A Life time of Love- Lost

Best friends Liam and Caitlin were planning to have a holiday together in sunny Cornwall with Caitlins cousin Zayn, but does everything always end up so summer perfect?
Caitlins life was unexciting and there was something missing. That was until the love of her life, irish boy Niall turns up out of the blue making her heart melt. With a taxi waiting to take her back home, is two weeks enough to make their true love too good to let go?
When you feel on top of the world, where everythings perfect, how easy is it to suddenly fall and come crashing down?


2. Distractions

No ones P.O.V

Zayn, Liam and Caitlin would spend all day at the beach sunbathing or going for peaceful walks with delicious Cornish ice cream. Caitlin, especially loved this kind of thing but she could never properly enjoy them this time, there were way too many distractions going on inside her brain. Well one main distraction really. Niall.

Caitlins P.O.V

"My favourite flavour ice cream is... " Liam thought "Mint. Yep deffinatley mint! Whats yours Caitlin?" Liam interupted my deep trail of thought.

"What sorry?" I questioned unaware of that entire conversation.

"Favourite ice cream flavour? Ring any bells?" Liam looked slightly fed up.

"Hang on," Zayn casually interupted. "Are you still thinking about Niall? I mean you have been completley zoned out the past couple of days!"

"Look I'm fine, honest! I just have jet lag thats all!" I even try to convince myself this is true.

"Erm, Cait? We came from Wales?" Liam looks sympathetic but I know he is tempted to just burst out laughing.

"Listen, I am sorry that I am so funny but i am just confu-"

"Do you want me to put in a good word for you?" Zayn looks at me with a smile.

"... What? Would you really do that for me?! Thankyou! I um yeah i mean whatever, thats cool." I attempt to cover my tracks. But you know what they say, when you're in a hole-Stop digging! There was no hiding it, this was my chance!                                        

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