Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


20. The Frame

Nia's POV

We were worried sick about Anai it was getting dark and still there was no call from her. "What if he killed her?" Linda said bawling her eyes out. "Aw babe think positive not negative" I said patting her back. "SCREW IT! HE KILLED HER AND WE KNOW IT!" I shouted losing it. "Girls lets just go back to the house and check" Kristin said. We grabbed our bag including Anai's and left the motel.

*Skipping Ride*

"It's dark in the house" I said. "M-maybe they made up and fell asleep" Kristin said trying to keep me and Linda calm. "Okay here's the plan, we're going to leave our bags in here, and walk in the house together" I said opening the door. Kristin and Linda nodded before walking behind me. I placed my hand on the knob and turned it "it's open" I whispered while pushing the door open. "Okay stick together, we'll check her room first" Linda said leading us towards the stairs. We quietly walked up the stairs and over to Anai's room turning the hall light on in the process. "Anai?" Linda said opening the door and walking in. "Turn the lights on" I said trembling. Linda flicked the lights on and looked around. "S-she's not here" she said on the verge of tears. "ANAI!!" I screamed so she could hear me throughout the the house. "Let's check with the boys" Kristin said. We agreed and proceeded down the stairs and out the door.

Linda's POV

I'm extremely nervous my boo is missing or so we think and me and the girls can't hold ourselves together. "Who's going to knock on the door" Kristin asked. "Use the doorbell" Nia said. I rung the doorbell and heard running around in the house. "Who is it" I heard Niall say. "Me and the girls" I replied. He quickly opened the door and pulled us in. "I missed you so much, don't ever leave me again" Niall said squeezing me in a hug and kissing my cheeks. "Were you crying" he asked. "We all were" I replied. "Oh! Anai isn't missing if that's what you think, her and Zayn got into it again and we brought her back here" he said smiling like he was proud. "Why didn't you call us to let us know that she was alright?!" I shouted at Niall. "Babe calm down we were making sure she was alright" he said getting annoyed. "What do you mean?" I asked looking confused. "Well apparently Zayn was going to hit her but Louis stopped him and she ran over her saying their names and passed out. She's awake now" Niall said sounding calm. "ANAI!" I yelled running to the top of the stairs with the girls behind me. "Oh my god! Girls I'm so sorry I forgot about you, I should've called you" Anai said grabbing us into a group hug. "Let's go home" I said grabbing her arm. She nodded her head and began walking down the stairs with us. "Bab..." Niall started, "Not now Niall" I said cutting him off. We walked out of the house and over to ours. "Come on girls I want to tell you what happened" Anai said walking towards the living room. We walked in the living room and sat down on the sofa while Anai sat in a chair across from us. "Okay girls let me talk don't interrupt me ask questions when I'm done" she said.

Anai's POV

They nodded their heads so I continued. "Well when Harry called it wasn't Harry... It was Zayn." I said putting my hands together in my lap. "I knew it" I heard Linda whisper. "He knew we were staying at the motel so I went and met him at Starbucks he picked me up from there, we came back here and I saw that he had flowers, bears, and candy and thought he wasn't upset. He told me he wasn't upset and we were kissing until my phone rung" I said pausing to catch my breath.  "Well.. who was it" Linda said pressuring me. "It was Nick. He called and asked if I was free today and I told him I'd be free tomorrow and ended the conversation. Zayn asked me who i was talking to and I told him who it was and he got really pissed and almost hit me until Louis came in." I said now looking at them. "Did you brea up with him?" Nia asked. "Yes" I said nodding me head."That's good" Linda said now smiling. "Who knew that our favorite boy band could cause us drama" I said smiling as well. The girls shrugged their shoulders and looked like they were thinking. "Let's watch a movie" they said in unison. "Okay help me pick this stuff up and we can watch a movie and have ice cream" I said walking over to a frame I knocked over earlier. "Oh no it's broken" I said picking up the pieces of the frame. I set the pieces on the table it fell from and went for the picture. I picked the picture up and found a note.

Dear Anai,

Hi baby it's mommy and I want to tell you something but I can't tell you face to face so thats why I'm telling you on paper. You know I love you and Nia to pieces, that's why I treat her like a child. Thing is she is my child, my oldest, your big sister. Wondering how thats possible let me explain. I was a teenager just like you are, I wanted to have fun and do all the things every other teenager was doing. I got pregnant following the other kids. I wasn't ready for a child so your aunt took her in as her own. I became pregnant with you and I wasn't a teenager anymore so I was ready to take full responsibility for you and your sister but your aunt wouldn't giver her back. When you find this letter please respond to me even though you may be upset with me, and please explain to Nia.

Sincerely Mom

What the hell did I just read?


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