Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


33. Perfect Date

Anai's POV

I took a shower in Linda's room being that the girls were helping me get ready. When i got out the shower i put on my new lace bra with matching panties. I walked out of the bathroom and had a robe thrown at me.

"Put this on while i do your hair" Linda said plugging in a curling iron.

I put the robe on and sat down on the chair Linda pulled out. 10 minutes later Linda was done on my hair so Kristin immediately jumped on my makeup.

"I'm giving you a natural look for your dress." Linda said pulling her makeup out.

I don't wear much makeup so she went light on me.

When she was done with my makeup i got out of the chair and looked myself over.

"You girls are great" i said.

"Go on and get your dress on and we'll walk you back to your room.

I ran over to my dress and quickly put it on. My dress was black with long lace sleeves and a cut like a diamond above my boobs and stopped a little above my knees. After straightening my dress I put on my heels that were aleast 5 inches. They were black with sliver diamonds on the ankle strap.

"Done" I said standing straight up and looking around at the girls for the opinions.

"You look pretty cousin Nai" Ali said rubbing the sleeve of my dress.

"Thank ya monkey butt" I said ruffling her hair.

"You look absolutely stunning" Kristin and Linda said in unison.

"It's all because of you girls" I said smiling and pulling them into a hug.

"Let's get you next door" Linda said pulling me towards the door.

We walked out of the room and back over to mine. I knocked on the door three times and didn't get a response so Kristin used the card she had in her pocket. She opened the door that revealed the boys giving Louis finishing touches.

"Wow Anai.. You look.. Amazing" Zayn said scratching the back of his neck.

"Thank you" I said smiling and crossing my legs in front of each other.

"Anai babe... You look stunning" Louis grinning from ear to ear.

I smiled and walked over to him.

"Thank you" I said wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him.

"You ready to go love?" Louis asked pulling back and grabbing my hand.

I nodded my head and turned around ready to walk out the door.

"Oh Ali... Kristin and Linda are going to watch you until I get back" I said turning to face her.

She nodded her head and plopped down on the couch between Harry and Niall. I waved goodbye to everyone and walked out of the room where Louis was waiting.

"Welcome back Love" he said intertwining our hands.

I chuckled and moved in closer to him getting anxious for our date.

*Skipping Car Ride*

"Louis this is beautiful" I said admiring the view we had as we ate our dinner.

"I knew you'd like it" he said smiling.

I smiled looking out the window that showed the sun setting and the city lights coming on.

"Anai if not now can you promise me something?" Louis asked looking serious.

"What's that?" I asked looking confused.

"If not today maybe next week or a month ahead of us you promise to be my girlfriend." Louis said grabbing my hands over the table.

I grabbed his hands and smiled "I'll be your girlfriend today" I said smiling.

He smiled and leaned over the table. I couldn't leave him hanging nor did I want to so I leaned over and pressed our lips together.

I heard clicking sounds and looked over to the entrance and saw paps swarming the place.

"Shit" Louis said pulling back.

"Excuse me sir if you and your lady are finished we could sneak you out the emergency exit" said the lady who took our order.

"Thank you" Louis said throwing cash on the table and grabbing my hand.

We speed walked to the emergency exit, when we reached the lady held the door open for us.

"Come back sometime" she said.

"We will" I smiled.

We reached our car successfully and got in.

"How do you do it" I asked placing my hands in my lap.

"I manage" Louis said looking over at me.

I turned and looked him in the eyes and saw him leaning in. I leaned in too closing my eyes and soon our lips met making the rest of the perfect.

"This night couldn't be anymore perfect" Louis said placing his palm on the side of my face.

Nia's POV

Me and Liam had gone shopping for a outfit for our date tonight. I picked out a red dress that stopped above my knees and had the back cut out with lace all around it.

"You ready to go babe" Liam asked standing from the table.

"Yeah" I said standing and grabbing his extended hand.

We walked out of the food court and into the crowded mall with teenagers and adults shopping for whatever.

"OMG its Liam Payne!" a girl screamed out.

Next thing you know every teenage girl looked in our direction and ran over to us.

"Liam who is this? Is it your girlfriend?" a pretty girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes asked smiling at me.

"Yes it is. Beautiful isn't she" Liam said smiling at me then at the girl.

"Very" she replied.

"Hey can I get a picture with you?" the girl asked.

"Sure" I replied grabbing her hand and pulling her over to me.

I had Liam take the photo of us then all three of us took one together.

"Liam! Is that your new girlfriend?"

"Where's Danielle?"

"Why are you with her and not me?"

"She's nothing compared to Danielle!"

Girls were shouting these things everywhere but I couldn't break and let them know that it hurt me. So i held my smile on my face but I could tell it wasn't fooling Liam.

"Yes this is my new girlfriend. Danielle is gone and I don't care to know where she is. I'm with her because she loves me for me and not Liam from One Direction. And your right Nia's nothing compared to Danielle. Because she's better than Danielle" Liam said grabbing my hand and walking away from the crowd of girls.

"Thanks" I said looking down.

"No problem. Couldn't have nobody talking to my baby like that." Liam said putting his arm around my shoulder and pulling me close.

I smiled at the thought of being his girl and thought about the date tonight.

*Skip the getting ready scene*

I finished the bit of my food and wiped my face with a napkin.

"That was good" I said looking at Liam.

"Very" Liam said staring into my eyes.

"I know that look" i said blushing.

'Let's head home because Jr. has awoken." Liam said throwing cash on the table and walking around to me.

I chuckled and grabbed his arm he extended and stood up. We walked out of the restaurant and over to his car quickly.

*Skip Car Ride*

"My house or yours?" Liam asked pulling onto the block.

"Yours" I said taking off my rings and earrings and placing them in my purse.

Liam pulled into his driveway and quickly turned the car off and getting out. He ran around to my side and opened the door pulling me out. He held me by my waist as we walked up to the door.

"Damn keys" Liam said trying to find the key to unlock the door.

After a couple of tries he got the right key and unlocked the door and pushed it open. He didn't waste any time unzipping my dress revealing my jublees being that I wore no bra with the dress. I pulled his shirt over his head and I think we pretty much knew where it headed from there.

Harry's POV

When I saw Louis and Anai tonight it made me realize that my feelings for her aren't over. I shook the thoughts from my head and watched Ali play with her barbie.

"Where's Linda and Niall" Zayn asked looking around.

"I don't know but as long as they're together its fine" Kristin said getting on the floor with Ali.

It was quiet for a moment before Ali broke the silence.

"What's that noise?" she asked getting up and looking for the noise I suppose.

We all gave confused looks until we heard moans coming from Linda and Niall's room.

Zayn hopped up and covered Ali's ears smiling.

"How about we go get some ice cream downstairs" I said picking Ali up.

I took her out of the room and away from the nastiness next door.




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