Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


2. The Plane

Anai's POV

We successfully made it to the airport and payed the cab man. We headed in the airport and put our bags on the counter and thankfully we weren't wearing any jewelry so we went right through the metal detector. "Omg Anai this is what we've been waiting for" Linda said flipping her long blonde hair. Yes yes Linda is white we've been good friends since we were toddlers our parents are good friends. " What if we get to meet One Direction?" I stated. " I would fucking die if i seen them" she said grabbing her chest. "Flight to London now boarding" said a lady over the mic. "That's us Anai, that's us" Linda said bouncing around. I grabbed her and ran towards the door to the plane. There was a guy in front us with a beanie and a few curls sticking out. I know who this is its Harry Styles. I tapped Linda and pointed to the guy she gave me a confused look until she saw the curls. Her eyes popped out her head and she mouthed to me Harry. We both smiled and entered the plane behind him. Harry disappeared but we found our seats and sat. "I can't believe we walked behind Harry Styles" i said. Linda was too shocked to say anything. We sat there waiting for the plane to take off, before it did someone sat beside me and four others sat in front of us. I felt Linda slowly elbow me so i looked up at her but then she looked down at her phone. I leaned over and asked her is she okay. "4/5 of One Direction is sitting in front of us and the other is next to you" she whispered. I slowly looked out of the corner of my eye and saw the boys then my eyes popped out. I leaned back over adjusting in my seat until i dropped my phone by one of the guys foot i bent down to pick it up but so did the guy. "Sorry" i said quickly pulling my hand back. "Here you go" said the boy i quickly recognized as Louis. "Uh t-thanks" i said gulping. He chuckled before saying your welcome. The plane was taking off so we were told to put our seatbelt on. I was having trouble with locking before someone was standing in front of me strapping the seatbelt. "There you go doll" said Zayn. "Why thank you" i said while blushing. "No problem" he said while running the back of his index finger down my cheek. I blushed and looked away towards Linda who had her mouth dropped. The plane took off in the air while we sat in awkward silence. "So girls tell us about yourselves" Liam said looking at me. "Well I'm Linda and this is Anai. We're moving to London because its always been our dream and thats it about us" Linda sais smiling. "Well I'm pretty sure you girls know who we are" Niall said. "Yeah we do" me and Linda said at the same time. "Great minds think alike ehh" we said at the same time again. "Are you reading my mind?" we asked together. "We did it again" we said together. This time instead of saying anything we just smirked at each other. We broke the stare when we heard laughing. Linda looked over my shoulder so i turned to see the boys laughing. "You girls are funny" they said in unison. "Hey we did it this time" louis said. We all laughed and before you knew it the ride was over. "Maybe we'll see you girls around" Niall said. "Maybe" i said. The lads went towards a black SUV and got in while me and Linda went towards a cab. "I can't believe we got to meet 1D" Linda said throwing her head back and smiling. "Me either Li, me either" i said looking out the window smiling.


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