Trouble Follows

Anai is a normal African American (black) teenager with the perfect life and perfect friends. One day Anai and her friends move to London and run into the popular boy band across the nation One Direction. What happens when relationships are ruined, people are falling, and someone is hurt for falling for the wrong person?


7. Breakfast

Linda's POV

I woke this morning with Niall on my mind, then I thought about what Anai said yesterday. Well might as well get up and cook for my bestie considering that she made dinner for everyone yesterday. I slipped my slippers on and hopped down the stairs. Hmm what am I gonna make to make her happy? I pulled out biscuits, sausages, eggs and fruit. I prepared breakfast and I made enough just in case the boys came over. I set the table for me and Anai then went upstairs to wake her up. I noticed she wasn't in her bed but I heard her shower going. "Anai breakfast is ready and I made your favortite!" I yelled behind the door. Not long after I said that she ran out of the bathroom in a robe. "Let's go!" she yelled dragging me out the room. While Anai sat down I went to go grab the orange juice and jelly. "Oh my gracious I love you LiLi Bear" she said smiling at me. "I lov-" I was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. I furrowed my brows giving a confused look. "It's probably the boys" Anai said stuffing her mouth. I nodded my head and ran over to the door. I pulled open the door to see 3 smiling boys. "Hey Linda" they said in unison. "Hey guys come on in. I made breakfast because I knew you guys would come over" I said. "See I told you guys that they would have food ready" Niall said walking in the house. We laughed at him and headed to the kitchen. "YOUR EATING WITHOUT US!" Niall yelled causing Anai to jump dropping the jelly. "ZIBITY NIALL!" Anai yelled. "Oh sorry next time call me over when your making breakfast" he said sitting across from her next to me. Zayn and Harry sat on either side of Anai across from me and Niall. "Where are the other boys?" Anai asked. "Their girlfriends came in this morning, so they'll be with them for the next three days that they're here" Zayn said. "And what about your girlfriend?" I asked. "We broke up last month" he said like it didn't bother him. "Oh" I said. We finished breakfast and cleaned the dishes.

Anai's POV

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Harry looking at me. I was glad when we finished breakfast so I could get away from him. I was on my way up the stairs when Harry asked where the bathroom was. We walked upstairs and I pointed to where the bathroom was I walked off but was pulled back and into the bathroom with Harry. "Harry what are you doing?" I asked. He didn't say anything he just smirked at me and smashed his lips against mine. Once again I pulled back from the kiss, and tried to escape the bathroom. Keyword tried because I failed at doing it. As soon as I opened the door Harry pulled me back and trapped me between him and the door. "Love don't run from me" he said. I dropped my head and pushed him back but he didn't budge. "Look at me when I talking to you" he said. I kept my head down but soon felt his fingers lift my chin. I pushed him again and this time I succeeded and hurried out of the bathroom and into my room. As soon as i got to my room I made sure I locked the door. I decided that while I was in there I would take a shower. I played my music on my iHome and got in the tub. When I was done washing my body and my hair I got out and dried my body then wrapped the towel around it. I then took another towel and patted my hair down. I walked out into the room and over to my closet. I looked through the closet and couldn't settle on an outfit until I found a shirt and instantly knew what I wanted to wear.

Once I was dressed I went in the bathroom to put moose on my curls so they could look pretty. I looked myself over in the mirror then took a photo on instagram and left out of the room. Once downstairs I noticed that the boys were still there. "Anai you look beautiful" Zayn said. "Why thank you" I said smiling at Zayn. I went over to the couch and started playing Subway Surfers on my phone. "So. How can you girls afford a house like this?" Zayn asked. "Our parents paid for it. Our moms are lawyers and our dads are doctors. Sooo yeah" I said. "That explains it" Zayn said. I nodded my head and went back to my game. Not to long after a conversation the boys finally left and Linda went to take a shower.


"You look cute" I said looking her up and down. "So do you and take a picture it'll last longer" she said laughing. "Yeah your right lets take a picture on instagram. "Okay" she said. We posed for a picture then decided we'll take a look around London so we could know our spots.

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