Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


36. Goodbye Trayka

Anai's POV

We pulled up to Trayka's house I didn't know if she still lived here so I asked Ali if this was Trayka house and she confirmed me that it was. When the limo came to a stop me and Ali got out but she pleaded for the others to come as well. We walked up to the door together and stood there for a minute waiting for Trayka to come to the door. "Guess I'll do it" Ali said walking over to the doorbell and pressing it. "Oh yeah! How did we expect her to come to the door when we didn't notify her we were here?" I said facepalming myself. "Coming!" I heard Trayka sing. We weren't really friends more like acquaintances. She was more of Nia's best friend. "Hey guys!" Trayka said swinging open the door. We said hello and waved. She motioned us inside and over to the living room.

Ali smiled when she saw Trayka and I slightly smiled. I guess Louis saw what I did and he looked at me before taking my hand and asking me if I was okay. I told him I was fine and proceeded to her livingroom. Ali went over to Trayka and jumped in her arms and said "I missed you aunty trayka" I'm not gonna lie hearing Ali calling her aunty hurt like hell, I'm her real aunty, but she doesn’t know it. When we get back to london I have to talk to Nia about telling ali the truth about us being sisters. "I missed you too lili." She sat down on the chair and places Ali in her lap "can i ask why 4/5 of one direction and you girls are here with Ali? And where is Nia, is she okay?  

"Nia is fine she is in London with liam." "The reason why we are here is because Nia has decided to stay in London with me and the girls and wanted Ali there as well, we got into a disagreement and she is upset with me and i wanted to make it up to her by bringing her, her daughter."

Trayka POV

I wasn’t sure as to why Anai her friends and One Direction was in my living room well 4/5 of them anyway. I knew where liam was he was with "his girlfriend" in london. When they leave i’m so calling Nia and cursing her out how could she not tell me that her and Liam were dating. I had to find out on Twitter.  But i’m happy for her she looks happy for once despite of what she went through. Nia and I have been bestfriends since we were directioners in diapers. When Anai told me Nia was okay I was happy and relieved I thought something had happened. I was upset when Anai told me that Nia and Ali were now going to live in London. When she told me she was going for a few weeks I was happy for her, but our dream was to go there together and live there with Ali. I looked down at my lap and lili 's hands I didn’t want her or Nia to go. I will have no one else here with me. Nia was my only friend and I was hers alongside her cousin Linda and Kristin. I really didn't get along with them, I did it for Nia. "Aunty are you okay" lili said while laying her head on my shoulder. "I'm fine little one just a little sad that you and mommy are leaving thats all" i said laying my head on top of hers. “Its okay aunty me and mommy will come visit." "Its not gonna be the same" after saying that I wanted to know why Nia was upset with Anai but I had a feeling it was because of Ali and her secret. I knew what it was because I was the one who found her in that state. There is only 2 people that know the truth me and her mother. "If you don’t mind me asking anai, what happened that you got Nia mad with you."

Harry POV

God she's beautiful, why do you always do this to me. First anai, then Nia and now Trayka. Ugh when I look at her I get that tingly feeling in my stomach, and jr gets excited. Snap out of it she probably has a boyfriend and isn't interested in me. I noticed after Anai told her the reason why we were all here, she was upset . I take it her and Nia are very close just like her and Anai. She must be if Ali calls her auntie and I know that Nia isn't her sister. When Ali called Trayka auntie I knew it had hurt Anai. I saw the look on her face and Louis confronted her she started speaking to Ali in whisphers and I or the others couldn't understand. While they were talking I was exploring Trayka's body she had on sweatpants and mrs Harry styles t-shirt. Wait what! She likes me am i her favorite.  All thoughts are going in my head now. Could this be a sign. Maybe I should ask her if she wants to go to London with us. This way I can get to know her better and make that title come to a reality. The more i thought about Trayka and her possible coming to London with us Jr expanded. It grew within seconds. As my penis grew wide i didn’t want the others to see what Trayka made me do so i put my hands over it. Even though she wasn’t aware of it. Anai finally spoke up "i can't really say much" and she slightly pointed to Ali. Indicating that it was too much for her to know. Trayka understood and whispered something into Ali's ear she smiled big and said "okay aunty" and hopped off her and went into the hall leading to the bedrooms. Trayka leaned up a little and when she heard the door close into the room. She looked back at us and said "you found out the truth about Ali didnt you?" Everyone's mouths dropped well me, Anai, Louis and Zayn's the others were confused. Niall looked at me completely confused and i mouthed "we’ll explain later" to him and looked back at Trayka. I guess Anai was shocked still because she didn't say anything so i decided to ask. "How do you know what happened to Nia and about Ali?" everyone turned to me and especially Trayka and then she spoke the next words that came out of her mouth was a shock to us all especially from the last. "I know what happened to nia and about Ali because i was the one who found her in the state she was in. Anai gasped and placed her hands over her mouth. What did she mean in that state and found her was there more to the story that we dont know about. Mental note ask Nia about it when we return.  



I was on edge since the whole fight with Harry on the phone, me and Nia have been making love to each other for 2 hours straight but I wasn't anywhere near finish and neither was she. As i held her against the wall she wrapped her arms around me tight and we shared a passionate rough kiss, I continued to go deep inside her. "OMG liam dont stop, baby go harder" i did as she asked and started going harder inside her. God if humans can be a drug then Nia would be mine. I love making love to her. Hearing her sweet moans and calling my nickname were filling the air and driving me madly insane. She held on to me tighter as i thrust deeper and deeper inside her, she leaned her head on my shoulder as she continued moaning and thats when I felt dark Liam coming out. But a part of me was a little worried since we've been having sex none of the times we shared were protected. I know Nia has Ali and i dont want to put that stress on her with having another one, god for bid but I love her and I cant wait to have kids with her it's just I want to be home with her and ali and I'm worried that I might not be there. I just hope and pray we don't get pregnant. I felt my clímax being reached as i thrust into her a few more times. I held on to her waist as she had her legs wrapped around my torso. "You love it babe" I asked kissing down in between her breast where her beautiness was from her heart condition. "Yes LJ i lovvvvvveeee it." I didnt care that she had a scar in the middle of her chest she was still beautiful with or without it. "After she came I came inside her a few times making sure I was done. We both started breathing heavy and we soon looked into each others eyes and I knew what she was thinking. I smirked as she did the same thing and leaned down and kissed me passionately on the lips. I began to moan as i carried her back to bed and she placed both hands on my cheek and kissed me deeper. I laid down on the bed with her and she stopped kissing me. She started kissing on my jawline all the way down to my neck, and reaching my chest and mid área. I had both of my hands up and my head leaning back with my eyes close and my mouth slightly open moaning and calling out her name. "Nia" I looked down at her after I felt her hands on my hips her hair was hiding her face alittle so I couldnt see what she was doing. She stop kissing my body, but I gasped when I felt her with her hands on JR. She had her butt in the air and she started stroking him up and down. "Babeeee." I took her loose hair and placed it in a pony tail with my hands and held it. I wanted to see her face while she was doing this. The first night we made love she did this but was unsure so we stopped. I didnt want her doing anything she was uncomfortable with so i pleasure her instead. I was in train of thought when I gasped at her next move. I looked down and Nia was taking half of me in her mouth. " Fuck babe." She continued to suck and stroke me off while i held on to her hair. Both of our moans soon filled the room as she begin pleasing me. I moaned a little more "god this feels so good." I felt her going down alittle more and the more she goes the more i feel like im about to explode. I never felt this when I was with Danielle and im happy I didnt. Nia was amazing in bed. I had little experience but she brings the good parts out of me and thats what I like. As she was sucking I felt tongue twirling around on the tip of my head and that sent me on the edge. I saw she only had one hand on jr and the other somewhere else . When I realized where it was I smirked. She started playing with herself as she continued to stroke and suck me off harder and harder. I wanted to release but not in her mouth I wanted her .

She stopped sucking and stroking me and she leaned up and kissed me passionately on the lips. I guess she wanted the same thing. Great minds do think alike. I licked her bottom lip asking for entrance and she gladly accepted and we started fighting over dominance with our tongues. I of course won. I laughed into the kiss when she pouted and I pulled her up to my torso and wrapped my arms around her.  I stopped the kiss just for a few to look into her eyes. Nia placed her soft hands on my cheek and started rubbing my cheek  while she  looked me straight in the eye as i did the same to her. I love her so much, why am i afraid to tell her. I feel like she is telling me she loves me and i’m telling her the same. I want to say it, I need to say it. What if she thinks I dont love her. "Liam?" Nia said breaking me out of my thoughts." Yes babe" she wrapped her arms around my neck and she looked down, not at me but our naked bodies. I lifted my arm up and placed my hand on her chin and lifted it up alittle. "Hey what’s wrong?" I asked. I know something is bothering her and she wants to tell me something. I just don’t know what. "Nothing is wrong, its just you make me so happy, apart of me thought about not even coming to london to see my sister because I always felt like I was the downer and disappointment in the group and Anai just felt sorry for me." "I always felt different around my family and you make me feel normal. "You make me feel loved and wanted and sexy even though i’m not." "Hey, you are sexy." "You always have been to me since I first laid my eyes on you. After we kissed in your room when you told me everything that happened to you, I knew I wanted to make you mine. And I did, you’re the future Mrs. Liam James Payne, you and nobody else. And I can’t wait until I love you and make you my wife" I seen tears come down her cheek and i started kissing every last one of them. I love this girl to death nobody compares to her. She's all I want and more. She looked me in the eye again and i did the same, i began to rub her cheek and she kissed the ínside of my palm. "Babe just promise me something please" I said. She looked up at me with a questioning look and i took a deep breath and said "promise me you will never leave me" she smiled and said "i could never leave you babe, you know why" i shook my head and said "no, why?" "Because i love you too much to leave." I had to regroup for a second did she just say what i think she said, that she loved me. She actually said it. I smiled at her and said "i love you too babe and i will never leave you either. I promise" she smiled at me and it caused me to do the same and with that we shared a passionate sweet kiss. We continued to kiss passionately, as i laid us down on the bed. She started moaning into the kiss and i couldnt help but join in with her, what can i say, it was contagious and I instantly wanted more. She had one hand on my cheek and the other hand on my chest as i leaned up with her and had both of my arms wrapped around her waist tightly but loose never wanting to let my baby go. I moved my hand down to her bottom and to my shaft. While lifting it up I began to place it inside of her. When Nia gasped in the kiss I knew I hit her spot. I placed my hands on her hips and she started riding me slowly.


I’m on cloud nine. I love him so much, I love what he is doing to me and making me feel. I placed my free hand on the left side of his cheek and looked him in his eyes as I continued to ride him slowly. I still can’t believe i had sex more than once with liam and i’m still not use to his size. Its freaking huge. As i started to get use to it I began to pick up the pace, I began to bounce up and down I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as i let him take all of him in me. I leaned up and leaned down and kissed him passionately on the lips, liam laid back down on the bed, when he released his arms from around my waist and wrapped them from under my arms, i thought to myself how this was definitely new especially coming from him. I placed my hands on the bed and instead of me riding him he started pounding the crap out of me.  I began to moan really loud as he hit my g-spot, as he continued to hit the same spot repeatedly i couldn’t take it any more. My moans became a wonderful harmony in liams ears  i felt my self tightening around his shaft and i was trying to hold it in. I guess liam could tell because he started kissing my weak spot and said "don’t hold it babe". I was about to respond to him until he held onto me tighter and began to pound the crap on my ínsides again but deeper and alittle bit harder this time. I couldn’t help it i continued to moan louder and louder and with one last thrust and then i came on him.  I was so sore and tired that i collapsed right on top of him.  But liam wasn’t finished he still hadn’t come yet and i knew it would be in a few seconds he always came after i did or we would come together. Liam did a few more thrust ínside of me moaning over and over again. When he released inside me i moaned out so loud and i lifted up my body. Yelling out his name. "Liiiiiaaaaammmmm" and collapsed on top of him. I wrapped my arms around his body and said "i hate you so much" he laughs as he released me from under my arms and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead and said "i love you too babe." as i listened to his heartbeat racing from our intimate session i slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms.   

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