True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


12. Why?!?

Jessica's pov

Last night was fun, but this morning wasn't. I got my period. I am already got cramps. Today I don't want to go anywhere. I just  to sit at home and relax. I heard the door open. Reilly and Elizabeth walked in. "Hey" they started. "Hi" i mumbled trying to ignore my cramps. "What's wrong" Reilly asked. "I got my period" told them. "Oh...." Elizabeth trailed off sounding guilty. "What" I  asked. ." I told the boys they could come over to help you learn how to swim." Elizabeth.  "just wear a tampon" Reilly told me. I don't wear tampons, I wear pads. Tampons creeped me out sense I got my period. "No!" I almost yelled. "Then what do we do?!" Elizabeth asked. "Just tell them that I don't feel like going in" I told them.  They nodded then we heard the door bell ring. They got up and ran down closing the door. I quickly looked for a comfy outfit. I chose a pair of bright pink sweat pants ,a white tank top, and I put a white sweater over it. When I finished I brushed my hair then put it in a high ponytail. It was quite downstairs then I heard Reilly say they were back. "Where's Jessica" i could hear Harry ask. " uh she doesn't want to swim today." Elizabeth said. After that I heard steps going up the stairs. I jumped on my bed then started to act like I was looking at stuff on my iPhone. The door open and I saw Harry wearing a t shirt and a swim suit. I felt bad he wore a swim suit because he wanted to help me learn how to swim, but I wasn't going in. He closed door so it was just me and him. "Hi" I mumbled looking at my feet. "Hey, why aren't you going in anymore." Harry asked. I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell him I was on my period yet so I answered half of the question. "They didn't tell me you guys were gonna help me swim until you were on your way." I told him. "Oh so why won't you go in now" he asked. I think I was trapped and the last thing I want to do in a relationship is to lie. I sat their silent looking for an excuse. "Jessica I want you to be able to tell me everything." Harry told me sounding a little worried. I looked out the window. " I'm on my period" I mumbled under my breath. "What" he asked getting closer. I took a deep breath and looked at him. "Im on my period" I told him. "Oh, you shouldn't be scared to tell me that." He told me. "I know" I told him feeling a weird feeling inside. He leaned and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He took my hand and brung me downstairs. No one was their. Harry and I walked onto the porch leading to the pool we had. "Is Jessica goons come in." Louis asked wiping the water off his face. "Not today" Harry said not telling them what I told him. I sat on a chair right next to Zayn. I don't blame him for not going in. It gets boring when everyone is swimming and your not. I saw Harry take of his shirt.  I couldn't help but to stare at him. I felt hands go over my eyes. I took them off to see it was Zayn. "No staring" he laughed. "Like you didn't stare at Elizabeth" i replied. He looked down at the ground. I giggled. Zayn and I were talking while everyone else was swimming. After what he said I knew he has strong feelings for Elizabeth which made me smile. When they got out I didn't notice until I felt wet arms wrap around me. I squealed. Harry laughed and picked me up throwing me over his shoulder. I was only worried if he could smell my blood. He threw me on my bed and smiled. I gave him a smile back. Then his face turned straight. "Whats wrong" I asked sitting up. "I won't be able to see you often. The boys and I will be busy for the next few months" Harry told me. "We'll be working on our next album." He added. "Oh" i mumbled. I was sad that Harry and I would be separated, but it's life. We just stared at each other until Harry walked out saying he'll be back. I sat on my bed thinking about what I will do while Harry was gone. When he came back he was dry in a shirt and gym shorts. "Tonight is my last night" he mumbled. I felt tears coming to my eyes. He crawled in bed next to me. I started to cry. I felt him hold me tight and kiss my forehead after I stop crying I slowly fell asleep in his arms

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