Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


23. Depression prt 2

Liam's POV

Nia told me her life story about 10 minutes ago and what happened yesterday. I want to be there for her, protect her, and... love her. She drifted off to sleep so I started playing in her hair and staring at her until there was a knock at her door. I quickly climbed out of bed careful not to wake her and walked over to the door. I checked on Nia one more time before opening the door to find Harry and Anai. "Liam what are you doing here" Harry asked confused. "I uh w-was just checking on her because I noticed something was wrong yesterday so I came over today to see what was bothering her." I said. "Well what is bothering her?" Harry asked pressuring me. "If she wants you to know she will tell you Harry" I said trying to drop the subject. "So she told you?" Harry asked getting angry a bit. "Yeah and I'm not telling you and Anai you better not tell either it'll crush her if you did" I said. She nodded her head and she tugged Harry by his arm towards the stairs. I closed the door once they were all the way down the stairs. "Thank you Liam" Nia said as soon as i took my hand off the knob. "I couldn't betray your trust babe" I said walking back over to the bed and climbing in."Your a great person" she said rubbing my face. I smiled at her and bit my lip before leaning in.

Anai's POV

Harry was furious by the time we got down the stairs because Nia told Liam what happened but not him. Harry walked over to the couch with clenched fists and sat down. "Harry calm down" I said trying to soothe him but failed. "Why would she tell him and not me?" he asked still furious. "Maybe she feels more comfortable around Liam" I said. He nodded his head and stood up to face me "What happened yesterday?" he asked getting closer and stopping when we were an inch apart. "I'll tell you my part but I won't tell Nia's part. Yesterday me and Nia found out we were really sisters and not cousins." I said hoping he would drop the subject. "Knock Knock" Louis said opening the door with Zayn behind him. "Hey guys" Zayn said awkwardly because of what happened yesterday. "Hey" me and Harry said together. "Anai can we talk for a minute?" Zayn asked nervously. "Yeah, sure" I said gesturing him towards the kitchen. We got into the kitchen and sat down at the table. "Look I'm sorry about what happened yesterday I was drunk and foolish. I never intended to hurt you and its okay if you want to be friends" he said looking me in the eyes. "Yeah I think its best if we be friends" I said nodding. "Just know I'm going to be a good friend to you if anybody hurt you I'll hurt them got it" Zayn said in a fatherly voice. "Yes father" I said in a masculine voice. We stood up from the table and walked towards the exit. "How'd it go?" Louis asked. "Better than I thought" Zayn said hugging me. "I'm glad we all can be friends but something is wrong with Nia and we need to find out what" I said but I already knew what was wrong with her. "Yeah she seems depressed and she won't tell anyone but Liam and he isn't going to tell either" Harry said walking over to us. "I have an idea let's play truth or dare later on and maybe we can get it out of her" Louis said. We all nodded and smiled and decided to go out for tea.

Nia's POV

"Liam I miss my baby" I said pouting a bit. "Then see if your mom can bring her down to London" he said giving me a duh look. I picked up my phone and called my mom, my real mom.

*Ring* *Ring*

M: "Hello?"

N: "Hi mom"

M: "Hi baby how are you?"

N: "I'm doing good just miss Ali"

M: "She misses you too"

N: "Mom could you bring her down to London, I want her to stay with us"

M: "Nia I don't think that's a good idea. Matter of fact I don't like the idea of my grand-daughter moving to London"

N: "Mom I want her near me. I want to hold my daughter and be there to comfort her when there's a boogieman in her closet or under her bed"

M: "I understand Nia but I'm not changing my mind end of discussion"

I couldn't take it anymore so I hung up on her and cried my eyes out. "I take she said no" Liam said looking sad. "It's my child and she won't let me see her" I said crying harder. "What's going on?" Anai asked bursting through the door. "Oh no Nia what's wrong?" she asked as she seen me crying. "I asked mom if Ali could come out here with us and she told me no, she said it wasn't a good idea for my child to move out here with me" I said emphasizing my. "I'll talk to her and if she says no, then were going back to Blue Springs and we're taking her" Anai said walking out the room. "If I may ask who is Ali?" Louis asked looking confused. "Ali is my daughter" I said wiping my tears. "Oh" Louis and Zayn said in unison.

Liam's POV

"Boys can I talk to you for a minute" I asked gesturing them towards the door. We walked out of Nia's room and over to Anai's room. Anai was coming out of her room and I pulled her back in. "What's going on" she asked confused. "Liam wanted to talk to us" Harry said moving over to Anai's bed with Anai. "Okay Anai what did your mom say?" I asked. "She said Ali isn't coming and that's final" Anai said with sadness. "Well I have an idea how about me, Anai, and Harry go to Blue Springs and get Ali while the rest of you guys keep Nia from falling into a deep depression." Liam said looking at us. "Works for us" Harry said getting off the bed and pulling Anai up with him. "Alright now lets get her out that room and enjoy ourselves yeah" Zayn said. We nodded and left my room and back to Nia's and dragged her down the stairs.


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