A Life time of Love- Lost

Best friends Liam and Caitlin were planning to have a holiday together in sunny Cornwall with Caitlins cousin Zayn, but does everything always end up so summer perfect?
Caitlins life was unexciting and there was something missing. That was until the love of her life, irish boy Niall turns up out of the blue making her heart melt. With a taxi waiting to take her back home, is two weeks enough to make their true love too good to let go?
When you feel on top of the world, where everythings perfect, how easy is it to suddenly fall and come crashing down?


8. The Beach

Caitlins P.O.V

I couldnt believe my eyes when i opened that crunkled peice of paper. Niall had gone to so much effort to make sure that the end days we had together were perfect. However do all perfect things have to come to an end? This thought was one of my worst yet it stuck in my brain like an overpowering head ache although i pushed it to the back of brain as always and made the most of the afternoon Niall had planned.

We grabbed a diet cola from the cafe counter as we walked out hand in hand. We decided to stroll back to the hotel and get ready for swimming in the sea later. He dropped me off at the room and i got my things. I strapped on my navy blue bikini with a red flower strapped on the back. I just chucked my denim shorts and a baggy t shirt over the top and in that moment Niall knocked on the door.

"Ready?" Niall smiled once again making my stomach do cartwheels. I grabbed his arm and we walked down together. My flipflops dragged and i felt the warm pavement touch my heels, i looked up and let my face embrace the golden sunlight. We finally reached the beach and i let the refreshing sand wriggle in between my toes.

"Two medium portions of fish and chips please Dave!" Niall gestured a £10 note to the man. "Oh and chuck in a Terrys Chocolate Orange bar please?"

"Here you go folks!" Exclaimed Dave handing us our food.

"Thanks!" I smile as we walk over the sand. "Heres a nice spot." I suggest throwing down my towel and beach bag. Just before i sit, Niall kisses me on the cheek and feeds me a chip cheekily. I laugh and lie on my back and look up. Clouds. I wonder where our cloud is. It was up there somewhere though, i was certain of that.

"Listen Niall.." I say while he looks at me in question.

"Yeah baby?" His deep blue eyes capture me by suprise.

"I've never had a serious relationship or what i should say is that i have never have really liked a boy as much as i like you. I'm sorry i don't like you, i love you! I understand it is a bit pathetic that i am pouring my heart out to you but... but.. *BURP* Oh my! I am so sorry it was the diet cola!" I exclaim embarresed while Niall is bursting out laughing.

"Ahaha! *BUURRRPP!*" We were getting a few stares but we didnt care! We were laughing our heads off now. "Listen, i am an emotional guy so you dont have to worry about opening up to me, even when you do burp in the process!" I tilt my head back and laugh up to the sky. I take my last sip of cola and jump up to my feet.

"Okay so we can tick fish and chips on the beach off our bucket list, lets go for a swim eh?" Niall crosses his arms and pulls off his polo shirt. I wriggle out of my t shirt and run down to the ocean with Niall chasing me.

I run into the sea with the waves splashing higher and higher up my legs. It is at my waist now and i feel to gentle arms tie around my waist. I turn round and Niall holds me in place as his wet lips engage with mine. He cradles my head and the kiss is perfect. It tastes of salty cola but i liked that in a way because it felt natural- it was nice. We pull away and I wrap my legs around Nialls waist as he carries me about the waves as we kiss pasionatly. In that moment i felt all harmony and hoped it would last forever.

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