True love

Jessica,Reilly, and Elizabeth are just normal girls but what happens when the biggest boy bandsteal their heart and bring them into fame


1. Tickets!

Jessica's pov

Ahh! Today we are going to a one direction concert! Im so excited! Im Jessica, i have brown hair, and brown eyes. They boy i fancy the most out of one direction is Harry. Its not just his looks, its his personality too. Im going to the concert in skinny jeans, a 1D hoodie with their faces on it, a shirt under the hoodie that says "I love Harry Styles", converse shoes, a 1D charm bracelet, and a mood ring. Maybe i should curl my hair then i'm finished.


Elizabeth's pov

i cant wait to go to the concert today, I bet its gonna be great! Im Elizabeth, but they call me Lizzy sometimes. I have dark brown hair that makes my hair look black, i have brown eyes. My favorite boy out of one direction is Zayn. He just has that one thing. See what i did there. No, okay. Today im wearing a blue tank top ,but with a 1D varsity jacket covering it, black skinny jeans, high tops, a plastic 1D bracelet, and a necklace with the letter "E" on it. I straightened my hair and im ready to go!


Reilly's pov

so excited! I know all the songs and lyrics! I'm Reilly, i have dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. My celebrity crush is Louis. He's just really funny! I've got on a One Direction t-Shirt, shorts, high tops, a 1D plastic bracelet, and a necklace that says "love". I put my hair in a high ponytail and made it one big curl. I put on some make up and headed down stairs. I saw Jessica playing on her iPad and Lizzy watching tv and texting. "Ready" Elizabeth asked noticing me. "Yup" i said smiling. And we headed out in our SUV.

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