A Life time of Love- Lost

Best friends Liam and Caitlin were planning to have a holiday together in sunny Cornwall with Caitlins cousin Zayn, but does everything always end up so summer perfect?
Caitlins life was unexciting and there was something missing. That was until the love of her life, irish boy Niall turns up out of the blue making her heart melt. With a taxi waiting to take her back home, is two weeks enough to make their true love too good to let go?
When you feel on top of the world, where everythings perfect, how easy is it to suddenly fall and come crashing down?


6. Our Cloud

Caitlins P.O.V

I felt like i was the main character of a movie. I honestly thought that the whole 'movie style love' never really existed but now i know that if you want it you can have it! I remember the way Niall looked when he was sitting on the sand gazing out to sea. His blue eyes matched perfectly with the ocean on a sunny day. We had it all. Well for the rest of the 2 weeks anyway. He would make me feel brand new and that i would never need to change to make him happy. At least i knew that he would never need to change for me!

"Here you go gorgeous! A three scoop ice cream with extra cherrys on the top!" I grin like someone is streching my mouth in two. We walk along the sand hand in hand with our ice creams. The gentle waves brush against my ankles and I keep hold of Nialls hand like i will never let go. But i would. The taxi would be waiting for me in a few days and i would have to leave all of the dreams and perfect love story behind to go back to a boring life in a small, rainy town in Wales. Niall noticed that i was about to cry.

"Cait? Cait whats wrong?" Niall swings my body around so i am facing him. Thats it, i am in floods of tears now. I just cant bear it.

"I, I just cant face loosing you Niall. Things feel so perfect and i have finally found the boy of my dreams. I will never find true love again!" At this point Niall is laughing while he is crying. I dont fully understand but he soon explains.

"Never find true love again huh? You do make me laugh! I love you Caitlin! Even at the end of this two weeks i promise you i will never, Ever forget you." Niall is also crying his eyes out now. I let the ice cream slip out of my hand and Niall picks me up and carries my up towards the shore of the beach. He lays me down next to him on the sand and points up.

"See that cloud- right there. Well if you tilt your head to the left it looks like a heart. Well that is our heart so no matter where either of us are in the world, you look up and see that heart shaped cloud? As long as that cloud is there it means i am still in love with you and I swear to you now i dont think that cloud will ever go away."                          

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