Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


35. WTF

Anai's POV


I felt something vibrating in the bed so i felt around for it. I found what was vibrating

"Stupid phone" i whispered tossing it to the floor after looking at the time.

It was after 8 in the morning so i got up and decided to take a shower after handling my morning business. I walked out of the bathroom in just my towel hoping Louis wouldn’t wake up.

“Good morn... Woah! Why don’t you remove that towel and come lay with me” Louis said turning over and winking.

“I don’t think so. I just took a shower and besides I’m not ready for whatever your’re trying to try on me” I replied grabbing some comfortable clothes and heading back to the bathroom.

“hmph” Louis scoffed turning back over in bed.

I dressed in some sweats and a tank top with chucks after putting my underclothing on. I walked out of the bathroom again to see both Louis and Kristin getting out of bed.

“Morning sleepyheads” I said taking my dirty clothes and placing them in a bag with more dirty clothes.

“Good morning babe” Louis said walking over to me and placing my back to his front.

I smiled and put my hands on top of his that rested on my stomach.

“Aren’t you two cute” Kristin said yawning and stretching.

I felt my cheeks heat up so I dropped my head keeping the smile.

“You’ll never guess what happened yesterday” Kristin said smirking.

“What happened?” Louis asked.

“We heard Niall and Linda having sex” Kristin said trying not to laugh.

“Who pointed it out?” I asked.

“First of all they were missing, then Ali heard noises so we got quiet and heard moaning and instantly knew it was them” Kristin said looking disgusted while telling the story.

“Glad I wasn’t here” I said moving from Louis’s embrace and over to the bed.

“I’m going to take a shower” Louis said looking around then heading over to the bathroom.

When Louis was out of the room and in the bathroom Kristin immediately jumped out of her bed and into mine.

“What are you doing?” I asked looking frightened.

“You and Louis eh” she said elbowing me.

I blushed and dropped my head, while fiddling with my fingers.

“I knew it!” she yelled jumping out of the bed.

I chuckled at her enthusiasm and picked my phone up that I threw done earlier.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

“Who is it?” Kristin sang bouncing over to the door.

“It’s us” Zayn sang back from outside the door.

Kristin opened the door to reveal Harry and Zayn with Ali.

“Hey au.. I mean cousin Nai” Ali said running over to me.

“Hey monkey butt” I said bending down to hug her.

“How was your date?" She asked.

"It was wonderful" i said leaning back on the bed.

"Where's Lou?" Harry asked searching the room.

I pointed to the bathroom as soon as i did Lou opened the door.

"Here i am" Louis said mimicking Nicki Minaj in Starships.

We laughed at him and waited for Niall and Linda to come so we could decide on what we would do.


Nia's POV 

Is this what being addicted feels like? I am completely and utterly in love with this man and we've only been together for a few days. He has shown me that he is interested in me and not just my body but Nia. He knows about my past and about Ali and hes okay with it. When I see Liam I see him as Liam James Payne. I dont see him as Liam Payne 1/5 of one direction and he knows that. He makes me feel pretty, sexy, loved and wanted and that's all that I've ever wanted in a relationship. I feel like he is the one and I'm his he has been through so much and so have I and we understand each other. Im happy with him and this is the happiest i've been in a long time. Besides giving birth and meeting Aaliyah. I want to be there to support him, just like he would be there for me no matter what. Since our date we have been in bed doing you know and nonstop. It's shocking to me knowing that I can bring this side out in him and i love it. I always thought liam was the conservative one, you know not cursing and just being respectful towards everyone but I guess he isn't like that in bed. Lol. He curses all the time when we are in the moment and its kind of a turn on. We had just finished being intimate with each other about 2 hours ago and i'm wide awake and Liam is sound asleep, holding me in his arms and i'm laying my hands and head on his chest. I looked over on the side of him and saw what time it was 8:30 a.m. ugh . I decided I was going to do something special for Liam since he did something special for me. I wanted to make him breakfast in bed. Being a mom I had to learn how to cook and knowing that my "moms" were great in the kitchen I had to say I was almost as good as them. I quickly got out of Liams grip even though it wasnt easy and pecked him before I left the bed. I went over to his dresser and took out on of his clean shirts and put it on. I quietly walked out of the room and left to go down to the kitchen. I decided to clean up first and pick up me and Liam's clothes from our little adventure. Just thinking about last night got me really excited and happy. After the rape I didnt talk or date anyone, mom would try to hook me up but I didnt let it go any further then just one date. I wanted to be a mother and raise my daughter, the guys in Blue Springs only wanted one thing and that was sex and i wasn't having that. I wanted a relationship but they just wanted relations. Its been 5 long years since that terrible day, but I got through it. Liam has helped me in so many ways and I cant even thank him enough. Since i've told him my darkest secret I havent thought about it once since i've been with him these last few days and it feels good. After straightening up the área I headed into the kitchen and decided on what I wanted to make him. First thing first I have to have coffee. I went to put the pot on for the coffee and started putting in what I needed. I prefixed my cup and placed it next to the pot. I turned on the radio in the kitchen but turned the volume down so it wouldnt wake up Liam. I went back into the fridge to see what I can whip up and I found it.

*skip singing and making breakfast *

When I arrive to Liam's room I opened the door with my foot. I smiled when I saw my baby sleeping still with his mouth slightly opened. I placed his breakfast and my coffee on his dresser and walked over to the bed. I shook liam and said

"babe wake up " he didnt move.

I shook him again normally he would wake up by now. I smirked as I thought of a way to wake him, I just hope he doesn't get into the mode for this.


Liam's POV

I was fully awake but just playing with Nia, when I woke I notice she wasnt in bed and was gone. When I had went to the bathroom I heard music downstairs and smelled something that was amazing. I heard her coming up the stairs so i wanted to play with her a little I got back in bed and pretended that I was still asleep from before. She shook me once but I didnt move. I was gonna get her when she least expect it. She shook me again and i still didnt move. I heard her hmmm and I guess she was thinking. After a second I felt her get on top of me and place her hands on my chest. Her bum was slightly on jr. and I couldnt help but to moan a little. I think she noticed because I heard her smirking. She leaned down and started sucking on my neck and kissing it. God she has no idea what she is doing to me. She smirks again and said

"baby please wake up." I still dont move.

"Please LJ " she continues to suck on my neck which now has a love bite. I smirk a little as I wrapped my arms around her waist and turned her over to where she was on the bottom and I was on top. She squirmed and yelled uh liam she wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled at me. I placed a few pieces of hair behind her ears and said

"goodmorning beautiful " she placed her soft hand on my cheek and leaned in and kissed me passionately and said "goodmorning sleepy head." I laughed and kissed her this time she then moaned into the kiss and said "I made breakfast for you " and pointed to where she had left it . I smiled down at her and said "thanks babe ,but thats not the breakfast that I had in mind " I placed my hands on her legs and lifted them up and scooted her down alittle. She held on to me alittle tighter and smiled ." Im sorry mr.payne but thats not on the menú this morning " I started rubbing her leg and leaning down to kiss and suck on her neck just as she did mine and said in between kisses as she moans "Why not ms.davison " she tilted her neck to the side and started moaning and wrapped both of her legs around me this time "because liam weve done it how many times already since weve been together ? " and it hasnt even been that Long " I stopped what I was doing and looked at her she lifted herself up and looked at me and i said " weve done it about 5 or 6 times since weve been together and not been together .but who's counting ? " liam" she gave me that look and I knew I was in trouble with that one. I signed and laid her back down and looked deep into her eyes and said " babe listen to me . Our relationship is not based on sex ,if thats what you are thinking . I like you alot and I feel connected to you better then I have been connected to anyone else that I have been with . You bring out this side of me that I only want you to know and love . " she wrapped her arms around me and said " I do love this special side of you its just as much as I lovvvvvveeeee having sex with you its just I want to spend time and get to know my boyfriend outside of our bedrooms . We can still have sex ,but just promise me we will get to know each other even if you do know my history and my past . Okay? " I shook my head " yes babe and i promise "

Nia smiled at me and leaned up and kissed me passionately on the lips . She placed both hands on my cheek and pulled me back down to where there was no space or Gap In between us . I moaned alittle and stop and said " what happened to getting to know each other outside of our bedrooms ." She smirked and said "dont we have to take care of jr first " I totally forgot about him . I leaned down and kissed nia passionately with tongue and I guess you guys already know where this is going . God im addicted and in love with this girl .


I cant believe aunty anai and mommy knows one direction im totally fangirling.nana kissed me on my forehead and haha kissed me on my cheek . Hey i couldnt say niall and Harry when I was little so sue me. I was alittle upset when I didnt see lili and ,but I think he stayed in London with mommy . Anai said she wasn't feeling well and couldn't come and I was her surprise . I cant Wait to see my mommy ive missed her so much ,she is my bestfriend and I love her . She is always there for me whenever I need her and since she has been gone its been hard but I have been playing with aunty trayka .she isnt really my aunty but she is like a aunty and I will always love her she is mommy''s childhood friend .Im so happy that I caught myself when almost called anai aunty . I know they know that I dont know about them being sisters and I kindof want to keep it that way until they tell me themselves. I overheard grandma talking on the phone to someone name "collin" about mommy and anai and heard her say they were really sisters instead of cousin's I was really happy when I found out but I kindof suspected it ,they look exactly alike but have some different simularities . I want to tell mommy and anai about the conversation grandma had with the collin Man but I dont want mommy to be mad with me about easedropping on others people conversation so I guess im gonna have to Wait for now . Everyone except niall and linda was in aunty's room waiting for them to show up . I was sitting on Harry lap with my head on his shoulder . I was getting sleepy . I yawned alittle I guess harry noticed . He whispered in my ear and said " go to sleep love Ill wake you up when niall and linda gets here " I started closing my eyes and said " thank you haha" he chuckled at his nickname and said "welcome alibali " I smiled at my new nick name and drifted off.


Anai’s POV

Me and the gang were watching TV when Linda and Niall finally decided to show up. I pulled away from the group and decided to check my twitter. I got out my phone and opened the twitter app and saw a mass of new followers. I went to my page and saw that Louis mentioned me in a tweet, i guess that's where the new followers came from. Next i went to the TT and saw One Direction and new girlfriends. I clicked the link and saw previous pictures of when i was holding Harry's hand then pictures of me and Louis yesterday, and pictures of when me and Zayn met at Starbucks. I skipped over my pictures and saw some of Niall and Linda, and also Liam and Nia.

"Guys look at this" Louis said motioning us to the laptop.

We all ran over to the laptop and got in a position to where we could see.

“Oh it’s that day when Anai let me hold her hand as we were trying to hurry and get to the car” Harry said pointing and smiling at the picture of me and him.

“And thats the day I picked Anai up from Starbucks” Zayn said pointing to me and him.

“And this is our date yesterday” Louis said smiling at me and winking.

I smiled back at him and pointed at the screen for him to click on a picture of Liam and Nia.

“Looks here that a fan got a picture with Nia and Liam at the mall yesterday” I said pointing to the date at the bottom of the picture.

“Click on her profile and see what else she said about Liam and Nia yesterday” I said.

Louis clicked on the girl profile and saw that she tweeted

“Got to meet Liam’s new girlfriend at the mall super cool!”

“I guess they’re dating now” I said shrugging.

I walked away from the group and into the bedroom area. I pulled my phone out of my and called Nia. She immediately answered guessing she was worried.

*A= Anai, N= Nia, H=Harry, B=Ali*

N: Anai oh my god where are you guys?!

A: Nia calm down we’ll be back today

N: Tell me where you are!

A: Stop demanding things and I’m not telling you its a suprise.

N: You and Louis I saw the pictures of you guys date last night.

A: Yeah we’re dating now

N: Wow Nai you’ve dated almost all the boys

A: If you want to get technical Nia, me and Zayn dated for a day. Me and Harry shared a kiss. And Louis and me are just starting something.

As I was finishing my sentence Harry walked in with a sleeping Ali. He pointed towards the phone so I gave it to him after saying something else.

A: Nia Harry wants to talk to you” I said getting ready to hand over the phone.

B: Mommy!” ali yelled popping up.

Harry immediately covered her mouth and told her to hush.

N: Are you with Ali?

A: I thought that came from you” I said trying to cover up.

I handed the phone to Harry to let him talk to her.


Harry’s POV

H: Nia what’s going on between you and Liam?

N: We’re dating now

H: You couldn’t give me a try?

N: Harry I don’t want to discuss this now please

H: I’m done chasing after you and fighting for you.

L: Harry accept the fact that me and Nia are together and there’s nothing you can do about it.

H: Liam don’t worry about it because I’m done with her.

Anai snatched the phone back and hung it up.

“I wanted to talk to mommy” Ali said pouting.

“I know you did monkey butt, but you couldn’t because you are her surprise” I said walking over to her and picking her up.

She nodded her head and yawned.

“Go on to sleep I’ll wake you up when its time to go” I said placing her on the bed.

I walked out of the room with Harry trailing behind me.

“Guys we’re leaving today!” I announced to everyone when I hit the living room.

“We already discussed this while you two were gone” Louis said standing and walking over to me.

“The rental cars are taking care of we’re just waiting for the limo to get her so that we can go” Louis said.

“Can I say goodbye to Trayka?” Ali asked scaring us.

“Yeah we’ll stop by her house because I don’t know her number to call her” I said grabbing a water bottle.

After getting a drink I walked in the bedroom and got my bags together as well as Louis’s and Kristin’s.

“Thanks” Louis and Kristin said at the same time seeing that I had carried their bags out.

“Limo’s here!” Zayn yelled getting our attention.

The boys grabbed all of our bags and headed out the door. I turned in the keys on our way out and got in the limo like everyone else.

“London we’re coming back” Louis said putting his arms around me and Ali.


Nia's POV

After the phone call between me harry and anai . I was upset and liam knew it . We were In the kitchen eating lunch which I proudly made . I had no idea that he liked me well I kind of did but ,after him kissing my neck making me moan thing I kind of lost interest . Liam placed the phone down and I knew he was upset . Not with me but with harry . After the conversation I just lost my appetite . I got up from my seat with my plate and started cleaning it. After awhile I felt two strong arms being wrapped around me and a chin on my shoulder. "You okay? " "not really babe " ,"harry said he was done with me ,and he asked me why I gave you a chance" "am I a bad person ?" liam turned me around with my body up against the sink and pulled me close to him ,I placed my hands on his chest and looked down at my hands . He lifted up my chin to make me look at him and I did "no babe you are not a bad person ,your the most geniune and kindest person I've ever met ""I'm glad you didn't give him a chance because you and I wouldnt be together "as I wrapped ,my arms around him I smiled lightly and pecked his lips and said "thanks baby that means a lot coming from you . " "do you feel better "she looked up at him and said "a little but I know what would make me extremly better ." He cocked up his eyebrow and said "what would make the future mrs.payne better " I smiled and blushed when he called me his future wife. I would love to be his wife ,I love him so much I can't picture myself with anyone else but him .and I think he feels the same way with me. " if you make love to me ?" He looked at me and i couldn't figure out his next words . He smiled down at me and leaned down and kissed me passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started moaning into the kiss as he started feeling and rubbing all over my body . Liam was shirtless but had on pajama pants on and I had on his shirt . During our make out session I felt him bend down and picked me up . I squealed and laugh into the kiss and wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to his room. When we arrived in his room he closed the door behind him and placed me on his bed . Without breaking the heated kiss I removed my arms from neck and started pulling down his pajamas revealing a very happy Jr . God why do I have to be addicted to him . We stopped for a second to take of my shirt and threw it on the floor . I smiled at him. I wanted to tell him how much I love him but I don't want him to feel like I'm rushing . As he gets on top of me I lay back on his bed and wrap my arms around him again and we make sweet love to each other.

Liam's POV 

When she asked me to make love to her I didn't hesitate I wanted to and if it made her happy and feel better then I'm doing my job as her boyfriend. I love her so much but I'm scared I might loose her and push her away from me if I say it to her . When I called her my the future Mrs.Payne I meant it . And I can't wait til the day I ask her to be my wife . So I can love her unconditionally and passionately and her protect her and Ali . I love nia Davison and I won't let anyone take her away from me . Not harry or anyone else.

AN: Took me and Nia two days to write this chapter. She's in charge of Nia's, Liam's, and Ali's POV and I'm over the rest. Thanks to her I think the chapter is going to be awesome. Like, Comment, Fav, and share our books please and thank you. <3

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