Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


32. Romance is in the Air

Louis's POV

I like Anai and I think she likes me too.

"Linda could you do me a favor?" I asked grabbing her arm and pulling her to the side.

"What can I do you for" she asked smiling.

"Look Linda I don't need you to do me I need you to do me a favor." I said giving her a duh tone.

"Okay let me rephrase that what can I do for you" she asked annoyed.

"You can't do anything for me if you have an..." I started but she cut me off.

"What do you want Louis" she asked annoyed.

"Okay I need you to go and get Anai a fancy dress for tonight. I want to take her to Different Pointe of View and I know she didn't pack anything fancy." I said looking hopeful.

"Aww you want to take my bestie to the most expensive restaurant in Blue Springs?" Linda asked pinching my cheeks.

"Yes" I said proud of myself.

"Okay I'll do it." she said hugging me.

"Thank you so much" I said hugging her back.

"Hey! Whats going on here?" Niall asked angry.

Me and Linda quickly pulled apart and explained the situation to a jealous Niall who turned happy after he knew what was going on.

I called the restaurant and made reservations for tonight and hoped that Anai would say yes.

Linda and the girls went shopping which left me with the boys.

"Hey lads I'm taking Anai out tonight" I said breaking the silence that was floating around.

"Where to?" Zayn asked looking at me.

"Different Pointe of View" I said trying to say it in a French accent.

"Seems fancy" Harry said.

"Oh it is. I want to take her when the sun is setting because we'll have that view through the window then when the city lights come on it'll be even more beautiful" I said thinking about Anai's beautiful face.

The girls came back breaking me from my train of thought.

"Hey girls" Liam said keeping his eyes on his phone.

"That's a lot of bags" Zayn said pointing to the shopping bags.

"What did you girls do buy up the whole mall?" Niall asked walking over to Linda.

"No, they had a great sale at the mall" Anai said sitting the bags down.

"Where's Ali?" Kristin asked looking around for the little girl.

"Oh no! I left her in the car asleep" Anai said before running out of the room and to the parking garage.

I ran after her and took this as my opportunity to ask her out on a date tonight. When I got to the garage I saw a scared Ali looking around. I beat Anai to the car, so I got Ali out and carried her over to Anai.

"Ali monkey butt I am so sorry I forgot you!" Anai exclaimed cupping Ali's face while still in my arms.

"It's okay Nai" Ali said burying her head in the crook of my neck.

"Anai I think now is the best time to ask you this" I said turning to face her completely.

She nodded her head signaling for me to continue.

"Will you go to dinner with me?" I asked with pleading eyes.

"Of course I'll go with you Louis" she replied standing on her tippy toes to kiss my cheek.

"Yes!" I exclaimed picking her up with Ali still in my arms and spinning them around.

We walked back to the hotel room and saw everyone watching TV.

"Well?" Linda asked pressuring me.

"Oh yeah! She said yes!" I yelled excitedly while sitting Ali between Kristin and Zayn on the couch.

"Alrighty then, lets go get you dressed" Linda said pushing Anai towards the door while motioning for Kristin and Ali to come.

"And you go get dressed" Zayn said pointing at me.

I ran off to get dressed. I am very excited about tonight, hope all goes well.

Liam's POV

Last night was incredible I've never experienced anything like it.

"Hey babe" I said turning on my side to face Nia.

"Yeah" she asked looking up at me.

"Will you go on a date with me tonight?" I asked giving puppy dog eyes.

"Of course baby" she said kissing me afterwards.

"Great! Let's go shopping for something to wear" I said throwing the covers back.

I hopped out of bed forgetting that I was naked so I quickly ran to the bathroom to get dressed.


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