Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


25. Leaving London

Anai's POV

Nia didn't return last night neither did Liam so the boys stayed with me last night. I opened my eyes after replaying yesterday over in my head. When I opened my eyes I quickly shut them due to someone opening my blinds.

"Did you see the look on her face?" Louis asked laughing.

"It was cute" Harry said laughing along with Louis.

"I told them not to do it Nai" Ana Niall said throwing his hands up in surrender.

"Get out!" I shouted jumping out of the bed.

The boys laughed and ran out of the room and down the stairs. I followed them down with my shoe in hand.

"What's going on here" Linda asked walking into the kitchen.

"These idiots tried to blind me" I said turning to face Linda with the shoe still raised.

"Alright Ana just drop the shoe okay?" Linda said in a baby voice grabbing the shoe.

"GET HER!" she yelled as soon as she took the shoe and threw it God knows where.

Soon everyone piled on top of me Louis first, then Harry and so far.

"C-Can-Can't breathe guys" I said losing my breath.

"Oh get guys get off my babe can't breathe" Louis said jerking the pile and knocking everyone off.

I laid there pretneding to be dead to see what would happen.

"Anai? Anai? Oh God we killed her! Look at what we've done!" Louis shouted picking me up bridal style and carrying me over to the couch.

"Louis quick do CPR" Niall said.

"Oh right! What's the cycle for adults?" Louis asked.

"30 chest compressions and 2 rescue breaths" Zayn said getting closer to me.

I felt Louis hands getting ready to lay between my breast so I quickly sprung up.

"You weren't dead?" Louis asked grabbing me from behind.

"No I wasn't dead" I said removing myself from his grip.

"GROUP HUG" Kristin yelled running out of no where.

We all embraced in a group hug swaying from side to side and back and forth.

"Okay to make it up to Nia I think we should go ahead and get Ali" Louis said breaking away from the hug.

We all broke away and made our way to the kitchen and sat down at the table. I got back up and grabbed a fruit bowl out the refridgerator that someone obviously made last night. I also grabbed some orange juice and sat it on the table then went over to the cabinet and pulled out some cups and then walked over to the dishwasher and got some spoons.

"Let's dig in and talk about our new plan since the old one is out of the question." I said taking my fork and poking a strawberry.

"Well I think we should all go and get her and leave a letter for Liam and Nia" Niall said.

"Someone get the passports while me and the girls pack" I said moving from the table and out the kitchen.

On my way out I felt someone grab me and pull me towards the living room and push me against the wall.

"Harry's getting the passports, Zayn and Niall is doing the packing, and I'm doing your packing while you're writing an apology letter" Louis said tapping my nose as he finished his sentence.

"Okay thanks, and was it neccessary for you to hold me in this position?" I asked putting my hands on his shoulders.

"Very" he said leaning in.

I smiled at him and when he got closer I ducked and removed myself from his embrace and ran upstairs.

"Funny Anai, very funny" Louis said following me upstairs to my room.

"Pack while I write the letter" I said grabbing my notebook and pen.

"Ready!" the girls called from downstairs.

I haven't even worte the letter yet because Louis was trying to pack sexy clothes for me as if we were going to be sleeping in the same room.

"Your clothes are packed babe. I'm going next door to see if the boys are done yet" Louis said rubbing my back before walking out the door.

I flipped the notebook opened and took the cap off the pen and started writing.

Dear Nia,

I owe you a sincere apology for making you feel you do something you didn't want to do.

It was never my intention to create such an awkward and uncomfortable situation. I hope that I can be of assistance in correcting my mistake and resolving the matter. 

While I have caused this unpleasant experience, I am able to see where I went wrong. I believe acquiring this insight will allow me to learn and grow and prevent similar issues in the future.

Please when you get this letter call me. I love you we all do.

Sincerely, Nai

P.S. We all left so you and Liam will be alone. We won't tell you where we went so don't bother trying to sneak it out of us.

I finished the letter and put it on her bed. I walked downstairs where I saw everyone waiting by the door.

"Ready love?" Louis asked walking over to the stairs and grabbing my hand.

I nodded my head and stepped down the last stair.

"How are the car arrangements going?" Kristin asked.

"We'll take Anai's Range rover and Harry's Range Rover" Louis said.

"In Harry's truck is Zayn, Niall, and Linda" Louis said,

"In Anai's truck is me, and Kristin" Louis said grabbing my hand and walking out to my car where the bags were already packed.

"Bye Bye home see you in three days" I said getting in the car.

*Skipping Car Ride*

We arrived to the airport 10 minutes before we had to board the plane. So we quickly paid the people to let us keep our car's here for 3 days and ran inside the airport with our bags and towards our flight.

*Flight to London now taking off*

"Just in time guys!" Louis said breathing heavy.

We took our seats, mine between Louis and Zayn and pulled our seatbelts together as we were instructed. I pulled out my iPod and listened to music while everyone else talked.

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