started to play Live While We’re Young.


After the concert  my best friend, Amy, came in and told me how great i was. I went to get something in my dressing room. When i came back i saw Zayn and Amy staring at each other. I knew she always had a crush on Zayn so I took Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam to Nando's. 

As Louis and I are paying we talk a bit. Then Louis holds my hand and says suddenly "Will you go out with me?'

I stand there in shock for a moment then said "yes"

We all walk back to the concert hall then run as screaming fans chase us. As we get back Amy and Zayn are sitting on the couch making out. Niall runs up to them pulls them apart as they both blush and look up at us. The director brings about 30 fans backstage and the boys sign autographs and hugs.

Finally all of that's over. We all leave to go home and make plans to go to the fair tomorrow. I text Louis that we'll go with them to the fair and he sends me back a <3

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