Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


39. Sorry Ma'am But he has Escaped


I wanted to kill everyone for almost scaring me half to death but I’m glad they’re all back. If they hadn’t come back I’d probably be pregnant with triplets. Its a joke, jeez laugh a little. But it all turned out for the better Ali is with me and everyone in London and I couldn’t be happier.  I know them getting my daughter was my sisters idea and I wanted to thank her. When we pulled up to the restaurant i had this weird feeling in my stomach, like something wasn’t right or something was going to happen. Whatever it is i just hope it doesn’t involve Ali or you know who.  Everyone quickly got out of the car and started heading into the restaurant i had Liam take Ali with him and Louis so i can talk to Anai for a second. After kissing him on the lips and watching them go i turned back to facing my sister.
A- everything okay you seemed worried 
N- i don’t know but i have this weird feeling in my stomach that something is going to happen.  
A- you think its uncle Reggie? Don’t you 
N- i don’t know Anai but i pray to god it isnt, i dont want to tell Liam because he would worry about me and Ali and I don’t want to put that stress on him he already has too much going on as it is. 
A- you know if things do get bad and if it is him you’re gonna have to tell him?
N - i know, i know I’m just scared Reggie is dangerous and will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, but my question is Why now if it is him? 
N- but besides that, thats not what i wanted to talk to you about. I wanted to thank you for my surprise this morning i really missed her and I wanted her here with us, i just can’t believe you went to see mom and got her just like that. How did they take it?
A- well aunt tara wasn’t having it but you know her but after i said that they had no choice and that you was Ali mother not them they said okay and we left.  
N- just like that? 
A- just like that! 
N - *hugs anai * thank you so much sis. I know after you finding out about Reggie i have to tell you the story now and I’m willing to do that. Maybe we can go for a walk so we can talk,when we get home ? 
A - I’d like that sis and you’re welcome. 
Me and anai hug one more time. Thankfully the papz weren’t here and no fans because this would be a madhouse and I don’t know if i could handle that.  *snap* as me and anai release our hugs we saw our boyfriends awwing us and Louis with his phone out he then said "aww sisterly love"
Me and Lou were worried about Anai and Nia i know, she wanted to thank Anai for bringing Ali to London and I’m happy they did and we all made up. We were all sitting down and our drinks had been brought to us i ordered Nia's and lou ordered Anai. When the waitress left with our order i gave Lou a look basically asking should we go out there. He got my drift and we started leaving. We told everyone where we were going and before i left i kissed Ali on her cheek and told her to be good.  When we walked out there we saw the girls hugging. Lou got the phone out and took the picture, I take it they heard the snap because they both turned around in the direction that we were in and gave us the look. Anai then said "Louis William Tomlinson, did you just take a picture of me and my sister?" Lou quickly put his phone away and said "yes Anai Davidson  I did" in his sassy tone. She gave him that look again but gave up.  She then said "what are you guys doing out here anyway" I walked over to Nia and placed my arms around her stomach and laid my chin on her shoulder as she placed her hands on top of mine and I smiled then said" we wanted to check on you guys to make sure you were okay. "Anai smiled and said "aww, how sweet, were fine just needed to talk about girl stuff" I could tell something was wrong with Nia and I wanted to make sure she was okay and nothing was bothering her.  Anai and Louis were playing around and I thought it was my chance to ask her before we got to the others. I kissed her neck and said "you okay babe?" yes baby I'm fine I’m just a little hungry that's all."she said , I know it wasn't the truth but I didn't want to pressure her into telling me . She then turned around and faced me and said "actually there is something" she wrapped her arms around my neck and I around her waist. I looked at her and could tell she was nervous about whatever she wanted to ask me because she was biting her lip on the side., I lifted her chin slightly and smiled at her and said "hey you know you can talk to me and tell me anything, I'm always gonna be here for you no matter what" "I know babe its just I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is going to happen" "like what babe?" she looked down at my shirt and I instantly knew what she was talking about "what makes you think its him? and if it is then why would he start this up now ?" "You remember when nick came by the house to see anai?" "Yeah ?" " I didn't want to tell you this but I know I have too. When I was talking to him he kept stairing at me weird " I gave her a confused look and said "what do you mean by weird babe ?"she looked at me and said " he was just stairing at me to where I got really uncomfortable , I think he is working with my uncle and I don't think he was really there for anai " hearing her say this I got alittle worried he did seem alittle off to me when I met him at the ihop. " babe why didn't you tell me this when it happened ?" We were in the moment and you distracted me,if something came up with him again then I would have told you " before I  could say anything Louis interrupted and said " if who came up again " we turned around and Louis had his arms around Anai but not what you think she had his phone and wasn’t trying to give it back and was reaching for it. Then anai with her sassy tone  said "well arent you gonna tell us" nia spoke saving me and said "while you guys were on operation get Ali " "Anai had a little visitor but I told him you were away and to text you to see where you were." Anai gave me a weird look and said "Nick came by and that's weird I never got a text from him." At the corner of my eye I could see Nia looking at me giving me that I told you so look. Anai and louis went back to doing what they were before and I looked at nia and could tell it got her worried alittle when anai said that I placed my hands on her cheek  and said  " babe listen to me ,there could have been a reason why he didn't text her " she looked into my eyes and said " I don't know liam ,I'm really scared what If he after me or worse Ali " " then ill protect you just like I promised and Ali " " I'm not gonna let him hurt you or Ali ,it " She wrapped her arms around my waist and rest her head on my chest like before we started dating." ,what if he really is back " "then I will protect you and our family  " I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her head . She had me worried now ,I wish I could take her pain away but I can't ,if her uncle really is back then I will do whatever it takes to protect my family. Right here this moment I realize this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with . Nia will hopefully be my wife and aaliyah will be my daughter.  I wish I met her before everything happened so I could have protected her from that monster . I've must have been in a deep train of thought because I felt a slap in the back on my neck . I released nia from me  and placed my hand on the spot the slap came from and  saw lou looking at me with that stupid grin of his. " what the hell was that for " he gasped and said " you cussed " " your lucky that's all I did ,now why you slap the back of my neck ? " that was payback For when you did it to me " " it was a freaking dare you prick "Nia and anai were laughing at the moment and I looked at her. At least she could laugh and I'm happy that she could but im getting her back " you find this funny babe.  "She placed her hands on her stomach to control her laughter I Lou and Anai interrupted and said "are you guys coming we’re hungry" me and Nia both turned to them and Anai had her hands on her hips and I swear if Lou was a girl he would be doing the same thing. Instead he just used this sassy attitude look.  Me and Nia chuckled said "yes lets go" as Anai and Lou headed in the restaurant I stopped Nia and said "how about this tomorrow before everyone wakes up, i’ll take you to the prison so we can be sure he is still in there locked away, okay?" i placed my hand on her cheek and stroked it to make her feel somewhat better.  She gave me those sad puppy eyes and said "promise?, just you and me" "promise and yes just you and me like always" she smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck and I around her waist, she then said before pecking my lips "okay babe, thank you", "Welcome,now lets get something to eat. "

She has no idea i’m out and i’m ready for revenge, i want what’s mines. Now that i know where she is thanks to my little helpers there is no stopping me in doing what I planned to do in the beginning. She think her and her friends are safe with their Pop Star boyfriends, well they thought wrong.  I just hope Nia and her friends are prepared for what I have in store for her. I grabbed my mobile device and sent one of my workers a message telling them to go ahead and drop off the gift and flowers. I’m pretty sure the police have figured out i’m gone and will soon post my picture on tv and they will contact my niece to confirm her theory. Plan a and plan b are in effect and now its time for plan c. Heading home should be fun lets see if i’ve been missed. As i began to drive out of the restaurant  área i thought about this wonderful family reunión." They have no idea what’s coming to them." 
While mommy, Anai, Louis and LiLi were outside playing i was talking with everyone else well except haha he was to be on the phone as well as Kristen and Zay-Zay. I had a feeling uncle Harry was talking to aunty Trayka because i saw him slip his number to her before when we left the house. When mommy and everyone came back from outside mommy sat beside me then Liam and Anai and Louis on the other end. Liam had his arms around my mom and she laid her head on his shoulders, i could tell she was happy with lili and i’m glad she is, shes been threw so much and I just want her happy. Before i forgot i wanted to tell mommy a message aunty Trayka  "i almost forgot, mommy aunty trayka wanted me to give you a message for her.  "she looked down at me and then at the others and said "y’all went to go and see trayka" anai shook her head and said "Ali wanted to say bye to her and marae before she left." mommy nodded her and then back to me "whats the message ali" "she said she was going to kill you for not calling and that she was mad at you" my mom and everyone laughed and said "she is going to kill me i haven’t spoken to her since the day we left." "Whos trayka babe?" Liam asked. My mom then turned facing him and said "she has been my bestfriend since i can remember and she was the one that I told you about. "  Liam gave her a oh look and said "i can’t wait to finally  meet her" he then placed his finger on her chin and leaned in and kissed my mom passionately. I felt someone cover my eyes and then heard everyone say "Not in front of ali." i laughed as well as everyone else then i immediately knew who hands it was. My haha's i then said "uncle Harry" everyone laughed again and my mom and liam blushed. Finally our food arrived and we were digging in. Everyone began to have small conversations at the table. I felt out of place because i was little and didn’t have anyone to talk to that was my age.  The others didn’t have kids considering they were kids and young adults themselves. I miss marae . She was my bestfriend just like mommy and trayka was. Something struck me ,the conversation grandma had with the Colin man. I wanted to know who he was and how he was connected to my mom.  I know i said i was going to wait to ask but I couldnt hold it in anymore. I took a deep breath "mommy?"  she turned to me as well as Liam and said "yes baby?" "Do you know someone name collin?" I could tell my mom was thinking because she bites on her lips, she then said "no baby why do you ask?" "i did the same thing my mom did and as everyone stopped their conversation to look at me and listen, i got nervous. "Well i overheard grandma talking on the phone, she was talking about you and anai, and kept talking to a person name Collin." "About me and Anai?" mom looked at aunty and they both had the same look on there faces. "Ali what did grandma say?" anai asked. "She said that she had to tell you the truth about you and mommy being sisters, because you found a note and you should have seen her face." "She then said you have been threw alot especially with the grape" "mommy what did you go through with a grape and why." 
Everyone (expect anai, liam, Linda  and Harry) who already knew the truth 
Louis spits out his drink that he had sipped on and he comes over and slightly gets mommy he then said "Wait Anai and Nia are sisters?" he turned to aunty and she nodded her head nervously to confirm his question. He then said "was that why you and nia, were crying the night before we left" she nodded her head again and said "and for something else" he looked at her and then at Nia and everyone else "i understand Liam knowing before us but Harry and Linda you knew too? Why didn’t you tell me?" "Mom then finally spoke and said "lou please calm down, yes liam knew because i told him, and Linda  walked in on us and read the note after she saw us crying and as for Harry" she looked up at him and gave a weird look and said "i guess anai told him before you guys left." "we wanted to wait until me and Anai told Ali together but since she already knew" "that plan backfired. But yes, me and anai are sisters." "SWEET, Who's the oldest?" zayn asked. Kristen nudged him in the stomach and said "Obviously Nia dummy" she then said "we kind of saw that one coming guys you look so much alike, the only thing different are attitudes and clothes." 
My mouth dropped hearing what my 5 year old just told me. I can’t believe my mother would talk about this not just while Ali is present but to someone else. Who is this Collin person and why would she be talking to him about me. Unless he is who i think he is. As i looked around the table everyone is looking shocked as i am, and anai is looking at me with worry in her eyes. I took a deep breath and said "i don’t know who Collin is sweetie but I will find out soon and as for your second question, i can’t explain that right now because you’re a little too young to understand, but i promise i will tell you one day when you’re old enough and ready okay. She shook her head and I sighed in relief. As i looked up from behind my daugher something caught my eye on the tv screen. I scrunched my eyes to see a little better and when i did i felt like a building fell over me. I just stared at the tv screen thinking how the hell could he escape and why now. "Mommy, mommy?" I heard Ali's faint voice calling my name i caused everyone to stop what they were doing to see what was wrong, because i didn’t respond. I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder and lean in and I guess it was liam "babe what is it" i didn’t say anything i wanted to break.  I wish Trayka was here because she would know what to do, she helped me with it for 5 years. I then heard another voice they came over to the side where ali was and said "nia what what’s wrong?" i know who it is. Anai would know exactly what i’m talking. I cleared my throat and said "only anai linda and kristen turn around when i say this, 2nd tv screen in the middle behind the bar" i some what came too and anai gave me a weird confused look, she did as i asked and so did the rest, the boys gave confused looks to each other as to what is going on. I think liam got the hint that it was something about me and he instantly got worried and wrapped his arms around me. Then the girls said in unison "OMG." 
Anai was now doing the same thing i was doing earlier and so were the girls, they had their hands covering their mouths.  They knew of my story but not the full thing and I think when i get home i will have to explain it to them. Anai finally turned around and gave me a sympathetic look and said "do you think its true?"  "Whats true? Can someone tell us what’s going on?" Harry asked. I looked at liam and gave him the look basically telling him that its about my uncle and I think he knew that because there is only so much that will get me to act like this.  
I can’t believe that the bastard escaped, why on earth would he and what does he want? Does he know about ali? Could he want her and nia? After we discovered what happened we didn’t tell the boys, instead we just left the restaurant the boys in Harry car and the girls in mine. We pulled up to the house and filed out of the car. We immediately walked in the house hoping nothing goes wrong.
“How could they let this happen?” Kristin said looking worried.
“Ali are you ready for your nap?” Nia asked.
Ali nodded her head and grabbed Nia’s hand and ran towards the stairs.
“This is some crazy shit” I said looking at the girls.
“What ar..” Linda started but was cut off by the doorbell.
I ran towards the door and saw Nick standing there.
“Hey Anai!” he said throwing his hand up and waving.
“Hi Nick, come on in” I said stepping aside.
“I came by when you were gone and Nia told me to text you, I never got the opportunity to so I said I’ll see you when you come back.” he side walking towards the living room, with me following behind.
“She told me you did, we just came back this morning.” I said smiling.
“Where did you go?” he asked staring deep into my eyes.
“Uh, Blue Springs” I said nervously.
“You look huggable” he said chuckling at his statement.
“Thank… You?” I said more of a question.
“Can I hug you?” he asked.
“Sure” I said standing.
Nick stood up and grabbed my waist. I put my hands on his shoulders the same time he buried his head in the crook of my neck. We stood like that for a while because I hadn’t noticed that the boys walked in, until Louis cleared his throat.
“Sup guys” Nick said pulling away from me.
I walked over to Louis and stood by his side. 
“I’ll see you around sometime Nick” I said rubbing my arm awkwardly.
“Okay” he said walking out of the living room. 
He turned back around and walked over to me and stared me in the eyes before kissing my cheek and walking away. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Louis jaw clenched as well as his fists. I walked away to lock the door with Louis hot on my trail. 
“Your room now” he said angrily.
After watching the house to see when everyone comes back i received a message from my boss telling me to drop off the package and see if the little girl was there. I’m not sure why i’m doing this. They seem harmful and I wonder what he is really planning. I wish i never got involved with this man, but he was my moms ex and I don’t want him to hurt her again, and expose my secret.  After seeing Anai and the girls I called reggie and told him what happened.  He just said sit back and wait til he got back to London. He asked if i dropped off the present and I said yes, before i left i sat it on the table by the door where the mirror was and left. I’m curious as to what was in the box and what was he planning. I know its something bad, with him it always is.  I don’t think i’m prepared for this what if i mess up or worse they catch on. Cause if they do then i’m screwed. What did i get myself into?
After Louis order me to go into my room so we can talk, I nodded my head and ran up the stairs towards my room. Louis was right behind me and can’t help to think that this is deja vu, with what happened with zayn. God i hope nothing like that happens with Lou.  I cant go through it again, when we got in the room Lou closed the door behind him and said 
I got scared a little because i’ve never heard him yell before, not at anyone. Looking at him i then said 
"he wanted to see me and I guess check in on me since i never texted him." 
"Okay i could see that but why did he have his arms around you like that?" 
i slightly laughed a little and said 
"Lou its a hug thats what you do when you hug someone " 
"I know that anai and this isn’t a laughing matter, i don’t want him touching you." 
Aww he was jealous it was cute and scary at the same time. I walked over to him and said "Babe you have nothing to worry about, i’m yours and only yours" i wrapped my arms around his neck "I promise." he sighed and I could see him getting back to normal. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. I smiled and squealed a little as he moved his hands down to my bum and looked at me and said 
"okay babe, but i don’t want him touching you, i can’t put my finger on it but its something off with him. I just don’t trust him." 
"Babe he is harmless what can he do?" 
"I don’t know but I don’t want to think about it. Just promise me you’ll stay away from him." I looked into his eyes and said "okay, i promise" he smiled and leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back with passion, this was really nice, I feel comfortable around Louis and even safe. It was really the first time with just me and him being alone and it was nice. We continued to kiss and make out. As he lifted me up, i held on tighter and wrapped my legs around him not wanting to fall. I guess Lou noticed because he stopped the kiss and said "don't worry babe I got you" 
"I know you do.”  And we began to kiss again while he carried us to the bed. He laid me down on my mattress I soon started to moan and placed my hand on his cheek. Lou began to feel on my body and I got nervous. I know I wanted to do it with him but not this soon. I wanted to wait, maybe til marriage or at least after 6 months. I wanted my first time to be special and passionate. 2 out of 3 wasn't bad but I didn’t want this to happen. While thinking and making out I could have sworn I heard a guitar playing and singing. Not noticing Lou was sucking on my neck I continued to moan and so did he.  He continued but then I heard it a little louder this time, the song sounded like ready or not by Bridgit mendler . Who was that singing? I leaned my head facing forward and leaned upward looking at the wall, Lou stopped and looked at me and said "what is it?" I leaned up from him and said "do you hear that?" He gave me a confused look but then heard the noise, he then said "it sound like its coming from nia's room." l looked at the wall connected to her room and lou was right it was nia singing. I didn't know she could sing and really good.  I got up from lou and walked over to the wall listening to my sisters voice. Nia has been through so much and I'm proud that she is still standing to this day she became a great mother to Ali and has definitely grown up a lot.  Now knowing her secret and truth, I now know why she has felt somewhat distant towards me all these years and I feel like apart of it was my fault. She was protecting me from our uncle and I had no idea about any of it.  As a tear or two came down, I felt arms around my waist and a chin on my shoulder "what wrong babe?"  "I feel bad that my sister is going through this, lou." 
"Going through what, babe please tell me what is going on, why did we leave the restaurant in a hurry? What was on the tv screen that Nia didn't want any of us to see?" I quickly turned around and placed my hand over Louis mouth. 
I then said "I’ll release my hand from your mouth if you let me answer the questions, okay?" he nodded  his head then I released. 
"I can't really tell you, what’s going on right now but lets just say its bad. It involves both Ali, Nia and myself " I said 
"What about Kristen and Linda? Nia asked them to turn around too." 
"That was because they know the person that is behind this.” Anai your not making any sense," i have to tell him. The only part i can tell him is who is behind it since he was there at the truth or daré game. "Ali's father might be after Nia" i blurt out.
“Why would he be after her?" Louis asked looking confused.
"Because he raped her Louis" i used the word hoping he can get the hint of what Ali said and hoping he knew that this was not a joke. His mouth dropped and I think he got it. “Is that why she wouldn’t tell us who he was?" 
"Yes and now i understand why she told only Liam" 
“So what are we gonna do i mean if he really is after her that is" 
"i don’t know but maybe we can talk about this after she puts ali down for her nap.” 

                   *Meanwhile in blue springs*
Driving down here was a pain in the ass but I had to get the job done. If this won’t get her shaken up then I don’t know what will.  I know her friend has a little girl and I won’t touch her. Trayka Northen was the one who found Nia and called in the report,if I recall from staying with tara that was nia's bestfriend since the diaper ages , there are like sister and joined at the hip.  if it wasn’t for her i would be out free sipping on a mahati and having a little fun in the caribbean. I’m going to pay Trayka a visit one i hope she will never forget. Since her and nia are like sister I know this will hit home and that's exactly what I want. Pulling up to the house i looked at the clock it was 3pm. I looked at my surrounding and noticed a car in the driveway. She is home good.  Im high as hell and ready to go i grabbed my pocket knife and headed to the house when i got to the door as hard as i could to make it sound like an emergency.  "hold on a minute." when she opened the door her expression was priceless, i smiled wickedly at her and said "Hello trayka remember me?" she gulped and said "Reggie what are you doing here and how did you get out?"
*skipping the horrible part *  
After getting back to the car i had stolen i cleaned myself as well as the knife "damn kid" i quickly Wired up the car and sped off. Well that parts done well half of it anyway, I’m sure Nia and her friends along with that boyfriend of hers will soon come running back into Blue springs to check on poor Trayka and then I will make my move. I hope Nia is prepared for what is in store for her. 

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