Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


31. Meeting Mom

Anai's POV

I think I love.. I mean like Louis. Anyways we're just now pulling up to my mom's house. I miss this gorgeous place the inside pool and outdoor pool. The spiral staircase on both sides of the walls and the marble floors.

"This place is huge" Zayn said.

"I know you've guys seen better than this" I said turning around to face them.

"Yeah but this is something different." Louis said grabbing my hand.

I chuckled at them and walked up to the door with everyone following behind.

I looked over at the cars and saw that my aunt was here as well. Great Nia isn't here so that we all could be here for this moment together.

We were all together I rung the doorbell.

"Anai! I missed you so much baby." my mom said pulling me in the house.

"Damien come here" my mom called out while still hugging me.

"Babygirl!" my dad said picking me up and spinning me.

"Hey mom, hey dad" I said as he put me down.

"What are you doing here?" my mom asked pushing back a strand of my hair.

"We came to get Ali" i said straight out.

"We? Oh hey Linda and Kristin" my mom said hugging both of the girls.

They smiled and waved when she released them.

"And who is this" my dad asked looking at the boys behind us.

"This is Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall" I said pointing to each boy.

"Hello ma'am and sir" they said together.

"Foreign. Cool" my dad said shaking their hands.

"Come on in the kitchen and we'll talk about this over tea and cookies" my mom said grabbing my hands and pulling me into the kitchen.

"Come on with me boys" I heard my dad say as I was being dragged in the kitchen.

We reached the kitchen and my mom put a tea kettle on the stove while me and the girls pulled out tea cups.

"Where's Ali?" Linda asked.

"She's in the family room playing with Tara" my mom said looking up from the stove.

"Anai go on and get them please" my mom said.

I walked out of the kitchen and into the family room where I saw Aunt Tara and Ali having a tea party.

"Hey tete Tara" I said walking all the way in.

"Nai is that you?" my aunt asked as she pulled me to her.

"Its me" I said giggling.

"Cousin Nai" Ali yelled jumping into my arms.

"Hey ladybug" I said kissing her cheek.

"Mom wants us in the kitchen" I said turning to walk out of the family room.

"Be right there when I straighten up" I heard aunt Tara say.

I walked into the kitchen with Ali still in my arms.

"Linda! Kristin!" Ali yelled jumping out of my arms and into theirs.

"Okay so what's going on?" aunt Tara asked walking into the kitchen.

"Anai and her friends are here to take Ali" my mom said turning around to face us.

"WHAT!!" aunt Tara screeched.

I turned and faced aunt Tara "Well if you should know your daughter is depressed because you guys won't let her daughter move to London with her." I finished getting up to face both women.

"It's not a good idea and I'm not backing down" aunt Tara said.

"You don't have to back down but we'll take her anyways she belongs to Nia not either of you so you really don't have a say so" I said grabbing Ali.

"Alright" my mom and aunt Tara said together after sharing a look.

I nodded my head and went to find the boys. I walked outside to the garage that was on the side of the house and saw my dad showing them his collection of batman action figures and his bat mobile that he built.

"Alright girls stay here with Ali I'm going to surprise her" I said putting her down.

I walked into the the door frame of the garage and stood there.

"Superman is so better than Batman" Louis said crossing his arms across his chest.

"Batman is way better. He can fly in the night sky without being seen because of his black and grey attire, whereas Superman can be seen with those bright colors" my dad said gently putting his action figure down carefully.

"Well Superman arse looks nice in tights" Louis said turning his head while being dramatic.

"Not a good reason" my dad said doing the same as Louis.

"Boys are we out here fighting about Superheros because we all know that Spiderman is the best" I said walking into the garage.

They gave me a whatever look and dropped the subject.

"Okay guys I want to use you as a surprise to Ali" I said grabbing Louis's and Harry's hand.

I walked back up to the front of the house and told Ali to close her eyes. I motioned for the boys to come when I eyes were closed.

"Open your eyes!" I said excitedly.

"Ahh! HaHa! NaNa" she said jumping from Linda's arms and running over to hug Niall's and Harry's waist.

"Hello Princess" Niall said giving her a hug and kissing the top of her head.

"Hey love" Harry said doing the same but he kissed her cheek causing her to squeal.

"We get no love?" Louis asked placing his hand over his chest.

"Hi Louis! Hi Zayn!" Ali said hugging each of the boys.

"Where is my mommy?" Ali asked.

"You get to see her tomorrow possibly" I said.

"Let's go back to the hotel" Louis said grabbing my hand.

We got back in our car after getting Ali's booster seat. We left for the hotel shortly after stopping for something to drink.







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