Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


17. Getting Away

Anai's POV

As I was pulling out of iHop I saw Zayn walking over to the van I'm assuming they came in and he was beyond pissed. "Anai look at what you did to him" Nia said pointing Zayn out. "I hope he doesn't do anything crazy" Linda said. "Yeah maybe we should stay in a hotel until things cool down between Zayn" Kristin added. "Yeah that's a good idea, let's hurry and pack before the get back" I said. "Hey that rhymed" we all said together. "Pull it together Anai, we're in a dangerous situation or so we think" Linda said smacking my hand. "Okay okay" I said speeding up a little more. We soon arrived to the house and didn't waste any time getting out and running into the house. "Okay girls pack clothes for three days and your necessities" I said throwing my clothes and toothbrush/paste in a duffel bag. "Ready!" the girls yelled from downstairs. We hurriedly ran outside I gave Linda my bag to put in the trunk while I locked the door to the house. I ran over to the car and hopped in when I saw the boys van pull up. "Thank god you had the car started Linda" I said backing out of the driveway. As I backed out I saw the boys staring over at us confused as of why we were leaving in such a hurry. Zayn was still looking pissed and I saw him point at the car and smirk. "Was that his way of saying he was gonna get you?" Nia asked. "I don't know" I said shaking my head. "I think we should stay in a motel" Kristin piped up and said. "Why" Nia asked. "They're famous they can easily find us in an expensive hotel." she said. "Your right maybe we should go further into London" I said pulling out my phone. "Siri what are the furthest motels from my current location?" I asked into the phone. She pulled up four locations and I chose the third because it was far but not too far. We arrived to the motel and got our bags out and walked to the office to get rooms. "Hello welcome to motel 8" the lady behind the counter said. "Do you have any rooms available with double beds?" i asked. "Yes we do, room 8" she said handing us the key. "Thank you" I said walking out of the office and making my way towards room 8. "Here we are Anai" Linda said pointing to the door. I put the card in the door and opened the door. "Well it's decent" Kristin said looking around. "I call a bed with Anai" Kristin yelled throwing her bag on the bed I assumed was ours. As I walked over and sat my bag down my phone vibrated signaling a message.

Harry's POV

We pulled up to our house and saw Anai locking the door to her house and looking over at us and running to her car. We gave confused looks as she was pulling out and I looked over and saw a pissed Zayn. I know what it is she's afraid that Zayn will hurt her so she's leaving but where? We walked in the house and sat in the living room everyone but Zayn. "Why do you think they left in such a hurry?" Louis asked. "Did you not see how pissed Zayn was when Anai was talking to that Nick guy? If I was Anai I would leave too." Liam said. "I just want my baby back" Niall added. "I'm going to text her and find out where she went" I said pulling out my phone.

H: Anai are you girls okay where are you?

*3 minutes later*

A: We're fine and I'm not saying where we are.

H: I'm not going to tell Zayn, me and the boys want to see you girls

A: How about FaceTime?

H: That works I guess

A: Alright FaceTime in 10 minutes

I didn't reply back to her text instead went up to my room and told the boys to come with me. We have 3 more minutes before they call us.

*FaceTime B= boys G= girls*

B: Girls are you okay? Where are you? Liam asked panicking.

G: Liam calm down we're fine and we're not telling you where we are.

B: Why did you leave? I asked.

G: We saw how pissed Zayn was and who knows what he's capable of. Linda said.

B: Boys who are you talking too? Zayn asked walking into the room.

B: Anai where the hell are you? Get back home now! Zayn boomed

G: No! she yelled and ended the call.

"Where is she?" Zayn kept asking. "We don't know she wouldn't tell us and if we knew we wouldn't tell you" Louis said. "I need to talk to her!" Zayn yelled. I sat my phone down on the edge of the couch and Zayn looked at me, then at the phone. "Give me your phone, she'll answer if she thinks its you" he said. I gave in and threw the phone at him.

Linda's POV

I honestly feel bad for Anai she doesn't deserve this but she shouldn't have flirted with Nick in front of Zayn. I was broken out of my thought when Anai's phone starting ringing. "Who is it?" Nia asked. "Harry" Anai said staring at the phone.

Anai's POV

I answered my phone and stepped outside.

A: Hello

Z: Miss me?

A: What do you want?

Z: No need to get hostile but you ran away from me, for no reason.

A: Zayn you looked pissed and who knows what your capable of doing when your angry

Z: You think I'd hurt you? Doll I wouldn't just come home.

A: Zayn I don't think that's a good idea just wait until you cool down and I'll possibly come back tonight.

Z: Doll come back now or I'll come to the motel your staying at and come get you

A: I'll be there soon Zayn

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