Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


22. Depression

Nia's POV

I can't believe what happened yesterday it was all too much for me. I couldn't even enjoy the movie last night with everyone because everything was running back in my memory especially the rape. I swung my feet over the bed and picked up my phone to check the time. I got out of bed and walked over to my closet and picked out an outfit and walked out of the room to the bathroom across the hall. I pulled out my toothbrush and the toothpaste from the mirror and brushed my teeth and washed my face afterwards. I stripped from my clothes and got into the shower and let the water pour over my body. I washed myself and grabbed my towel and got out the shower. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out the bathroom and over to my room. I dried myself off and rubbed lotion into my skin before putting on my under clothing. "Nia?" I heard Harry ask outside the door. "One moment I have to get dressed." I said rushing to put my clothes on. I looked myself over in the mirror satisfied with my look and walked over to the door. I opened the door and caught a smell of Harry's colgone. "Yes" I said looking at him. "I wanted to take you to breakfast" he said looking nervous. I nodded my head and walked over to my nightstand and grabbed phone and coin purse. We walked down the stairs and out the door.

*Skipping Car Ride*

We pulled up to a little diner and and got out of the car. We walked in and were seated in the back, it was Harry's wish. We placed our orders and waited for the boy to come back with the drinks and food. "Nia are you alright?" Harry asked staring into my eyes. "Why wouldn't I be?" I asked dropping my gaze and fiddling with my fingers. "Well yesterday it looked liked you and Anai were crying and you didn't want to hang with us" Harry said leaning in closer to the table. "It's something I don't feel comfortable talking about" I said picking my head up and meeting his gaze again. He nodded his head in defeat and leaned back in his seat staring out the window. Our food came and we ate in silence. We finished our breakfast within 20 minutes and left the diner.

*Skipping Car Ride Again*

We pulled up to the house and Harry pulled in his driveway and turned the car off. "Nia you know if anything is wrong you can tell me. I'm here for you just like everyone else." Harry said grabbing a hold of my hand. I nodded my head and got out of his car and headed towards my home. I opened the door it was hit by the smell of bacon. "Nia where have you been" Kristin asked walking out of the kitchen. "I was with Harry he took me for breakfast" I replied walking over towards the staircase. "You got a thing for uh Mr. Styles?" she asked being funny. I shook my head and walked up to my room. I closed the door once I was in and kicked my shoes off I walked over to the bed and laid on my side. "Why? Why did you do this to me? Your own niece? "Why would you do this to me and leave me to live like this?" I asked all of those questions out loud while sobbing. "Why did who do what to their own niece and leave them to live a life like what?" Liam asked walking into my room and closing the door behind him. "Liam how long have you been standing there?" I asked wiping my tears. "I've been here since you've been gone and I came up here not to long ago" he said walking over to the bed. "Nia who did what to you?" he asked again. "Liam if I tell you this please don't tell anyone" I begged. " I promise he said. I told him did what to me and why I'm feeling like I am. I even told him what happened yesterday. "I'm so sorry babe" Liam said pulling me onto his lap and rocking me back and forth. "Had I been there for you it wouldn't have happened" he said still rocking me back and forth. "Liam I didn't know you when it happened, so it doesn't matter. What's done is done" I said wiping my tears. He nodded his head and laid me gently on the bed. He pulled the covers over me then walked around to the other side and climbed under the covers and cuddled me. "Nia I promise to never let you go" Liam said pushing my hair behind my ear. "What about Danielle?" I asked. "We'll worry about her later" he said wrapping an arm around my waist. I nodded my head and closed my eyes hoping to drift back to sleep.

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