Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


16. iHop

Linda's POV

We arrived at iHop our favorite place to eat. We got out of the car and walked up to the door Anai walked in first followed by me, nia, and kirstin. "Hello ladies welcome to iH..Anai? Linda?" said a voice I heard once. "Nick?" me and Anai said at the same time. "Told you girls I would see you around" he said smiling. "Yeah I guess so. By the way this is my cousin Nia and Lindas cousin Kristin" Anai said smiling and pointing at the girls. "A table of 4 coming right up if you follow me" Nick said leading the way. "Here you ladies are I gave you the best seat in the house" he said smiling like he was proud of himself. "Thank you love" Anai said smiling. "Anai for a tip why don't you just leave me your number" he said winking at her. "I'll think about it as I eat" she said smiling. "Alright I'll let you ladies decide on your food and drink then I'll come back." he said turning to walk away. "We already know what we want to order" I said shifting in my seat. "Well then order away" Nick said clicking his pen and looking serious. We laughed at him and ordered our breaksfast. "So cuzzo, hows Aaliyah?" Anai asked Nia. "She's doing fine, my mom is watching her for me" she said smiling at the thought of Aaliyah. "Aww I miss her so much" Anai said smiling. "I have to admit she's the cutest thing" I said joining in. Kristin nodded looking around. "Oh. My. God." Kristin said. "What?! What is it?" Anai asked looking around until she found what she was looking for. "Oh its just the guys" she said plainly.

Anai's POV

When Kristin pointed out the the boys were coming in I dropped my head. "Drop your heads so they won't notice us" I said. We dropped our heads but it was too late. "Vas Happening babe" Zayn said standing at the table with the four others behind him. "Were you girls trying to hide from us or something?" Niall asked rubbing his chin. "Oh. um. no?" Kristin said more like asked. "Here you ladies are." Nick said bringing us our food and sitting it down. "Thanks Nick" I said smiling at him. "Your welcome babe" he said winking and walking away. "What was that Anai?" Zayn asked. "It was a thank you and your welcome Zayn" I said a bit annoyed. "We'll talk about this later" he said with a glint of anger in his eyes. I shrugged and went back to our meal. "Are you guys going to stand here and watch us eat or follow your waitress who looks annoyed by you guys?" Nia said pointing at the waitress. "I'm sorry we didn't get your names" Louis said. "Thats because we didn't give it" Nia said. "That's Nia and I'm not sure who that is" Harry said pointing at Kristin. "I'm Kristin" she said smiling. They nodded and walked away to a booth that was across and behind ours. Their booth was sort of circular like so Harry, Zayn, and Louis were facing me and Nia.

Nia's POV

I couldn't really eat right with Harry staring at me. I noticed that all 3 of the boys were looking over at me and Anai. Zayn kept staring at Anai and he had a glint of anger in his eyes I was a tad bit scared. "Could you ladies use another refill?" Nick asked coming back over to the table. "Yes and can we get those drinks to go alongside some pancakes and bacon?" Anai asked. She was such a fat ass. "You sure can babe" he said taking our cups and plates. I looked up from laughing at what previously happened when he called her babe in front of Zayn. When I was done laughing I felt something or someone staring into me. I looked over and saw Harry staring at me with a smirk playing on his lips. Nick came back with our drinks and Anai's food. "Yo Nick can I use your pen?" Anai asked. "Yeah, sure babe" Nick said making sure Zayn could hear. We laughed at him and watched what Anai was doing. She pulled out a napkin and begin writing her number on it. We slid out of the booth after splitting the bill and when Anai got out she stood up and faced Nick "Here's your tip" she said sliding the napkin in his apron and walking away. I looked over one more time at the boys and saw Harry and Louis trying to surpress a laugh and Zayn looking highly pissed. "Look he's highly pissed" Anai said. "That's what I was thinking" I told her laughing as we walked out and over to the car.

Harry's POV

Nia looks just like Anai maybe I could use her to get over Anai. But anyways I saw what Anai was doing with that Nick guy and it was pissing Zayn off. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid to hurt her, because we all know his anger and what he's capable of doing when he's angry. The girls walked out of the restaurant but before they did Anai slipped a napkin in Nicks apron.

Zayn's POV

Anai thinks she can play me like that? We'll see about it. How dare she flirt with someone in front of my face and expect me not to pissed about it. I thought all of this to myself or so I thought because the boys were telling me to calm down and not to hurt her. I shook my head and got up and walked out the van we came in.

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