True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


8. Wet love

~continuing last chapter~

Jessica's pov 

Elizabeth sat me on the couch between her and Harry. I didn't  look at either of them i focused on the tv even though nothing was on. "Really Jessica" Elizabeth asked. I looked at her, then looked at Harry. I wasn't surprised when Harry had his head in his hands, but i was surprised when he wiped his eyes. He looked away and so did I. Reilly and Louis came in the room with big smiles on their faces until they saw me and Harry next to each other, but not making eye contact. "Whats going on" Reilly asked. Elizabeth whispered something in her ear while Reilly nodded. "Okay I'm tired of this" Elizabeth complained taking me and Harry's hand bringing us to the door. She opened the door and pushed us out there and said " we wont let you in until you guys be friends." "I can stay here until night time." I told her smirking. "Oh the boys can sleepover and don't forget Zayn has the keys" Elizabeth replied smiling. "Bye" she giggled closing the door. I sat on the ground looking away from Harry. ~an hour passed with him playing on his phone while I'm texting-. Ugh gees Elizabeth.  It started to rain so we both put our phones away. The fact that it was pouring outside now and Elizabeth wasn't opening the door made me know she was serious. I decided to talk. "Listen I know this is awkward, but it doesn't have to be. I like you, you don't like me, but we still can be friends" i told him while soaking. He stood up, so i did too. "It's not like that " he mumbled. "So what is it" I asked, looking at him in the eyes. He was silent. I had a feeling I was gonna be here a while so i leaned against the wall. Harry came close to me. "Harry- " i started, but he cut me landing a kiss on my lips. I couldn't help, but to kiss back.This was like a dream for me kissing Harry in the rain. Harry pulled away smiling. "Thats whats its like." Harry said. I was confused. " then why did you hang up" I asked. "Zayn told me Elizabeth was good at believe able pranks so when Elizabeth told me you had something important to say and you asked me to prom i thought it was a joke" Harry admitted. I was a little shocked at first, but then again Elizabeth is a good prankster. "Seems about right" i giggled trying not make things uncomfortable. He smiled and kissed my cheek. We heard cheering so I turned my face to see everyone. " we saw the whole thing" Reilly giggled holding Louis's hand. I was gonna ask her about that later. " Even the first kiss" Harry asked. "Yup" they all answered at different times though. Elizabeth had the biggest smile even though i wanted to kill her, if it wasn't for her Harry and I would be just friends because I wouldn't have asked him to prom. "Lets go" Zayn told the boys  giving Elizabeth a kiss on the forehead before heading to the car. I hugged Harry. Louis kissed Reilly's nose and they all packed into their car. The girls and I watched them drive off. Wait. " IS THAT A YES TO PROM! " i yelled. The girls giggled. I walked inside and grabbed a towel and so did the girls did too. " so whats up with you and Louis?" I asked Reilly trying to get myself as warm as possible. " oh nothing" Reilly answered. "Only that WE'RE GOING TO PROM TOGETHER" she screamed. I hugged her. "Great!" I told her. " so do you think you and Harry are a couple." Elizabeth asked. "No we just met" i reminded her. "Well true" Elizabeth agreed. "Lets go to sleep we have school tomorrow" Reilly yawned. We all showered then went to bed. I could barely sleep though. Today i had my first kiss!



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